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  Welcome to Vivian's Book Pavilion!!! I here present you the book blogger--Vivian Chen!!! (Obviously…) 

   What can you expect to read from here? Well...book reviews, definitely, and some movie reviews as well. That'll depend on my interested. I'll try my best post every movie that are adapted from book, and perhaps some movies that I think are great. On occasionally, you'll read some musical reviews. I love musical, but I can't watch many of them since I don't live besides Broadway or West End...so sad. What's more, if I find some interesting book tag from book tubers, I'll post them. What about book haul? Since I haven't received any ARC yet...I can only buy two or three books every month. So book haul will base on ever month's expense. And in the future, there "might" be my own novels too. 

  I grow up with Harry Potter and Narnia, so fantasy novels are my favorite. (By the way, I'm a Ravenclaw.)  And now, I'm in love with all fairytale retelling!!! What you can expect to read here: fantasy, historical fiction, fairytale retelling, epic, some sci-fi... They'll be mostly YA novels. But…I do have a strange taste…so you might not read so many “famous” novels as soon as it release. I tend to wait a little longer… (And because of the horrible delivery.) 

  So, welcome to Vivian's Book Pavilion! And hope you like my book blog. 

Renew: I've decided to close Vivian's Book Pavilion Literature Page, and turn it into something else. So from now on, I'll add "Literature" at the title if the review is from my literature class. Hope you'll like them besides my original YA reviews!!!!

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