The Beauty of Darkness (The Remnant Chronicles Series 3)

The Beauty of Darkness
By Mary E. Pearson

  So…after a long time without posting anything… (Can you blame me? I’m at NYC!!!) Oh wait! I don’t want to hear anything about “you’ve been gone?” or “I haven’t notice that!!!” I’m usually a productive blogger…just you know…for the past two months…I was busy participating lots of activities. And now…I’m back!!! The first post will be—my most anticipate book number one—The Beauty of Darkness, the last book of Remnant Chronicles!!! The final story of Lia, Rafe and Kaden! Ahhh!!!!!!
   How could I possibly live without them??? As soon as I finish the book…my life ended. I’ve read so many reviews before reading this book and find as many spoilers as possible…but they just can’t satisfied me!!!!! My head is always screaming—give me the book!!!!
 And you know what happened at the release day? I ran to the nearest Barnes and Noble as soon as I’m free from class…I just can’t wait any longer. (Well…if you follow me on Instagram…you might find the post that day.) So, without other words…let’s get start!!!

  Lia has survived Venda—but so has a great evil bent on the destruction of Morrighan. And only Lia can stop it.
  With war on the horizon, Lia has no choice but to assume her role as First Daughter, as soldier—as leader. While she struggles to reach Morrighan and warn them, she finds herself at cross-purposes with Rafe and suspicious of Kaden, who has hunted her down.
  In this heart-stopping conclusion to the Remnant Chronicles trilogy, traitors must be rooted out, sacrifices must be made, and impossible odds must be overcome as the future of every kingdom hangs in the balance.

  This book is…AWESOME !!!! LITERATELY EXCELLENT. I know there are a lot of reviews out there with lots of negative points about this book…but don’t let them affect you if you love this series. It’s as good as the previous one, just better and better and better!!!!
 I cried and laughed and screamed during reading this book…it’s so relaxing. Thousands of emotions ran through me while I read this book…and after I finished it? I just can’t put down the book and sit on my bed as a body without soul. 

  The Beauty of Darkness is 100% PERFECT. It meets all my expectation. It torn my heart out, mended it, torn it out again… I won’t say all the part are without question…but that’s what happened to epic, right? Different people read, different problems. However, that doesn’t make it a bad book, it makes this book—perfection. As I said, I’ve plan on to read this book for a long time, but I’m so busy that I couldn’t find a proper timing. Then…I just sat on the bad and opened the book…hours after…hundreds of pages were finished. I swallow it immediately. You can imagine how I feel...

I need more!!! I can’t end my journey like that!!! everything has gone so fast, I even don’t have a proper moment with Rafe and Lia!!!! Even the Komizar!!! How can he appeared so little in the book? I. Need. More.

  Now, time for characters time!!! It’ll also contains a lot of review…plus a lot of spoilers. So…if you hate spoiler…then…well…I suggest you go right ahead to the book!!!

  Don’t tarry Miz, don’t tarry, or they will all die.

  Lia…just take a look at the cover and you’ll know what she has become. She has become a fearsome warrior in this book. The sweet, laughing princess has grown into a brave warrior, a leader, and a queen. But…something strange happen when I was thinking how to write Lia’s part. She really reminds me a lot of Pocahontas…especially the “gift.” Umm…never mind. So in this book, her gift grows stronger and stronger, and she really depended on it a lot. She learned how to master it and use it to the fullest.

 Well…not with so much fun. There were burden on her shoulders—exposed the wicked, make sacrificed…so many things to be done, but with so little help. Yet…she handled them well!!! She is after all Lia, isn’t she? One of the reasons why I love this book so much is that even with three other different POV, Lia has the largest part of them. And although Rafe, Kaden, and Pauline stood for only a bit, we can still read the difference between them!!! Mary E, Pearson is just such a genius. Now...back to Lia. She successfully survive the horrible fight when she left Venda…and then travel to Dalbreck with Rafe. However…Lia and Rafe faced an enormous argument during their stay…and I don’t always agree with both of their views. But you know what? Even those part torn my heart apart…I love how the story goes. The plots twisted enormously inside the book. Mary E. Pearson is such a plot twist master…NEVER EVER try to guess what’ll happen next. The last time I’ve read such a great plot twist is when I read Thorne of Glass series…but Remnant Chronicles…is just even better!!! all those ups and downs make Lia stronger, and she learned more during the journey. She accepted her role and her identity…she is one of the few characters that doesn’t whine so much while facing difficulties. And that’s great! She exactly the rule model for us to learn…and such a great character to be our BFF!!! I just love her so much.
  And her final decision?
 She has done so many sacrificed during the entire book.  

  “You are a man of many talents, King Jaxon”

  I just give you a huge information. Period. And what else you should know? I ship Lia and Rafe sooooo much!!!   I’ve read several reviews telling us to abandon the ship or something like that…but I’m telling you this—NEVER!!! Even Lia and Rafe might has the possibility of not ending up together…never fell your faith on them!!!! No kingdom will come between us, ever. Even during the darkest time, even you lost all your faith in them, remember this. No conspiracy or scheme of kingdom had a fraction of the power that surged between them. Oh! And sine Rafe is my number one fictional boyfriend (Wait, you mean Rhys? Well…he was never the first! He is always the second. Or…perhaps first and a half? Sorry…but I love Rafe even more.) I’m going to speak up for Rafe. He might seem a little bit TOO overprotected during this book at first…but he is DEFINITELY NOT the second Tamlin!!!! Remember that!!! Rafe is much more better than that!!! don’t let other brain wash you!!! I admit, some of his decisions seem untolerable and harsh…but he was just…you know…worry. He had definitely the different situations with Tamlin. Tamlin kept Feyre in the mansion because he regarded her as his property. But Rafe…he was just simply worry. They were at war! Especially when Lia was the top wanted guy at Morrighan!!! You might say I was blinded by love…but I’m not. Tamlin never changed…but Rafe did, even he hated his own decision. He let go of Lia and support her. so see? There are differences!!!! No more nonsense of Rafe behaving like Tamlin blablabla.  

  “Look at us, Kaden. You, me, here in Venda, and you with a baby on your hip.”

  You know what? Among all of the possible solutions between Kaden, Rafe, and Lia by all readers…I get the most satisfying one!!! And there wasn’t anything about settling or blablabla.
 Yes, what happen to Kaden is definitely not settling down. “There are a hundred ways to fall in love.” remember? One of the main points in The Kiss of Deception. Umm…however, Kaden’s love life isn’t what we should be concerned. There is a little but disappointment during Kaden’s part…I don’t feel like getting enough of him. (Yes, I know, I know. I love Rafe…but that doesn’t mean I hate Kaden!) Although Kaden plays an important part during the story…but nothing so…memorable?
 So after I finish this book…it’s a little bit hard to recall his part during the battle, except standing beside Lia for a better Venda. Or…another explanation is that I focus so much on Lia and Rafe that I simply forget him. Well that…might be the reason. But for Kaden lovers…you’re not going to get his part so much as The Heart of Betrayal. Well…that’s acceptable…right? Since the second book mostly place in Venda. Although I originally guess that the third book will be place in Dalbreck…but nope, nothing like that. Only a bit. Oh wait! I almost forget. I like Kaden much better than the second book. yes, I did say he didn’t has a very important part in this book…however…he changed better and wiser in this book. I can’t tell you specific how he changed…just…instinct and feeling.

  Maybe now I’m the one who’s become the spy.

  Lia changed a lot? Wait till you see Paulin!!! She is no longer the sweet and innocence Paulin was used to know, believing love and goodness.
Yes, she become one of the bad-ass characters. And I love that. And I love the changes between her and Kaden. They change from friend to enemy, and now…who know what the future will be. To survive, she became smarter and braver, especially with her child born. And I love the part she confronted Mikael…such a great job Paulin!!! Of course, there are much more than that but I’m not going to list them all. you’re going to have a lot of Paulin in this book, more than The Kiss of Deception, more than The Heart of Betrayal. (It’s a large book! Yeah!!!)

  There are also other interesting characters in this book, including Sven, Jeb and others Rafe’s guard. And we’ll once again see Komizar…although only a little part of him will appear…and he didn’t seem as attractive as the second book. He was now just an ordinary villain. Not so interesting anymore…I guess facing death change too. And another especially interesting little guy—Natiya. She is so brave, just like a younger combination of Aster and Lia. She also plays an important part in this book. There are so much more about this book!  
That, is my reaction after reading the book. No other thought except The Beauty of Darkness. This book is that great. It has
, the best plots
 , and the best characters
.  There is definitely no doubt about how great this book is, it can’t be simply graded by five stars…I can give hundreds of my stars to this book even I only own a hundreds.  
That’s the suggestion from Vivian’s Book Pavilion. 

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