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Shadowing (Wintersong Duology 2)

Shadowsong S. Jae-Jones “Once there was a little girl, who played her music for a little boy in the wood. She was an innkeeper’s daughter and he was the Lord of Mischief, but neither were wholly what they seemed, for nothing is as simple as a fairy tale.”     So…let’s say that I secretly came to post a new review…and I’ll quietly walk away since I don’t think anyone will be noticing a new post coming.   Now, let’s get started, shall we? After a long long long time, I finally pick up all my YA novels once more. (Quiet a long reading slump, I get it.) In case you happen to be wondering if I stopped reading or not (please tell me that you do!), the answer is nope, but I’ve been reading looooots of Chinese internet novels, which I won’t be able to share mush in English, after all, most of them are not translated into English. They’re sort of like fantasy, but a mixture of classic Chinese folklore and tales. Hard to explain…but…just go down below and read my other post about