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Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles 2)

Scarlet By Marissa Meyer   The fates of Cinder and Scarlet collide as a Lunar threat spreads across the Earth…   The first (+100) post! The second book of The Lunar Chronicles!! I’m moving forward to the third book!!! I finish this book with only four time reading: page 20, page 40, page 60, and finished!!!! And now I own five Lunar Chronicles!!!!! (Except Fairest.) Well…no more numbers…I can’t think anything higher than five… And you might guest…”Vivian is about to say how great this book is! Like she said every other book she wrote!!!” Hum…actually…I’m not going to say that. This book…is…horrible!!! Because I can’t give more than five stars!!! Ahhhh!!! (Wait…huh?!) What? Isn’t that the same thing with “perfect” or “excellent” or “fantastic”? Actually…in my dictionary…NOOO!!! I said it is horrible because I can’t give Scarlet six stars or more!!!! It. Is. Horrible.

Totally Should Have Book Tag

Totally Should Have Book Tag
I’ve known this book tag on YouTube, and I wanted to do it for so long!! I think it’s absolutely interesting! So now, here we start!

40 Quotes That Inspire Me

40 Quotes That Inspire Me Believe me, I've try to limit the number of them to ten...but as it seems that it isn't possible at all!!! Come on! There are so many great books! And I can re-read them for so many times!!!! How can I possibly choose 10? I can only manage to reduce them from 100 to 40, an lots of other books aren't inside them!!! Why am I going to do this? Well...quotes from books are probably the most things that we learn from them. We grow while reading, we follow the characters' footsteps, and we learn while some wise characters speak. The quotes might be educated, be inspiring, and funny. It's them that we feel being dragged into the world of books, and they remind us all the wonderful moments inside the book. So, ready to see what 40 quotes I choose? Look down below!!! (Warning, there might be many quotes from one single book, especially those from Brandon Sanderson...he is a genius, you know...Mistborn, Warbreaker, The Stormlight Archive... But I'…

Memory (Short Story)

Memory Hundreds years ago, there was a man, a hidden man. He was always alone, no one knew who he was. And his only company--a mask and a rose. A beautiful white mask, as pure as his spirit, a blossom rose, as red as blood. The only reason people knew him were because all the unknown music. Every day, every single day. His music played underneath the opera house, an opera house which said to be haunted. It was said that many people died in the opera house long time ago, when it was still the fanciest opera house in the entire country.

Gift (Short Story)

Desperation cries in the corner, alone. So sad, so desperate.
“For you, a gift.” A simple, delicate gift.

Desperation opens it with a shacking hand. A candle.
He laughs.
Because for the first time in his life,
He sees hope.

Promise (Short Story)

“I can’t let go.”
“I know.”
“Will we…still meet?”
“You’ll come back?”
“I promise.”

In those night, those disturbing night. The sky was full of the sense of death.
Screaming. Dying.
The Death covered the night sky, whispering, calling those who struggled to live.
The Death came to the Earth, softly, gently, washed away their pain.

On the other side of the city, a figure that fought, fought for survival.
Most important…fought for a promise.
Once again, the night returns to peace.
“You’re back.”
Yet this time,
Only memory and a bouquet.

March Book Haul

March Book Haul
Don't ask me why I bought so many books this month...I've no idea where those money come from. (Laughing evilly...) So...the most anticipate book of March! (Drum roll please...)

1. Lady midnight (The Dark Artifact Series 1) By Cassandra Clare
What is the most anticipate book in 2016 spring? Without doubt...Lady Midnight!!! I know...just last whole Instagram is about Lady Midnight...Lady Midnight...and Lady Midnight. And almost every book blog/tube has something about it!!!! Ahhh!!!! Well...although I bought the book...but actually, I'm not going to read it yet. Why? Because I haven't finish TMI yet!!! Let alone The Infernal Devices...

Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe 1)

Cruel Beauty
By Rosamund Hodge
Her mission was to kill him.
Her destiny was to love him.
Another fairytale retelling!!! (Do you hear the blogger sing? Do you hear the distant book?) Well...sorry for that, but the book is absolutely wonderful!!!! Is it a Beauty and the Beast retelling? Yes. And no, it's not a "Disney" kind of retelling. But still, it's dark and cruel and wicked and AWESOME!!! Ahhhhh!!! I've read so many Beauty and the Beast retelling till now: The Merchant's Daughter (Melanie Dickerson), Son and Moon, Ice and Snow (Jessica Day George), A Court of Thornes and Roses (Sarah J. Maas)... Most of them have different kind of twist in their story. Melanie Dickerson's fairytale retelling is more similar to Disney movie, while Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is more East of the Sun, West of the Moon. As for Sarah J. Maas...needless to say, she is now one of the hottest authors. Her book, WOW. Just amazing. (Except for all her twisted plot...that's tortu…

Emerald Green (Smaragdgrün) Trailer and Throne of Glass series 5 title Is Here!!

Here comes the trailer!!! Ah!!!!!! I'm so exciting!!! Yeah!!! Smaragdgrün is here! (Still jumping around~) Fine...I know what you mean...all in German. So, I have no idea what it's about. However, it's just so exciting to watch the trailer! We can see Gwendolyn standing on the cliff (She's not jumping down, don't worry.) then all happen really quickly. The prophecy, Gideon, Lucy and Paul... I'm so exiting for March...after March. Well...we must wait until the DVD is out...long waiting. Press here to watch the trailer   Besides Smaragdgrün, here comes the Throne of Glass series 5 title! Empire of Storms!!! Sarah J. Maas just announced it yesterday! Although I no longer like Aelin, but I'm anticipated to see Chaol in EOS!!!! 

The Fate of Tearling Cover Reveal

The Fate of The Tearling Cover Reveal
One of my most anticipated books in 2016 is—The Fate of The Tearling!!! This is such a wonderful series!!! Unfortunately, the release date is being delay, so we can only see the book until November. But, for all those Tearling lovers, we get the cover reveal!!!! Yeah!!! (Screaming all over.) Just see how beautiful the first two books are, especially The Queen of The Tearling. This series is one of the most expensive hardcover books I’ve every buy, except with those with boxes or special anniversary edition. But it really worth it!!! Why? Let me tell you about these magnificent books.

A Spy's Devotion (The Regency Spies of London Series1)

A Spy’s Devotion: The Regency Spies of London Series By Melanie Dickerson   Oh My God…my mouth kept opening throughout the entire book. It’s finally my turn to write this book’s review! I’ve waited for so long! Now, I proudly present you—Pride and Prejudice!!! …Halt!!! I thought I’m going to do A Spy’s Devotion’s review? How come it becomes Jane Austin? Well…I’ll explain that latter. But come on! It’s a regency novel!!! How can you refuse it? Especially it’s written by Melanie Dickerson! One of the best romance authors I’ve read!!! I read every book of hers, and I was never disappointed. Her every book and series bring something new and fresh to the reader, so you’ll never be boring!!! Now, behold, the mighty, the romantic, the best—A Spy’s Devotion!

25 Bookish Fact About Me

25 Bookish Fact About Me
As you might know…or not, I originally plan to have a book-tube rather than a book-blog. But then I just stuck with it and I no longer want to do a book-tube. At least for now…not until I have a better camera. So, this book tag is I what I watch on a book-tube before, and I find it pretty fun to write. And sorry guys, I know it has been a long time since the last time I post anything… (as if many people are reading, Vivian…) you know…college exam, applying for school, busy for the interviews…blablabla. What’s worst…I caught a cold. So now…25 Bookish Fact About Me!