40 Quotes That Inspire Me

40 Quotes That Inspire Me
     Believe me, I've try to limit the number of them to ten...but as it seems that it isn't possible at all!!! Come on! There are so many great books! And I can re-read them for so many times!!!! How can I possibly choose 10? I can only manage to reduce them from 100 to 40, an lots of other books aren't inside them!!! Why am I going to do this? Well...quotes from books are probably the most things that we learn from them. We grow while reading, we follow the characters' footsteps, and we learn while some wise characters speak. The quotes might be educated, be inspiring, and funny. It's them that we feel being dragged into the world of books, and they remind us all the wonderful moments inside the book. So, ready to see what 40 quotes I choose? Look down below!!! (Warning, there might be many quotes from one single book, especially those from Brandon Sanderson...he is a genius, you know...Mistborn, Warbreaker, The Stormlight Archive... But I'll try to limit the frequency of them...probably.) 

1. “The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”
― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings

Not only storyteller, but books. To me, reading books isn't merely for fun, but for life, for thinking, for future. We get to know lots of different people in books, and by that, we learn more as well.

2. “It's easy to believe in something when you win all the time...The losses are what define a man's faith.”
― Brandon Sanderson, The Well of Ascension

Well? I know people always say learn from the mistakes...but what if you keep failing? You'll lose all your confidence! And that’ll become a tragedy…

3. “Mocking a woman is like drinking too much wine. It may be fun for a short time, but the hangover is hell.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Warbreaker

See? Never mock a woman!!! Hahahaha!!! There are no specific reasons why I love this quote…just a warning for anyone who wants to tease me. 

4. “I've always been very confident in my immaturity.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn: The Final Empire

I kind of forget who said this…but I’m 100 percent that the person is Elend. He was just so…”immaturity” during the first book! But that’s what made him so cute as well! He was just so childish!  

5. “My behavior is nonetheless, deplorable. Unfortunately, I'm quite prone to such bouts of deplorability--take for instance, my fondness for reading books at the dinner table.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Mistborn: The Final Empire

Once again…Elend. Unfortunately…dinner table is one of the perfect places to read…so…no, it’s not deplorable! 

6. “He saw it in her eyes. The anguish, the frustration. The terrible nothing that clawed inside and sought to smother her. She knew. It was there, inside. She had been broken.
Then she smiled. Oh, storms. She smiled anyway.
It was the single most beautiful thing he’d seen in his entire life.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance

Oh yes, Shallan has her own past, similar to Kaladin. See? You’re not the only person who suffers in the world! Well…however I think Kaladin is a little, tiny bit in love with Shallan…fortunately, there is no love triangle in Brandon Sanderson’s books…so, no worry! 

7. “A woman's strength should not be in her role, whatever she chooses to be, but in the power to choose that role.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance

Don’t you guys think the author always speaks the truth? Especially he always has powerful, smart heroines. I just love that.

8. “I can see what you’re up to.”
“Five foot six inches,” Shallan said. “I suspect that’s all I will ever be up to, unfortunately.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance

“Five foot six inches, I suspect that’s all I will ever be up to, unfortunately.” Well? Someone is quite disappointed, Shallan! Don’t do this to your finance! But that’s Shallan, our beloved Shallan. I just kept laughing while reading this part, I simply couldn’t stop.  

9. “When did you get so peppy?” she shouted.
“Ever since I assumed I was dead, then I suddenly wasn't.”
“Then remind me to try to kill you once in a while,” she snapped. “If I succeed, it will make me feel better, and if I fail, it will make you feel better. Everyone wins!”
― Brandon Sanderson, Words of Radiance 

I really wonder…who will win during the battle? It’s sure that Kaladin is a perfect warrior…but Shallan has her own talent as well…hum… (Not to mention Adolin will definitely help her.)

10. “Love’? What do you know about love?”
"It’s at the heart of every story,” Rollo said with authority. “If humans could avoid falling in love, you would never get yourselves into any trouble.”
― Jessica Day George, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Just look at all the tragedy that happened in the past…mostly because of love. No love, no trouble, all well.  

11. “Promise me that if you get a chance to escape without me, you will do it. He won't kill me. Go find your men and come back for me."
His eyelids and brows lowered. " You don't know me very well or you wouldn't say such a thing. I won't leave you.”
― Melanie Dickerson, The Captive Maiden

See? So chivalry! My handsome, perfect Valten. He is one of my favorite heroes in Melanie Dickerson’s stories…although I assume you already know that…since I mentioned it So. Many. Times.

12. “If you stay, I’ll give you my heart and never ask for it back.”
― Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon, Doon

Oh my god…here comes another incredibly handsome prince. Jamie!!!! (Swoon…) Nope, not the “Jamie” in Outlander…well…also Scottish, but in Doon!!! 

13. Mother had once told her about this perfect twining into one. She called it interweave, and said it was hard to do, for it took the perfect matching of the partners’ strengths to overshadow each other’s weaknesses, meshing into one glorious dance. Azalea felt the giddiness of being locked in not a pairing, but a dance. So starkly different than dancing with Keeper. Never that horrid feeling that she owed him something; no holding her breath, wishing for the dance to end. Now, spinning from Mr. Bradford’s hand, her eyes closed, spinning back and feeling him catch her, she felt the thrill of the dance, of being matched, flow through her.
”Heavens, you’re good!” said Azalea, breathless.
”You’re stupendous,” said Mr. Bradford, just as breathless. “It’s like dancing with a top!”
― Heather Dixon, Entwined

I just love how Heather Dixon described all her dancing parts, it’s so romantic and great! Especially Azalea and Bradford.

14. “As fast as I can tell there are only two emotions that keep the world spinning year after year...One is fear. The other is desire.”
― Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches

One of my favorite books of all time. This series is excellent!!! I love it so much!!! Though I don’t post a review…not yet, I almost forget the first and second books’ plot. I just finish the third book, and they are enormous.  

15.  “It begins with absence and desire.
It begins with blood and fear.
It begins with a discovery of witches.”
― Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches


16. “Over and over, we start our own tales, compose our own stories, whether our lives are short or long. Until at last all our beginnings come down to just one end, and the tale of who we are is done.”
― Cameron Dokey, Before Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella"

Cameron Dokey is one of the most amazing fairytale retelling authors, she gives you an unexpected twist, but it’s still perfect for the story.

17. “Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”
― Marissa Meyer, Cinder

Ah! Cinder!!! I just keep working on finishing The Lunar Chronicles…two more…keep working…I love Cinder and Kai and Scarlet and Wolf and Cress and Thorne and Winter and Jacin and Stars Above!!! (Murmuring…) (Wait…! I haven’t even finish Cress! How would I know I’ll fall in love with Winter and Jacin? Well…that’s how the book is…great.) 

18. “Remember, the past need not become our future as well.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Elantris

Past is for learning…while future is for creating. Right?

19. “The problem with being clever, Serene thought with a sigh, is that everyone assumes you're always planning something.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Elantris

Truly…do you face this problems before? I did. My teacher…well…the only one who didn’t get along with me, said I’m selfish and cruel. Absolutely, I’m such a person. (Laughing evilly…) 

20. “You're getting better, my lady."
"Don't patronize me."
"No, really, Your Highness. When you started painting five years ago, I could never tell what it was you were trying to depict."
"And this is a painting of . ."
Ashe paused. "A bowl of fruit?" he asked hopefully.
Sarene sighed in frustration.

"Beautifully—which is more than I can say for the painting." He paused for a
moment. "It's a horse, right?"
Sarene scowled.
"A house?" he asked.
"It is not a bowl of fruit either, my lord," Ashe said. "I already tried that."
"Well, she said it was one of the paintings in this room," Lukel said. "All we
have to do is keep guessing until we find the right one."
"Brilliant deduction, Master Lukel." Ashe said.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Elantris

Poor Sarene…your drawing technic is as terrible as I am…I’m full of sympathy. Wait…I think I’m a little bit better? At least…people know what I’m drawing… 

21. “At first Raoden stayed away from the library, because it reminded him of her.
Then he found himself drawn back to it—because it reminded him of her.”
― Brandon Sanderson, Elantris

Raoden and Sarene are one of my favorite couples too! (Actually…Vivian, you love every couple inside Brandon Sanderson’s bool…except for Infinite Sword.) But they are so cute! Especially their conversation!  

22. “[Omin]...All things must progress, and progression is not always a steady incline. Sometimes we must fall, sometimes we will rise - some must be hurt while others have fortune, for that is the only way we can learn to rely on one another. As one is blessed, it is his privilege to help those whose lives are not as easy. Unity comes from strife, child."
― Brandon Sanderson, Elantris

Always help those who are in need, right? That’s how human work together, by helping each other.
23. “You cannot change what you are, only what you do.”
― Philip Pullman, The Golden Compass

24. “I'll be looking for you, Will, every moment, every single moment. And when we do find each other again, we'll cling together so tight that nothing and no one'll ever tear us apart. Every atom of me and every atom of you... We'll live in birds and flowers and dragonflies and pine trees and in clouds and in those little specks of light you see floating in sunbeams... And when they use our atoms to make new lives, they won’t just be able to take one, they'll have to take two, one of you and one of me, we'll be joined so tight...”
― Philip Pullman, His Dark Materials Trilogy: The Golden Compass / The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass

Well…I don’t know what to say for the quote, but I think it’s perfect, don’t you? Lyria and Will, children from two different worlds…were being force to be apart.

25. “Things never happen the same way twice.”
― C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian

Things keep changing…even the same thing is different in the next second. (I feel like talking philosophy problems…)  

26. This world will be much too dark a place without you in it.
―Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon, Doon

I know…this quote appears in thousands of books…but I just love it when it happens in Doon! 

27. “To the glistening eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant. To the great western woods, King Edmund the Just. To the radiant southern sun, Queen Susan the Gentle. And to the clear northern skies, I give you King Peter the Magnificent. Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.”
― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Well…I love who Aslan said these words. I love to pick out the book and repeat it again and again. Especially when he spoke “Magnificent” and “Valiant.”  

28. Sometimes I wish I could act like everyone else, but I can’t change who I am.
―Kami Gracia & Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures

I think everyone has this kind of thought. But the different is…we usually wish to act like someone else. Yet as I grow up, I just love to be myself. I’m the one and only! That’s perfect! Don’t try to be anything else!!! 

29. You could rattle the stars.
― Sarah J Maas, Throne of Glass

Everyone loves this book. So. Do. I. I just hate the relationship…and characters named Aelin and Rowan. (Sorry guys…especially Team Rowan.)

30. In the light there is dark, and in the dark there is light.
―The Mortal Heart

I love this quote so much…however…I think there’s something similar with Harry Potter?  

31. Even strength must bow to wisdom sometimes.
―Percy Jackson, Rick Riodain

Wisdom always wins. Always. 

32. Book can show us that dmirable and interesting women come in all shapes and sizes.
― Erika Johansen, The Queen of the Tearling

Books are just perfect. Don’t you think? They are my BFF and my loyal fellows. They never leave me alone, not once. I can always seek comfort from them.  

33. I’m not sure if fate or destiny is real. But I can tell you that sometimes the very thing you’ve been hoping for will walk through the door, determined to fend you off. And still, somehow, you will find that you’re enough.
― Kiera Cass, The Heir

Things will be there while you don’t seek for it… (Wait…what’s the connection?) 

34. "After all these time?"
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow 

This…is why I love “Always” so much. Whenever I heard “Always,” I just cant help but smile. 

35. “You'll never forget them, not even after years. But one day, you'll go a whole minute without feeling the pain. Then an hour. A day. That's all you can ask for, really.' His voice drops. 'You'll heal, I promise.”
― Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes

Pain always remains…but it’ll lessen through time. 

36. “Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be. Too much fear you're paralyzed, Too little fear and you're arrogant.”
―Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes

Fear is such an unpredictable thing, doesn’t it?  

37.  To the stars who listen—and the dreams that are answered.
―Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury 

I love this. No reason. But love it. Although…I think I’m not going to like the relationship in this book…at least for now, this quote is perfect. Sarah J Maas really knows how to write perfect quotes!!!  

38. There are those who seek me a lifetime but never we meet,
And those I kissed but who tremble me beneath ungrateful feet, 

At time I seem to favor the clever and the fair,
But I bless all those who are brave enough to dare. 

By large, my ministrations are soft-handed and sweet,
But scorned, I become difficult beast to defeat. 

For though each of my strikes lands a powerful blow,
When I kill, I do it slow…
―Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Thornes and Roses 

Another excellent quote example!!! I love this riddle…so, if some guy wants to date me…he’ll have to solve this riddle first. Without cheating.
39. I wasn’t borned to be saved
― Cruel Beauty, Rosamund Hodge

Beauty can be cruel…perfect book with perfect quotes.

40. Just because something seems impossible doesn’t make it untrue.
―Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches

          Everything is possible…the matter is…whether you believe or not.  
     So, these are some of my favorite quotes. Although I say “inspire” well…not all of them. Sorry…but they are all great quotes. And I would like to share them with all of you book lovers.
     Do you have a favorite quotes? Or “many” favorite quotes? Tell me what’s your favorite quote in commend! I’ll like to hear you all!


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