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Hello book lovers!!!!!
First of all, I've decided to close Vivian's Book Pavilion Literature Page, and turn it into something else. So from now on, I'll add "Literature" at the title if the review is from my literature class. Hope you'll like them besides YA reviews!!!! Oh! BTW, those review will not be list in "A-Z"
P.S. I'll tell you what I'm going to do with that blog in the future.
Second, I'm also closing my Facebook Fanpage, since I don't seem to have enough time to read and take bookish photo and tweet and write review and manage fanpage all at once. So now the major sites I'm using: Blogger (Of course), Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Goodreads. And of course you'll still welcome to send me email if you have any questions or comment!!!!
Third, Since we're reading The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova as our book club book. I'll post some of our discussion here as well. So hopfully that you'll like it and…

Sonny’s Blues (Literature)

Sonny’s Blues
John Baldwin
After I finished this story…I immediately compared it with Everyday Use by Alice Walker, I can’t help but associate the brothers with Dee and Maggie. The narrator wasn’t exactly the same as Dee, but in some way, they share the same situation. During their time, the inequality between black and white was easily seen. The narrator choose to blend in, that was his way of survive. On the contrary, Sonny decided to become a musician, yet not a classic musician, but a jazz player. They faced their life differently, and the story was about the conflict between the lives they chose. A really love those literature work, they always gave you hint about the story plot. For example, Araby (Arabia), A Rose for Emily (Well…you know my crazy theory) and a lot of examples for that. Now, Sonny’s Blues. There are different meanings for blues, yet all of them fit for the explanation. First, the Blues in music. In the past, Jazz and Blues are considered as “black music” (I’m not …

A Rose for Emily (Literature)

A Rose for Emily
By William Faulkner
Oh my god…I hate this story so much…but then I love it so much. I’m such a weird person. So when I first finished this story, my classmates and I discussed it and we came out with some question. What does the “Rose” from the title mean in this story? Is it truly that the rose is only a mean of pity? I believe that there are other explanations. During the time when A Rose for Emily was written, American was really fond of making dry flowers, and in there house, especially lady’s dressing table, there must be a vase of dry flowers. Dry flowers can be used to preserve the flowers you love, and wanted to cherish forever. So, we believe that the dead body in Emily’s house was actually a dry flower to her. Only by preserving his body in her house can she stayed with him forever. It’s so creepy. But I love this theory. Now, but why Emily kept H.B. like this? Why don’t let him stay alive?
And then this comes out with another question, Emily’s statue in the t…

The Yellow Wallpaper (Literature)

The Yellow Wallpaper
By Charlotte Perkins Gilman
In The Yellow Wallpaper, readers can see a woman lose her sanity and gradually insane. However, behind the process of sanity, the entire story hides a more important message. Should we truth the authority entirely? Throughout the story, the wife was forced under the rest cure, which wouldn’t allow her to anything but rest. Yet, at the beginning, readers can see that the narrator tried to rebellion and write, which is strictly forbidden by her husband. And till the end of the story, readers can see that doing nothing didn’t solve her problem, instead, it intensified her illness and caused her illustration of the creepy wallpaper. “If a physician of high standing, and one’s own husband, assures friends and relatives that there is really nothing the matter with one but temporary nervous depression—a slight hysterical tendency—what is one to do?” Readers can see that the narrator tried to speak out about her own illness, but she was ignored b…

The Story of an Hour (Literature)

The Story of an Hour
By Kate Chopin

In The Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard’s emotion was extremely changed in a short period of time. At first, she was faced with disbelieve and sorrow, then happiness came to her, in the end, it was said by the doctor that “of joy that kills.” Why would a wife’s emotion changed so suddenly during a short time? It seemed to be a natural reaction for Mrs. Mallard to bury herself in sorrow and tears for her husband’s death. However, no one might consider the possibility that some part of her might also be happy. But why? During the time when the story was written, women’s right aren’t emphasized by the public, and even worth, women were considered as a possession of men, which might cause them to lost their freedom after marriage. Aside from that, their husband often regarded them as children and taken great care of them, yet at the same time, it meant that those women didn’t have their right to speak out for themselves. “But she saw beyond that bitter mome…

Once Upon a Time (Literature)

Once Upon a Time
By Nadine Gordimer
In this short story, the implied author had denied the function of fairy tales and refused to write a story for children, as readers can read from the first paragraph. “I don’t write children’s stories” said by the author. However, during the later paragraph, the author told himself a bedtime story to ease his nerve. What is the function of fairy tales? Personally, I believe that fairy tales are used as a way to release the children’s uneasiness during their sleep, and a way for parents to educate their children the good and evil in the world. “I couldn’t find a position in which my mind would let go of my body—release me to sleep again. So I began to tell myself a story, a bedtime story.” From this quote, readers can see that the author mentioned the point how fairy tales release the children into their sleep. However, the later part of the story was denying the part that “fairy tales educate the children.” In Once Upon a Time, the couple built their…

The Storm (Literature)

The Storm
By Kate Chopin
Just when I though thing couldn’t get crazier…bang! The Storm comes. Yes, the storm and The Storm. The entire story said about a housewife, waiting along at home for her husband and son to come back, since the storm was hitting the town. While the weather was hot and unbearable, her ex, Alcee came. He asked for a shatter to hide from the storm, and well…the storm was so heavy that he needed to get inside the house. When he went in, the every movement of Calixta kept drawing him mad, but he managed to keep as a gentleman. Yet, the big yet came. When they moved the clothes into the bedroom, their desire could no longer bear when they remember the passionate kiss. And…After that, the storm stop, and Alcee left when Calixta’s husband returned. Everything seemed so normal and usual, but…What I can’t agree with was that how can Calixta be so claimed after everything? And how can Alcee wrote that letter to his wife. Yes, both of them were married, so now you understan…