Totally Should Have Book Tag

Totally Should Have Book Tag

  I’ve known this book tag on YouTube, and I wanted to do it for so long!! I think it’s absolutely interesting! So now, here we start!

1.      Totally should have gotten a sequel.
Actually…that’ll be a lot of books. But fortunately, most of the book I’ve read had sequel. So for this one, I’ll pick Illusionarium by Heather Dixon. This book, as you can learn from the review before, is awesome. It sets in a world full of illusion and especially contains tens of thousands of spaces in different dimensions. However, after the story ends…I’m not satisfied with it. The ending is great, but I’ll like to read more about the world, and what’ll happen after the protagonist save everyone. He had such a great power, and I’d love to learn more about the amazing world. (And what’ll happen between Jonathan and the girl!) 

2.      Totally should have gotten a spinoff series.
I think…Harry Potter definitely needs a spinoff series. So after seven books…then? What’s next? I want more!!! Perhaps some stories about Luna? I think it’ll be great. It doesn’t necessity have to be James Potter, it can be anyone else. Personally, I’ll love to see one of Ron and Hermione’s children becomes protagonist.   

3.      An author who should have written more books.
Heather Dixon, 100 percent Heather Dixon. She is a great author, all her book amaze me so much. Even though they might not be so popular, but they are definitely worth reading. While Entwined contains all the romance and beauty, Illusionarium has all the darkness and mystery. But what’s next? Just two books? I need more!!! I demand more books from her! (Yelling like a spoil child…) 

4.      A character totally should have ended up with someone else.
I have the same opinion as the famous YouTuber, Jessethereader. Queen of Shadow, Aelin totally should have ended up with someone else!!! (Well…I don’t exactly know who he would ship…but…) I hate Rowan. I hate Rowan. I hate Rowan. (Running away from team Rowan.) I don’t know…I just can feel the connection with him! I love Chaol, and I like Dorian…but I simply don’t like Rowan. Sorry…stereotype, there’s no way I’m going to change that. However…look on the bright side…Sarah J. Maas could have change the plot entirely different in the fifth and sixth book…right? (Although I no longer ship Chaoleana…she doesn’t deserve him. No longer.) (And I’ve a totally bad feeling toward A Court of Mist and Fury…it might as well ended up on this list soon.)

5.      A book that totally should have ended differently.
Umm…The Ranger’s Apprentice series twelve: The Royal Apprentice, definitely. Well…it’s not exactly ended differently…but place differently. I don’t want Alyss to die!!!! (SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I want Alyss to survive and live happily ever after with Will!!! (But..the ending isn’t bad…at all…just the part…) 

6.      Totally should have a movie.
Definitely Entwined. Entwined is so beautiful! And the length of the book will fit perfectly for a movie. All the ball gowns, pavilion, sisters, keeper, and the magic castle! I just hope that someday, someday it’ll come to the silver screen.

7.      Totally should have a TV show.
Without doubt, Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series and Way of King series. (Personally, I think Elantris and Warbreaker will be great movies. So…) Those books are perfect. If there are hundreds of stars…no other books but these two deserve them. However, the series are so large that I dont think it’ll be great on movie. So I’d love to see them adapt to TV series like Game of Throne series. It’ll be great. But, the important thing is…it shall be made by HBO. Don’t make it like Shadowhunters…it looks so cheap.  

8.      Totally should have one point of view.
The Hero of Olympus by Rick Riordan. The Hero of Olympus is a great series…but I was so tired to read so many POVs! Besides, they all look the same person. I can’t tell the difference between them. There are just too much. TOO MUCH!  

9.      Totally should have a cover change.
Well this one…I don’t know. Because I won’t know the cover changes so fast. And as for the series I’ve read before…they’ve all change to better covers or the original and the new are both excellent. Like Siren by Tricia Rayburn originally had a terrible cover that I’d never touch it as a reader…but then it changed, and it’s perfect. And The Mortal Instrument series has both original and new covers so beautiful! How could I possibly choose between them? 

10.  Totally should have kept the original cover.
Throne of Glass. Book one. Many of you might disagree with me, but I love how the model looks on the cover, the model just looks exactly like Celaena Sardothien. But then the new cover came…and change to an animate character who looks nothing like her, except the spirit. She has white hair, guys! White hair! Celaena Sardothien is a blond!!! And I think the original back looks beautifully, just like glass. 

11.  Totally should have stop at one book.
I think I’ll go to…Princess at The Midnight Ball. It’s a trilogy: Princess at The Midnight Ball, Princess of Glass, and Princess of the Silver Wood. Not that I don’t like the other books…instead, I like them very much. Just…the time period set so far! The first book and second one has about ten years long in between! So when Rose’s little sister grew up, she’s already almost thirty! That’s a little bit awkward…I’ll prefer the time period closer. And what’s more, Princess at The Midnight Ball remains my favorite…so… 

12.  Totally should have their translated name change.
Well…since I was I Chinese, I added this “Totally should have” into the list. Because…ah! Some translated names are so aweful!!! You wouldn’t feel any urge to read once you heard the name. And that series is—The Lunar Chronicles!!! Oh my god! The series is so great…but I missed it several years ago…because the translated names! I think if it translated directly back to English will be…Robot Cinderella, Universe Red Riding Hood, Satellite Rapunzel, and the latest, just about to release—The Lunar Snow White. You know…the name in Chinese just some utterly boring…nope, and I’m not going to read it. So…I think it’s not popular in Taiwan too…since the publisher is a little but smaller compared to other…and the horrible translated name.

So, this is my Totally should have list…and I hope you like it! What is your Totally should have? Tell me under below!


  1. Lovely post!
    Super interesting seeing how you look at these books and series. I definitely need to read some of the ones you mentioned. :D

    1. I'll highly recommend Brandon Sanderson if you like high fantasy + epic!!!


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