25 Bookish Fact About Me

25 Bookish Fact About Me
As you might know…or not, I originally plan to have a book-tube rather than a book-blog. But then I just stuck with it and I no longer want to do a book-tube. At least for now…not until I have a better camera. So, this book tag is I what I watch on a book-tube before, and I find it pretty fun to write. And sorry guys, I know it has been a long time since the last time I post anything… (as if many people are reading, Vivian…) you know…college exam, applying for school, busy for the interviews…blablabla. What’s worst…I caught a cold. So now…25 Bookish Fact About Me!

1.      If I have time…which is…I’m usually busy. I manage to read one book every week.

2.      My reading challenge for 2016 is…100!!! And now 22 finished, 23 is in process…

3.      The book I have the most copy is…The Golden Compass! I get four books of it. One Chinese edition, one paperback, one 20th anniversary hardcover (which is absolutely gorgeous!), and one movie book. And I plan to buy The Dark Material complete one day…so that will be five. Crazy huh?

4.      I only get one audio book—Harry Potter and The Half-blood Prince. But the truth is…I never finish it.

5.      I love to read during night…when no one can interrupt me and no annoying sound that drive me crazy. Like…darkness and words…perfect match!

6.      I always listen to music while I read…and I tend to repeat my favorite list again and again, so perhaps after reading thirty minutes…I have no idea what the music is about. I’m complete in the book.

7.      I read about 100 pages per hours, I can read more if it’s a Chinese book…150 I guess? (Well…without any distraction.)

8.      There is always four major things in my bag: book (of course), notebook (my Moleskine), pencil bag (I can never know when will the inspiration come), and my cellphone.

9.      If there is a hardback edition…I won’t buy paperback. No matter how I love the cover. I feel safer with hardcover.

10.  I use tissue as a book mark.

11.  Aside my book collection, I also collect book mark. I have about one hundred bookmarks. And why I don’t use them? Well…that must trace back to elementary school. I used to have a golden Harry Potter bookmark, my favorite. But then I lost it…since then I never use bookmarks as bookmark. I collect them…but never use them.

12.  My favorite bookshop in Taiwan is Eslite, and my favorite online bookshop is Barnes and Nobles. (Because the beautiful leather bound classic edition.)

13.  My favorite type of book: fantasy, medival, and fairytale retelling,

14.  I hate putting paperback book in bags!!! They will always be damaged in some way!!!

15.  I hardly read contemporary novels…they just don’t fit me.

16.  I had finished few Chinese novels of my own: one fantasy (a bit like the mix of House of Night and Percy Jackson), one history mix fantasy (base on Taiwan’s history character), one love story (a horrible one actually.), and two short novels. (I can’t even remember the plot!)

17.  I have my own publish book when I was in Junior High School, in Chinese. And my fantasy novel was inside it, called Star.

18.  I had once went to Taipei just to meet Brandon Sanderson in person and get his signature. I even asked my mom to wait in line with me so I could get another book sign. What funny is that both of the books were signed for “Vivian”, Brandon Sanderson asked “both of you had the same name?”

19.  I love to smell books and exam them. I don’t even know why, but the smell of the books just smooth me a lot. It just fell right.

20.  Sometime UK covers are more beautiful than the US covers to me…but I can never get them…because the online bookstore in Taiwan only sells US edition. (But I love the UK cover of All Souls Trilogy!!!)

21.  I planned to write English novels in college and put it on blogger!!! Yeah!!! I’ll first translate my original fantasy novel Stars into English, and fix some part of it. Then I want to finish the entire series with four books!!! Yeah!!! I hope that it’ll come true!!!

22.  I have more than three hundred books at home…and I even give a lot of them away before. Some from the first moment I born till now…I guess I’d read/owned more than five hundred books.

23.  My collection keep growing dramatically…apparently, once I’ve went to college…it’ll grow faster.

24.  The only reason I want a house of my own is to put more books. I even plan to decorate my future house’s living room with bookshelves and piano…no TV.

25.  I judge the book by its cover. Totally.

So…end of the bookish fact. What about you? Do you have any strange, weird book fact? Tell me down below!!!


  1. I think you can get UK-cover books on The Book Depository?
    And YOU WRITE NOVELS?!!?! And have had one PUBLISHED?!?!asdfjkglshsag may I read it?!?!?
    Also there's a good place to share your stories--it's called Wattpad, and they're pretty good at protecting your works from being stolen in mu opinion!

    1. Well....it's more expensive to buy book on The Book Depository...so...that's fine. Well...they aren't very good...and the "published" book just sold in our junior high school. So don't look for it in the bookstore, you won't find anything at all. Haha. I'm still a bit afraid that my stories aren't that good...and they are all in Chinese...perhaps after the acceptence from university I'll translated them into English.

  2. I to am guilty of judging by the cover...I mean...really WHO doesn't??

    1. yeah~ the book con't if it has a terrible cover...but i sometime misjudge it too... Thank for stopping at Vivian's Book Pavilion!


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