March Book Haul

March Book Haul
  Don't ask me why I bought so many books this month...I've no idea where those money come from. (Laughing evilly...) So...the most anticipate book of March! (Drum roll please...)

1. Lady midnight (The Dark Artifact Series 1) By Cassandra Clare
  What is the most anticipate book in 2016 spring? Without doubt...Lady Midnight!!! I know...just last whole Instagram is about Lady Midnight...Lady Midnight...and Lady Midnight. And almost every book blog/tube has something about it!!!! Ahhh!!!! Well...although I bought the book...but actually, I'm not going to read it yet. Why? Because I haven't finish TMI yet!!! Let alone The Infernal Devices...

2. Half-Blood (The Covenant Series 1) By Jennifer L. Armentrout
  I've wanted to read this book for a long time. Just look at the beautiful cover! (I think I judge book by its cover a little bit too much...) I'm now currently reading it, and it's about Greek mythology! I'm so exciting!! Except...I don't like the paper at hurt my eyes...

3. The Golden Compass 20th anniversary Edition (His Dark Material 1) By Philip Pullman
  An all-time classic, huh? I love this book. I own about three or four editions of this book. Now the 20th edition is here, how can I miss it? It's so beautiful!!! And the book cover is amazing!!! I think I'll put an review as soon as I have the time to re-read it...which is...I don't know when.

4. A Spy's Devotion (A Regency Spies of London Series 1) By Melanie Dickerson
  Why did I buy it so late??? Ahhh!!! I should have bought it as soon as it release!!! Who cares about the discount? This book is so great!!! It's the second best book among Melanie Dickerson's work. (Well...The Captive Maiden remains my all-time favorite~ So A Spy's Devotion can only be the second...sorry) I can't wait for the sequel!!!

5. Winter (The Lunar Chronicles 4) By Marissa Meyer
  I got the final book!!!! (Actually...I've already read the ending on Ebook...I just cannot wait longer! I long to know what happen to all of them!!!) I love The Lunar Chronicles, also the Chinese edition looks extremely boring...just look at the translation! I found no interested in it! But then when I read the English edition...Bang! I found my new lovers.

6. Stars Above (The Lunar Chronicles Novella) By Marissa Meyer me from all those beautiful covers!!! Just. Look. At. That!!! Ahhhh!!!! I can stare at the cover all day, no exaggerate. I haven't read it yet, but I heard it is for the review!!! (After I finish Scarlet, Cress, and...and...Winter. Long journey...)

7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Illustration Book
  Someone take me away from the world if Harry Potter!!! No!!! I was dragged into the magical world again!!! No!!!! (Cough.) All right, stop screaming. Harry Potter (Sigh) is my favorite book series, no matter how many new book I've read, it's Harry Potter that shows me the book of wonder. I start my reading journey with Harry Potter, so always, I'll love it. Now here comes the illustration can I resist?


  1. Hehehe, so I tempted you into buying that picture book at last XD.
    I'd really like to see some photos though! Like, all the books in a stack or something? And photos of individual books?

  2. Yeah! The book is perfect!!! (And of Well...I only get my terrible iPhone 4...which camera is horribly damage...when I fell it at KGHS. But I did post some of my book on Instagram. I plan to post pictures...once I get a better phone...which mean when I successfully apply by the college.😁😁😁


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