Memory (Short Story)

     Hundreds years ago, there was a man, a hidden man.
     He was always alone, no one knew who he was.
     And his only company--a mask and a rose. A beautiful white mask, as pure as his spirit, a blossom rose, as red as blood.
     The only reason people knew him were because all the unknown music.
Every day, every single day. His music played underneath the opera house, an opera house which said to be haunted.
     It was said that many people died in the opera house long time ago, when it was still the fanciest opera house in the entire country.
     Now, the music was back, but with such a delightful sound. The sound seemed to come from the heaven, brought people with joy and relief. Once you heard it, you would know what's the meant of happiness.
     The secret man always wandered around the opera house when the music was playing, hidden in the shadow, and only children could see him, children with pure heart, and a heart without cruelty. And those who saw him describe him as an angel in the human world, an angel who brought melody to all.
     The rumor had it that he was here to mourn. To mourn for his parents, a famous opera singer, who was shot by accident; and a composer, a talented man, who had never been accepted by the public because of his hideous face.
     A rose and a mask, the combination of his parents, the greatest artists of all time.
     And now...he determined to keep their love in the world. He would keep playing music, playing beautiful music to memorize them.
     With a heart full of music.

     Ladies and gentlemen, behold...the 100th post!!! (Cheer!!! I'm such a productive blogger...) Now, I present you--The Phantom of the Opera short story!!! Yeah!!! As you might know, I post a huge review about The Phantom of the Opera & Love Never Dies, both movie and musical. (Link Here to read it.) And recently, as I was finding inspirations for my next short story, it popped into my head that Phantom and Christen would be great!!! But no, I'm not going to write a fan-fiction, no matter how I hate the ending. We must simply respect the composer and author, don't we? So, as you might know, Phantom's life was a tragedy. I felt such sympathy for him! I decided to give his son something else, something he least be proud of. I know, I know, it's still a sad story. But I didn't say his son was without love! Just mourning his parents by a way that their love would truly never die. You know? "Love Never Dies." Maybe his son would find his Christen someday and have a happily ever after! Who knows? But at least for now, after the tragedy that happened years ago, while he was still ten, he could finally memorize his parents by his own way. A way that run in their family's blood. you like it? Tell me about how you feel with this little, tiny sad story down below!

     P.S. Actually...the very reason why I wrote this story was for the future post...a post you can anticipate for. It'll be a happier post...after so many down short stories...


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