Gift (Short Story)

Desperation cries in the corner, alone. So sad, so desperate.
“For you, a gift.” A simple, delicate gift.

Desperation opens it with a shacking hand.
A candle.
He laughs.
Because for the first time in his life,
He sees hope.

Well…please don’t ask me where the inspiration came from…I. forgot. I think perhaps from a short story that a candle can fill the entire room. A millionaire asked his sons to fill the room with merely one dollar. The eldest son bought cotton, but it was far from enough. The second son bought something else… (I totally forget.) But of course, only a little improvement than the eldest son. And then, here comes the youngest. (And…as you all know…in the fable…the youngest is always the smartest and the kindest…perhaps the best son among every brother. Poor brothers…always under their youngest.) Back to story. The youngest song bought a candle, and the entire room was filled. I forgot the end of the story…but the point is…I started to wonder, what else can fill the room…something without money? And then…BANG! The answer is here: hope. Hope is contagious, it fills everyone’s heart even without notice. So…the story is here! And I hope you’ll like it!


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