Emerald Green (Smaragdgrün) Trailer and Throne of Glass series 5 title Is Here!!

  Here comes the trailer!!! Ah!!!!!! I'm so exciting!!! Yeah!!! Smaragdgrün is here! (Still jumping around~)
Fine...I know what you mean...all in German. So, I have no idea what it's about. However, it's just so exciting to watch the trailer! We can see Gwendolyn standing on the cliff (She's not jumping down, don't worry.) then all happen really quickly. The prophecy, Gideon, Lucy and Paul... I'm so exiting for March...after March. Well...we must wait until the DVD is out...long waiting.
Press here to watch the trailer
  Besides Smaragdgrün, here comes the Throne of Glass series 5 title! Empire of Storms!!! Sarah J. Maas just announced it yesterday! Although I no longer like Aelin, but I'm anticipated to see Chaol in EOS!!!! 


  1. why dont you like aelin???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

    1. Because she broke Chaol's heart!!!!!!!!!!!! (All right, that's half of the reason.) Aelin does changed a lot in QOS...so...I'm not so happy about that. I think I've post the reason in QOS review, so perhaps you can see it and you'll know the reason! Btw...I'm totally team Chaol...so...😁


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