7 Must-Read Authors

7 Must-Read Authors

  When a new book release, which the author do you buy without looking at the summery? Which author do you know you MUST buy the book without a second thought? Which author dragged you into her/his magical world within a second? I’m going to give you my top 7 Must-Read Author list!!!!! (I’m hoping to do this for so long!!!! Let’s do this!!!!! 

No. 1 J.K.Rowling

  Dah, do I need to explain? J. K. Rowling is the author that you grabbed the book immediately without second thought. (Although…I must confess…I never read her other series…I plan to…but not yet.)  

Now…which book did our beloved author write? (In case that you miss any of them)

1.      Harry Potter Series (If you dare tell me you never read this series…I strangle you to death.) 

            i.                Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone
          ii.                Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret
        iii.                Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
        iv.                Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
          v.                Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix
        vi.                Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
      vii.                Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow

2.      Hogwarts Library
            i.                Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
          ii.                Quidditch Through the Ages 
        iii.                The Tales of Beedle the Bard 

4.      The Casual Vacancy

5.      Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination

And of course you can’t miss her other series which is written in another name: Robert Galbraith

1.          Cormoran Strike Series
            i.                The Cuckoo's Calling
          ii.                Career of Evil
        iii.                Career of Evil
        iv.                Lethal White ( Release data 2017)  

No. 2 Brandon Sanderson

  Oh this…I did read almost every of them…except for some I haven’t buy the book. but unfortunately…I haven’t start to read his book in English.  
I did own the English edition of Elantris…but I haven’t finish it yet…and since he offered sign copies on his own website…I decided to save my money for those books!!!!!

1.      Elantris

2.      Mistborn
            i.                The Final Empire
          ii.                The Well of Ascension
        iii.                The Hero of Ages
        iv.                The Alloy of Law
          v.                Shadow of Self
        vi.                The Bands of Mourning

3.      The Stormlight Archive
            i.                The Way of Kings
          ii.                Words of Radiance
        iii.                Oathbreaker (Release in 2017)

4.      Reckoners
            i.                Steelheart
          ii.                Firefight
        iii.                Calamity

5.      The Rithmatist

6.      The Emperor’s Soul

7.      Legion

8.      Infinity Blade Series
            i.                Awakening
          ii.                Redemption

9.      Warbreaker

Since there are way too many books to list…these are just some of the book I’ll put in the post and the book series I’ve touched. (I might not finish yet…but I will.) (Personally thought: Please…can you just finish a series or two first than coming out so many other books??? It’s killing me to wait for Elantris 2 and Warbreaker 2!!!!!!)  

No. 3 Cassandra Clare

  Who can say no to the Queen of Shadowhunters??? In the name of Angel Rziel…I curse you. (Wait…can I curse someone by the name of an angel??? Never mind. I curse nevertheless.) I must say…I didn’t like every Cassandra Clare’s book, but when they become a series and you stick till the last one, you’ll never be disappointed. She is one of the authors that create the greatest ending. It makes you cry, makes you laugh…just so much to bare when you’re reading her books. And I totally love that. I cried like a babe when I was reading City of Heavenly Fire and Clockwork Princess. I wonder what will happen when I read the last book of The Dark Artifices.

1.          The Mortal Instruments     
            i.                City of Bones
          ii.                City of Ashes
        iii.                City of Glass
        iv.                City of Fallen Angels
          v.                City of Lost Souls
        vi.                City of Heavenly Fire

2.          The Infernal Devices
            i.                Clockwork Angel
          ii.                Clockwork Prince
        iii.                Clockwork Princess

3.          The Dark Artifices
            i.                Lay Midnight
          ii.                Lord of Shadows (Release in 2017 5/2)
        iii.                The Queen of Air and Darkness (Release in 2019)

4.          Tales of the Shadowhunters Academy

5.          Magisterium

6.          The Shadowhunter's Codex 

7.          Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments Reader 

8.          The Last Hours (Release in 2018)

Massive producer, isn’t she??? And I love that. 

No. 4 Philp Pullman

  You might be question me what am I doing to put this old author into the list…since…he hadn’t release any book in a long time. But, here comes the big but!!!! The Book of Dust Trilogy is releasing this Oct!!!!! how can I miss it? I’m an enormous fan of His Dark Materials!!!! (If you follow my Instagram…you might find out how many edition I own exactly.)  
So of course I’m going to read The Book of Dust as soon as it release!!!!!

1.          His Dark Materials
            i.                The Golden Compass (Northern light)
          ii.                The Subtle Knife
        iii.                The Amber Spyglass

2.          Sally Lockhart
            i.                The Ruby in the Smoke
          ii.                The Shadow in the North
        iii.                The Tiger in the Well
        iv.                The Tin Princess

3.          The New Cut Gang

            i.                Thunderbolt's Waxwork
          ii.                The Gas-Fitter's Ball

4.          The Book of Dust (Release in 2017 October)

No. 5 Sarah J. Maas

To the stars who listen—and to the dreams that are answered.

  I know you’ve all been waiting for her for a long time. Queen of Fae…uh…I guess??? She is just such a fan of fae. However…I myself kind of hesitate to put her on list…since I’m quite disappointed with the going of Throne of Glass Series. I love A Court of Thornes and Roses with all my heart…but Thorne of Glass??? I wasn’t sure anymore.  
But it’s without denying that she really knows how to capture a reader’s heart. Ahh…my love Rhysand~~ I’m coming for you this May.

1.          Throne of Glass
            i.                Thorne of Glass
          ii.                Crown of Midnight
        iii.                Heir of Fire
        iv.                Queen of Shadows
          v.                Empire of Storms
        vi.                The Assassin’s Blade

2.          A Court of Thornes and Roses
            i.                A Court of Thornes and Roses
          ii.                A Court of Mist and Fury
        iii.                A Court of Wings and Ruin (Release in 2017 5/2)  

No. 6 Marissa Meyer

  My heart!!!!  
Part of my heart was still lost till now…I left it in Heartless. Marissa Meyer wasn’t a massive producer like Brandon Sanderson or Sarah J. Maas…but her every book is guarantee with certain quality…so that’s the reason why I can buy HEARTLESS WITH OF SECOND THOUGHT EVEN PREORDER IT!!!!!! (Well…actually the cover helps a lot…but…)

1.          The Lunar Chronicles
1.          Cinder
2.          Scarlet
3.          Cress
4.          Winter
5.          Stars Above
6.          Fairest

2.          Heartless 

No. 7 Melanie Dickerson

  Ohohoh…the author that brought me into the world of retelling. How can I not mention her??? it’s true that I was a bit disappointed with some of her books, but in total, she is one of the best romance teller and perhaps one of the few that I can stay reading. I don’t normally read romance…but her books…just make me swoon.

1.          Hagenheim Series (Fairy Tale Romance Series)
            i.                The Healer's Apprentice
          ii.                The Merchant’s Daughter
        iii.                The Fairest Beauty
        iv.                The Captive Maiden
          v.                The Princess Spy
        vi.                The Golden Braid
      vii.                The Silent Songbird

2.          A Medieval Fairytale Story
            i.                The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest
          ii.                The Beautiful Pretender
        iii.                The Noble Servant (Release in 2017 5/9)

3.          The Regency Spies of London
            i.                A Spy’s Devotion
          ii.                A Viscount’s Proposal
Well…there are still other authors I’d love to tell you…but since there wasn’t enough books to mention…I’ll leave it to the next post…which I don’t know when it’ll happen. But authors such as Sabaa Tahir, Renee Ahdieh…are all in the future list. I’d definitely mention them next time.


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