A Viscount’s Proposal (The Regency Spies of London Series 2)

A Viscount’s Proposal
By Melanie Dickerson 

  Really? I’m totally reading Pride and Prejudice. I don’t know whether I like it or not…but…somehow it interested me, but not impressed. I remember when I first read A Spy’s Devotion, I was pretty impressed, and to be honest, it’s one of the best books I’ve read from Melanie Dickerson. During that review, I also mentioned that it’s quiet similar to the setting of Pride and Prejudice, but, it wasn’t similar in that way. it got its own unique plot, its own adventure. And I love it, it’ll impressed every Pride and Prejudice lover. And…A Viscount’s Proposal??? Just wait and see!

  Leorah Langdon has no patience for Regency society’s shallow hypocrisy and unnecessary rules, especially for women. She’s determined to defy convention by marrying for grand passion instead of settling for a loveless union like her parents—or wedding a stuffy, pompous gentleman like Edward, the Viscount Withinghall. But when a chance meeting in the countryside leads to Leorah and Withinghall being discovered in his overturned carriage—alone and after dark—the ensuing gossip may force them together.
  Withinghall has his reasons for clinging to propriety; his father perished in a duel with his mistress’s husband, and Edward must avoid scandal himself if he wants to become prime minister. He certainly has no time for a reckless hoyden like Miss Langdon. But soon the two discover that Withinghall’s coach “accident” was no such thing: the vehicle was sabotaged.
  Can the culprit be brought to justice? Strong-willed Leorah and duty-driven Withinghall will have to work together if they have any hope of saving her reputation, his political career—and his life.

  So…back to A Viscount’s proposal…I must say I did enjoy it, but since I’d mentioned before…it’s too similar to Pride and Prejudice. The plot is predictable and somehow the adventures lack of excitement. To be honest…I’m slightly disappointed with this one, since Leorah was such a perfect character in A Spy’s Devotion, and…well…as you might guess, she was exactly like Lizzy in this book. From Leorah and Edward’s interaction…it’s just basically the copy of Pride and Prejudice. Edward came into the party with an unlikable face, Leorah said bad words about him, and they argued with each other. So as you might guess…their future acquaintance was horrible. Oh!!! But there are still good action parts in the story…otherwise…I really love the part where Leorah and Edward stuck together, and I won’t tell you in case of spoiling you. I really love how Nicolas and Julia also played a huge part in this story, which makes the story more…appealing?  

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