Moonlight War – Act 1 (The Realmer Series 2)

Moonlight War – Act 1

By William Collins


    Shocking…I actually like this book a lot more better than the first one!!!! I love the fast pace, the continuous events and catastrophic…all the bloody scenes.

 Oh don’t worry, I’m just kidding about the bloody scenes…or perhaps not. But no matter what, a lot of things I’m not happy with the first book seems to disappear in the second one, and I can finally see its own unique and creativity. Don’t get it wrong, I still like the first, but I’d rate a lot higher for the second book. it’s far greater than I expected.


After the catastrophic events of book 1, Evan and Brooke are trying to come to terms with recent revelations. However, it isn’t long before their duties as Venators throw them back into action.

Whilst Evan faces a deathly trial to advance further in his training, Brooke embarks on her very first mission, which sees her embroiled in a war between the vampires and werewolves of London. If the werewolves and shifters baying for her blood wasn’t enough, Brooke also has to face a starkly changed Arantay.

Meanwhile the Dark-Venator forces are rising, whilst Evan and his friends contend with the mysterious disappearances of several Venators. Could they have been kidnapped? Evan also faces backlash from many of his fellow trainees, who hate or fear him. Evan thinks their reactions are bad now, but it would be nothing if they discovered his secret. His peers may even try to kill him if they learned the truth.

Evan knows he has to pass his trial to gain his first mission as a Venator, but he may never make it that far if his hidden powers aren’t controlled. Across the realms, a terribly malignant force has learned of Evan and Brooke, and plans to strike.


    One of my favorite things about this book is that it’s follow by endless events. Venators missing, Evan’s trials, Brooks’ first mission… Somehow, the slow paces in first book was follow by an extremely fast pace of this book. And I love it, it makes me don’t want to stop reading. I basically finished it with a few hours. Like non-stop.

 So…first! Brook’s first mission. Mawhahahaha!!!!!! Brook was promoted directly after the invasion for her bravely and now a mid-realmer. She was appointed her mission with…Lok!!!!! Yeah!!!! No, I’m just kidding. Of course, she was appointed with Arantay.

Bla…although I’m interested in watching what will happen between them…but it’ll be quite interesting if the three of them go out together. Yet, my point here is…everything about romance I hate in the first book was now gone. (Despite the little show with Brook in the forest finding what-so-ever brutal elfpire…sorry Brook, but that is pathetic. But I really love the strong will you show after that…I guess?) I really like the way Brook and Arantay turns out now and I hope nothing horrible will happen in the third book. I really want to read the third book now…I can’t see what happen in London. (Shh!!!!) Oh…and the thing I love most is still the actions. Those actions scenes are vivid and thrilling…I barely breathes when I’m reading Brook and Arantay’s fighting scenes. It’s just so good!

    Secondly, Evan’s Trail. Evan…he is still the boy being bullied. Poor guy, but at least he got friends now. I really like his argument with the lame Master who I don’t even want to recall the name. The master is like the lazy, male edition of Professor Umbridge…see how bad it is? The most thrilling part of Evan is definitely the Trail of mid-realmer. I really love how the author manage to skip Evan’s apprentice trail in case we reader read something again. But the mid-realmer trail…damn! That is good!!!! It’s so excited and thrilling and my hand just gripped the pages so hard that I almost afraid I’d ripped the pages out. However, I’m a little bit disappoint that nothing really happen much about Evan and Brook’s demon magic and about their siblings. There is something else going on…but not much. And, although Brook’s brother Adam turned out to be a great jerk…I’m disappointed that there are no further details about how he managed to get Evan’s blood. I would really love to see that scene.

    Next, Elijah also played an important part in this book. It wasn’t that he is becoming really important…I’d consider as a sub-plot. When the Venators are start missing, he started to find the clue about their disappearance. And he did…which led to an awkward situation…and I’m looking forward to find out what will happen to them. The interesting about this part is that you don’t really know why Elijah is so concerned about this event. From the beginning to the end, he had been so enthusiastic about finding them and…I must say, his actions are thoughtless, impetuous. Compared to a lot of young adult novel characters, he seems to be the one who fit his age the most.

 Which is quite a funny thing to read…and, I’ll consider that a good thing. They are teenagers!! Not all of them are supposed to be thoughtful and careful.

    The last thing about this book is that there are so many things between the main plot. Endless characters play their parts in this book, some turns out to be important, some turns out not…or at least now. I originally thought I’d hate this kind of writing…since no one like tons of name hanging around the pages…and we already had a lot. But as it turns out…as long as I ignored those minor, less important characters…it’s quite a nice thing to read those tiny, little sub-plot. So…I’d say I don’t hate it…and in some point, I enjoy them pretty much. So…if you’re disappointed with the first book, I highly recommend you to continue your reading, Moonlight War Act 1 is a lot greater. If you already like The Darker Shade of Sorcery, then you must read the second one without saying.

I received the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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