Serafina and the Twisted Staff (Serafina and the Black Cloak Series 2)

Serafina and the Twisted Staff
By Robert Beatty
  So…at the second day of my summer vocation, I devoured my second ARC. Perfect! I can see how I’m going to spend my entire summer vocation.
 I’ll pass my whole summer like that. Yeah!!!!! Now…Serafina and the Twisted Staff? Robert Beatty has done it again! This book is even better than the first one. I love book series that are getting better!!! There shouldn’t be something that called “second book slump!” I enjoy every moment of this book this time and can find nothing to complain…well…only a little? But…if Serafina and the Black Cloak is 3.5 stars (I originally rate 3.8), Serafina and the Twisted Staff will be 3.9.
Our Character Isn’t Defined By The Battles We Win Or Lose,
But By the Battles We Dare To Fight.
Serafina has defeated the Black Cloak, but new dangers await. Now that the people of the Biltmore House know of her existence, she must fit in the high society of its elegant and strange customs. But Serafina feels that she does not belong to this world.
The arrival of a mysterious visitor presents a new threat: a terrible power is taking over the mansion and the forest that surrounds it. Serafina must find the place she belongs to stop this evil power ... before the dark force swallows up her home.

  I really enjoy Serafina’s journey this time, the plot is less predictable and more thrilling. I especially love the inner struggle of Serafina…oh come on! Who don’t like a good inner struggle? We all love to see the character being tortured and than back to tortured our heart. It’s a never ending circle.
 My heart twisted so hard when some bitches shouted at her that she didn’t belong in the Biltmore House and Braeden didn’t stand to defend her. My tears almost stream down…almost. And I love the reunion with her mother…the mountain lion. Oh how I’ll love to be a catamount!!!! It sound soooo nice to be able to change into an enormous cat! However, I hope there will be more struggle on how Serafina tried to change herself into a cat…but I guess that isn’t the point? Otherwise the book won’t be 300 pages.
    I love how the book is connected to the first one, it isn’t just a new task or new adventure…but with something related inside. Remember the sorcerer of the Black Cloak? In the first book, we readers originally thought he wanted to destroy it and fail. However, there are truth lies beneath the tales. The ugly guy actually wanted to own the power himself and come for revenge. Sort of. They’re…connected? But with different purposes. The Black Cloak isn’t going to come alive again…at least I hope? Besides the better plot, I really love how more complicated situations are put into the book as well, so the story will be less predictable. The story isn’t just a straight line now, but connected with the pass, the current and the future. Especially with some interesting characters. Although they’re not “that” surprise to readers who read thousand books happened with this kind of topic, but it serve a good purpose for the middle-grade. Never judge the book by its cover…although I think you can judge Serafina and the Twisted Staff by its cover! It’s beautiful!
I received the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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