Mark The Page A Court of Wings and Ruin Box

Mark The Page A Court of Wings and Ruin Box

    Tah Da! Before I post my Owlcrate three month boxes review…I’d introduce you—Mark.the.Page monthly box!!!!!!! I’ve longed to order the gorgeous ribbon bookmarks from Donna, and yet, when I heard there will be a monthly subscribe book box…how can I miss it? Especially it’s ACOWAR box!!!!

        I immediately grab mine box and start my first subscription ever!!!!!! Yah!!!!!!!! All Hail to ACOWAR!!!!!!! So now, after ACOWAR released for one month, I’m now introducing the fantastic book box from Mark.The.Page!!!!!!  
First of all, let’s welcome our monthly books!
  • A Court of Wings and Ruin UK Paperback Edition
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses Colouring Book

  See the books???? How beautiful they are!!!!! When I got the box, I’ve already got my ACOWAR hardcover edition…so I’m not that excited about the book. (It’s brand new!!! If you want the book…you can email me and we can discuss!) But, I’m really excited about the coloring book. I’ve wanted a coloring book for so long and never get mine. But now…I have one! And ACOTAR edition!!!!! It’s even a bookish drawing book!!!! How nice it is!!!!

  • Velaris Tea by Haley Avery
  I haven’t drink it…and I don’t think I ever well? But it smells sooooo nice!!!! I love it so much and couldn’t bear the idea of opening it.
  • High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court Exclusive bookmarks by Till and Dill
  Ah, my love. Don’t they look gorgeous together? I love this bookmark with all my heart. Especially this is my first and ever ACOTAR bookmark!!!! How excited!!!!!


  • Day Court Perfume by Behind the Pages
  This is probably my favorite item from the entire box. I’ve always wanted my own bookish perfume since I’ve heard that Behind.the.Pages is making one. And now? I’ve got mine!!!!!! I’m so happy and the scene!!!! The scene is so nice! Day Court is the combination of pomegranate, violet sugar petals and fresh citrus. Love it…definitely love it. I use it every day. Oh! And remember, you can buy all the perfume from every court if you order a Tower of Dawn one time subscribe box from Mark.the.Page!!!! MAKE SURE TO GRAB YOUR BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN ORDER IT WITHOUT AN ORDER!!!!!


  • Flirty Rhys letters from Bookified
    Rhysand just sent me a letter!!! He sent me a letter!!! A LETTER!!!!! I’M DYING OUT OF EXCITEMENT!!!!! MY NUMBER ONE BOOKISH BOYFRIEND SENT ME A LETTER!!!!

  • Court of Dreams pillowcase by Marta

The Court of Dreams pillowcase! I wonder…will I travel to The Court of Dreams if I sleep on it?
  • Mor candle by Meraki Candles

  My number two favorite bookish item—bookish candles. Damn!!!! I’ve wanted a candle from ACOTAR series so much!!!! And now I have one!!!!!! (And Mor smells a thousand time better than the candle I got from Owlcrate!!!!!!)


  So, that’s all from ACOWAR Mark.the.Page box! How do I feel about it? A THOUSAND TIME WORTH IT!!!! To be honest, you can skip Owlcrate and subscribe Mark.the.Page box. It’s high quality, everything is what a book lover need…and fantastic. The two little thing that I complain are—I didn’t get a Mark.the.Page ribbon bookmark, since I originally thought I’m going to have one. The other thing is that…well…I can’t blame Mark.the.Page, since it’s a small business…the book isn’t hardcover and without signed plate. But…consider the cheaper price and shipping…Mark.the.Page wins!

Order here:

Till and Dill (High Lord and High Lady Bookmarks)

Meraki Candle (Mor Candle)

Bookified (Rhys Letter)

Behind.the.Pages (Day Court Perfume)

Cymelium (Pillowcase)


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