Champion: At Fire’s End

Champion: At Fire’s End

By Charlotte Jain

    I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. What am I reading?

I was so excited to read a new book about Greek Myths…you know how much I love a good mythology story. But then…I don’t really understand what the book is about…and I can’t feel connected to the characters. The only two characters I love died in the end…which I don’t know why and I can’t imagine what the sequel will be.

Although among my ARC reading process…I did read some good books, and some…not that good. 2.5 stars. This book was the most disappointed of them all.

  Seventeen-year-old best friends, April and Kyle, are thrown into the final battle of the Titan and Olympian war. Locked into an endless struggle, the Immortals have finally reached a solution - bestow mortal Champions with control over the elements to wage their final campaign.
  Bestowed with control over fire and water, April and Kyle were raised by Immortals with a single purpose - win the war. After finally uncovering the remaining Champions' identities, April and Kyle must launch themselves into their final battle for survival. Winner takes all. But the Immortals are growing restless, and time is running out.

    The story was written in the POV of Kyle and April, two of the chosen champions from the Olympian and Titans God. (Which never make sense…although the author did write in the note that those gods might be only using the name rather than the characteristic. But how can Cronus and Zeus sat in the same place? That is utterly impossible!)
 Nevertheless, it’s not the relationship of gods that concerned me…but the plot. I don’t get it! The entire story seems useless to me!!!! The only interesting character is April, she got emotions, she got the nerve to do something…she basically light the entire story. As for Kyle…he is a nice guy…but he is a jerk when it comes to relationship and friendship. Damn!!!! How can he do all those thing to April!!!! I’m not over with that!!!
 And Kim…how my dear Kim. She is a bitch! Sorry…I know she appeared all kind and sweet…but she is a bitch to me. I hate her. I don’t know why, but I despise her whenever she appeared. As for Noah…he was probably the other interesting character…but…I still…don’t know what the hell was he doing. It’s a mess. If there isn’t the last arena scene in the end of the book…I’ll probably give it one star. The last arena was thrilling and great in description…but I hate how twisted the gods and goddess are, especially Apollo to Kyle and April. Nevertheless, all those actions save this book…a little bit. I hate to give a book such a low rate…but that’s truth.

I receive the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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