A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses Series 3)

A Court of Wings and Ruin
By Sarah J Maas  

  “Night Triumphant- and the Stars Eternal.” If he was the sweet, terrifying darkness, I was the glittering light that only his shadows could make clear.”

  Are you ready for destruction??? If not, please turn around and leave this review, if you’re ready? Then let’s prepare to hear Vivian screaming throughout the entire review!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THIS IS THE END OF THE SERIES???? THIS. IS. THE. END!!!!!!

 The finale battle is about to begin!!!! I love every single moment of this book and there is no way that I’ll hate it. So, of course, here you go, all the stars you can ever get. I can’t believe now I have to wait for another year to get a new one. Just kill me.
  For those who follow me on the Bookstagram, and did actually follow my recent stories…you’ll find me driven mad by this book. I’ve preorder it like about March? And yet…I get it almost five days after the book was release!!!! Unbelievable…but that’s the truth. And since then, I’m so occupied by other things that I can finally settle down to finish it just right here, right now. And it’s FANTASTIC!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much I’ve wept during this book. My heart, my soul…don’t you have sympathy???? I hate you, Sarah J Maas, hate you for bringing me so much sorrow and joy. Now, back to the reading part. I’ve read a tons of spoilers on the Internet and somehow be quite worried with how the story will go. But you know what? None of it happens and it’s brilliant!!!!! I don’t care it’s 700 pages and the book is so thick that it might crush me…I’m going to sleep with it every moment.

A nightmare, I’d told Tamlin. I was the nightmare.

        Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit—and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords—and hunt for allies in unexpected places.


  Don’t fear, I won’t post spoiler over this part. I’ll warn you before I do so, so feel free to enjoy the session first. Even though I didn’t love it as much as A Court of Mist and Fury…I still love it. (The truth is, I don’t know if I can ever love a book like A Court of Mist and Fury, my love for it was insane.) If ACOMAF worth all the stars in the universe…than ACOWAR probably worth all the stars in the sky. I love how the story line goes. In fact, it doesn’t torture the reader with those who shouldn’t be focus on…for example, Tamlin. Will…not exactly without him, but while you might think you need to be tortured about a quarter of the book to see Feyre in Spring Court, it didn’t happen. And thanks to the Cauldron for that. In fact, before Feyre burned Spring Court into ashes…it probably only took…100 pages? Isn’t that perfect? Oh…and don’t afraid…Feyre didn’t literary burned Spring Court into ashes. Sort of. And…I’d like to defense some…complain on saw on the reviews by others and give you some of my opinions. First of all, a lot of people is saying that there is a love triangle inside this book. Yes, but no. I’m not going to tell you which three of them are, not yet. But keep this in mind, this book is written in Feyre’s POV…so everything is through her perspective. Besides, for love triangle hater, like me…or at least, extremely afraid of it, this book isn’t about love anymore. You can see beautiful and heart-sobbing romance or hot scene…but yet,

My goal was bigger than revenge.

My purpose greater than personal retribution.”
This book is about the upcoming war…and it’s brutal. The cruel beauty of Prythian. And then to the Feyre POV part. Yes, it’s still written with Feyre’s POV, and I’m 100% satisfied with that. In fact, I don’t like tons of POVs in QOS and EOS (EOS…which I haven’t read it at all…can’t bring myself to it.) I love SJM’s writing, I do and I absolutely love it. But till now, I haven’t find an series with different POV and enjoy it a lot, Six of Crows isn’t bad…but I still don’t love the ever-changing POVs. So I have absolutely no objection for Feyre’s POV to occupy the entire book. Next…something about Mor, our sassy princess of Court of Nightmares. (I shouldn’t have call her that…but…)

 Readers are complaining that SJM didn’t treat Mor that will…but…come on, it is exaggerate. True, Mor might be one of the people that was most hurt in this book, since she showed all her emotions on her face, and I admit, she didn’t deserve that. And there was a part that Feyre and Mor lashed out at each other…plz, everyone…they forgave each other, they both said horrible words, and they both did horrible thing. But the most important thing is that they forgive, and so shall you. The only thing I might want to complain is that…oh gosh…there were so many names. However, if you’ve faced other books with endless names…it’s a piece of cake.
  Another thing I love about ACOWAR is the characters. Even though, yeah…the names are endless and weird and you’re never going to pronounce it, but those characters are sooooo great. I love Viviane, Myriam, Vassa, Helion, and so many others. And besides, I love to hate those hateful characters, I can’t count how many time I’ve rolled my eyes when Ianthe and Tamlin appeared.

 This is one of the reasons why I love SJM so much…she’s so good at scheming. The plot twists and all the cliff hangers. You know, I stop reading EOS…sort of, I think I’ll still read it someday. But, ACOTAR is a well-organized series and the characters change isn’t that awkward. It’s pure perfection…every single page. There is no way you’ll take the love out of me. Now, later on, I’ll begin to take about the characters, and there will be A LOT OF SPOILERS!!!! SO MAKE SURE TO STEP BESIDE IF YOU HATE SPOILERS!!! SPOILERSS!!!! SPOILERSSS!!!

 This is one of the reasons why I love SJM so much…she’s so good at scheming. The plot twists and all the cliff hangers. You know, I stop reading EOS…sort of, I think I’ll still read it someday. But, ACOTAR is a well-organized series and the characters change isn’t that awkward. It’s pure perfection…every single page. There is no way you’ll take the love out of me. Now, later on, I’ll begin to take about the characters, and there will be A LOT OF SPOILERS!!!! SO MAKE SURE TO STEP BESIDE IF YOU HATE SPOILERS!!! SPOILERSS!!!! SPOILERSSS!!!

(Skip to the last paragraph if you do not wish to read spoilers.)
Night Court

“I believe everything happens for a reason. Whether it is decided by the Mother, or the Cauldron, or some sort of tapestry of Fate, I don't know. I don't really care. But I am grateful for it, whatever it is. Grateful that it brought you all into my life.
  Night Court…as perfect as always, except for the Court of Nightmares. Everything about Night Court is great and lovely and a home I can ever hope for. But, here we come, the horrible Hybern seems to make it his home…and you know, horrible things happened.
“Only you can decide what breaks you, Cursebreaker. Only you.”
  Feyre, Feyre, Feyre…I definitely love Feyre 100 times better than Aelin. Definitely. Although…she isn’t mine top favorite female characters, sorry. Nevertheless, I love how Feyre changes throughout the series. She remain herself, but she did change, and be a better self.
Remember how savage she was in ACOTAR? Now in ACOWAR…bow to the High Lady of Night Court.
 For she bows to know one. I love how furiously Feyre protected her family, yes, she did make mistake…and her tongue had done her tons of terrible terrible things. Yet, it had also saved her thousands of time, and makes her stronger. Some might say Feyre didn’t change much throughout the series, but to me, she totally change. Even she might not be my top 1 favorite heroine, she might as well be somewhere in top 10. Especially after she watched into the mirror of Ouroboros. Absolutely amazing. I love how her spirit roses even harder through the progress, the way she protected her sisters, how she was no longer cold and hurt from Under the Mountain…and finally, forgiveness. In the end, she forgave what Tamlin did, and that makes the series into a perfect end.
“But for my home, for Prythian and the human territory and so many others … I would clean my blades, and wash the blood from my skin. And I would do it again and again and again.”
And this is our Feyre, willing to sacrificed everything to protect Night Court and the Inner Circle. Now, the part we love most, Feyre and Rhys. Actually, not everyone, I hate this ship. Why? BECAUSE RHYSAND IS MINE!!!! AND I’M HIS!!!! Well…honestly, I ship them now.
 I love Rhys in ACOWAR, but I don’t really ship Feyrsand. But then, in ACOWAR…I started to ship them, as the way I ship Feyre and Tamlin once before. I cried so hard for Feyre and Rhysand. Their words, their last words, and how Feyre screams after Rhys died. Yes, remember how SJM said that at least one of the people from The Inner Circle can’t manage to the end? There is, Rhysand died. And my heart torn out. A lot of people hate to read spoilers before knowing anything…but I did. And here I am, still weeping over Rhysand’s death even though I’ve probably read it 100 times before I read to that part. That’s why I love ACOTAR series so much. Even though I spoil myself, the story itself won’t be affected. It. Is. Still. Great. There is no way a spoiler should affect your reading if it is truly a great book. I turn the book to the last page as soon as get my hand on the book…and you know what? Even though I know it’s a happy ending, even though I know everything is gonna be find…I still wept, not once, but four time throughout the book. It’s simply heart sobbing.
Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be caged.”

  OMG…how on earth such a wonderful man/fae exist?

 He is unbelievably perfect!!!! No…he is even beyond that. It seems…after ACOTAR…Rhys is now a god in ACOTAR series. If I don’t ship Feyre and Rhysand…I totally ship them now, and there is no way anyone will hate him anymore. Yet…yet…promise me you won’t punch me. Personally…I find Rhys a bit “too good?” Like his only flow is being too considerable for others!!!! He won’t allow others to sacrificed for him and really???? But still…I love him. His every word, no matter to Feyre or the Inner Circle or how he treats Nesta and Elain and everyone else except King of Hybern and Tamlin so well!!!! I don’t believe anyone can resist him…perhaps only Nesta? The only disappointment is that we don’t really have so much Rhys this time…compared to ACOMAF, and he was so gloomy at the later part of this book, but I totally forgive him…even though his words had stolen my tears more than they should. After all, it’s a war.
I believe everything happens for a reason. Whether it is decided by the Mother, or the Cauldron, or some sort of tapestry of Fate, I don't know. I don't really care. But I am grateful for it, whatever it is. Grateful that it brought you all into my life.”
How can you be so great??? And please!!!! Don’t you dare die in front of me!!!!!!!! My tears and my tears and my tears!!!!


“Something thumped in front of me. A bottle of wine. “It’s fine if you drink directly from it,” was all Mor said.”

  Even though I said everyone is overreacting about Mor’s situation in this book…well…to be honest, if I must choose someone who suffered the most during the war? Mor might be top 3. Yes, in this book, SJM revealed that Mor is a homosexual…she felt more attractive to girl. So what? A lot of people is saying that WHY???? HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN??? Bla…a lot of people is shouting about not having enough diversity in her books, and now when we have one…much more complains are here. Guys guys guys…Mor never said she likes boys, right? So from Feyre’s POV it’s totally fine for reader to neglect that part. And then the second one about her suffering…indeed, she didn’t deserve to be cheated by Rhys…but consider the fact that its’ a war and no one in the Inner Circle knows...will you reader just forgive that? But poor Mor…my heart definitely twisted for you during those chapters. You deserve better…and I will love to see you in the future series with Amren. (Wait what?!) Last but not least…about Feyre hurting Mor with her sexual relationship…please…can you read clearly? Feyre didn’t even know Mor was homosexual then…so stop it, you all, just stop it. Why are you arguing about that when Mor herself and Feyre forgave each other?
"If I had not met my cousin, I would neer have learned that light can be found in even the darkest of hells. That kidness can thrive even amongst cruelty."

“But this is war. We don’t have the luxury of good ideas—only picking between the bad ones.”

  And finally, we see Cassian fight…that was horrible and magnificent and powerful. (Well…the same words can be use on Rhys and Azriel as well.) I definitely love how Cassian’s character goes. From his first appearance, to save the damsel in distress…well…if Feyre counts. And to how he managed to open Nesta’s heart, even though Nesta has done nothing but humiliation to him at the beginning…he never thought. You know what? I don’t care if I can have Rhys…just hand me one among the three of them. Cassian and Rhys is pretty much alike, don’t you think? They’re definitely difference, with Rhys the High Lord with the greatest power of all, but then Cassian, as his general, I can’t help but feel them similar.
"I would not have known the true depths of strength, of resilience, of honor and loyalty."
They’re more than brother, and I love that. Well Rhys can be a bit gloomy and hot in this book, Cassian still keeps his sassy part.
“For him, that's what battle is. A Symphony.”
I don’t think I’ll ever forget how he fought at all. How he stood beside Nesta to defeat the King and how he commanded the entire Illyrian army…even the Court of Nightmares. I hope they’ll be more Nessian stories in the future books…I ship them even harder than Feyrsand. I scream so hard when Nessian was almost torn apart in the different worlds.
I have no regrets in my life, but this. That we did not have time. That I did not have time with you, Nesta. I will find you in the next world - the next life. And we will have that time. I promise.”

"If I had not met a tiny monster who hoards jewels more fiercely than a firedrake . . ."

  Amren…she is so damn important in this story…while, sort of. Without her, no one can train Nesta and Nesta can’t killed the Hybern King and…everything will end. And…she is the one who stopped all the Hybern army, so isn’t she damn important of all??? yeah!!!! But I’d still want to punch her in the face when she tricked Feyre…but that isn’t very important, though. It really did no harm! I don’t really understand why Feyre was so mad at first…perhaps just the fact that she was tricked? Oh and…Amren has a really, really interesting relationship in this book as well, with the one from Summer Court??? Varian. Just WOW…although it’s not unpredictable…but how they went together…just blown out my mind…perhaps every High Lord’s?
“Don’t expect Amren to return hers, she’s grown attached to it.”

"If I had not met a shadowsinger, I would not have known that it is the family you make, not the one you are born into, that matters. I would not have known what it is to truly hope, even when the world tells you to despair."

  One of the best Illyrian…Azriel is truly amazing in ACOWAR. And yes, I believe Azriel is in love with Elain, or at least care for her deeply. From the way he treats her and how he was the one who truly brought out Elain…he definitely stand a chance. But don’t panic…I know Elain’s mate is Lucien and a lot of people out there loves him. I get it, I really get it…but really, there isn’t much a ship between Azriel and Elain or Lucien and Elain to choose. They don’t really have that much time to stay together? And while most of the time Elain is still crying for her dying love with her human fiancé…so I think in the future series…we’ll definitely see a lot between Lucien, Azriel and Elain.

“I would like to build a garden, after all of this…I think the world needs more gardens.”

  Well…she didn’t speak much in ACOWAR…mostly morning over her human life and love. But, I especially love how SJM gives her an important role in this book and how she overcome herself in the ending. While most of us think that Elain’s part will focus a lot on romance…no, not at all. The crazier thing is that Nassian has even more than Elaicen and Elariel. SJM gave Elain a pretty important role in this book, in fact, three of the Archeron sisters are. (Secretly tell…Elain and Nesta might be more important than other High Lord in this battle.) And I bloody love that!!!! I love how SJM smartly weaved the romance into the fast-pace story and the upcoming battles. I love how everything seems so hopeless while hope still remains. And I extremely love Elain becomes a seer!!!!!!!!! It’s so great!!!!
“You are a better friend to me, Feyre,” he said quietly, “than I ever was to you.”
  Lucien…it’s a sad thing that SJM keeps him away from most of the book. I really hate that…so I think as a redemption…he might get his own series? I hope so. Oh, and why I put Lucien in Night Court? He basically work for Night Court now…even though he had an extremely impossibly shocking twist in this book, and it’s so shocking that I don’t even want to spoil you with that. I’m sooooo damn shock when I first find out. It’s absolutely brilliant and explains a lot of things happened in Autumn Court. And other part of him??? I’ve already mentioned in Azriel and Elain’s part…so… Oh wait!!!!! He also plays an important part as well!!! Not because he was someone else’ mate…but he was the one who found the queen, Vassa. And who is she? A firebird…and whose story was kind of like the retelling of Swan Lake…I’d love to read her story as well. Definitely fun to read, and the revenge.
Spring Court

“Perhaps when my task here was done, id burn this manor to the ground, too. Starting with those roses.”

“Be happy, Feyre.”

  I still don’t know how to judge Tamlin now…even though it has been a day since I finished ACOWAR. He was soooo horrible throughout almost the entire book, and even though till the end, he made his redemption, I still don’t know how to think of him. I don’t hate him in ACOMAF, to be honest. I dislike him, that’s undoubtly true…and yet, for a man driven by love might do crazy things. I don’t hate him until he bargained with King of Hybern…actually. But at most of the ACOWAR…I don’t know how to judge.
The gasping-fish look is a good one for you,”
I don’t know whether he was truly a spy or not, whether it was when Feyre hunted by King of Hybern did he decide to stand up for Prythian or he originally planned it all alone. High Lords are such great actors.
 It’s so confusing. But, I’m fine with Tamlin’s ending…though…a lot of readers are hoping that Tamlin might fine his mate…I prefer not. I forgive him, but I don’t think any girl should be with him anymore…unless he changed in the future series.
  Oh god…she is even more annoying than Tamlin. And all hail to the weaver that Ianthe was died!!!!!!! I don’t even want to speak of her…so let’s skip this part, shall we?

“They say you came back different. Came back wrong.” A crow’s laugh. “I never bother to tell them I think you came back right. Came back right at last.”

  If there is anyone in the Spring Court deserves to have more stories, that is definitely Alis. I’m so sad that Alis only appeared in one chapters and nothing else.
 I hope in the future we can see whether she lives or not.


Winter Court

Kallias & Viviane

“Why can’t I be High Lady as well?”

  Mawhahahaha!!!! Kallias and Viviane is soooo cute!!! I love Viviane…she’s just so vivid and gorgeous and furious. She is just like Mor in some way!!!! And although I don’t feel much about Kallias, Viviane is definitely going to be a High Lady of Winter Court someday. And they’re mate!!!! At their wedding day!!!!! Isn’t that marvelous????

Dawn Court

“steps and balconies and archways and verandas and bridges linked the towers and gilded domes of the palace, periwinkle morning glories climbing the pillars and neatly cut blocks of stone to drink in the gilded mists wafting by.”

  The thing I love most about Dawn Court is…Peregyrns!!!!! White wings warriors like Illyrians!!!! Don’t you think it’s crazy??? Imagine in the battle field black and white spread out in front of your eyes. Breathe taking. And I wander…are their wings as sensitive as Illyrians’? Oh! And about Thesan, the High Lord of Dawn Court…while…I don’t really know much about him. Why don’t you read it yourselves?

Day Court

“Spell-Cleaver. That was his title. She surveyed him with her usual disdain. But Helion gave her the same bow he’d offered me—though his smile was edged with enough sensuality that even my heart raced a bit. No wonder the Lady of Autumn hadn’t stood a chance. “I don’t think we were introduced properly earlier,” he crooned to Nesta. “I’m—” “I don’t care,” Nesta said with a snap of her wrist, striding right past him and up to my side. “I’d like a word,” she said. “Now.” Cassian was biting his knuckle to keep from laughing—at the utter surprise and shock on Helion’s face. It wasn’t every day, I supposed, that anyone of either sex dismissed him so thoroughly. I threw the High Lord a semi-apologetic glance and led my sister out of the room.”

  OMG…Helion is definitely my second or third prefer High Lord. First of course, Rhys, than Tarquin and Helion. He is so funny!!!!

Although he did have some…special interest, and the fact that he couldn’t stand out for his only love…I believe. But he was one of the High Lord that support Rhys the most during the battle, and even ended his life during this, if not for Amren. Oh! And I love his creature form…lovely. As an opposite to Rhysand. And…his plot twist was absolutely shocking!!!! I can’t wait to read him more in the future books. (I depend so much on the future books.)  
Autumn Court
  As you can guess…Beron is as horrible as you thought. The interesting thing is…Eris. Eris was the eldest son of Beron, horrible, definitely cruel to Mor. And…yet…from how he behaved in ACOWAR…I wonder…he might have the same reason as Rhys??? It seems to me, aside expect for his ambition for being a High Lord…he might not be that bad at all. There are so many possibility from him!!!! (Wait…SJM…can you please write series separately about Winter Court, Autumn Court, Day Court and all the other stories??? It’s such a shame if we don’t get more Eris’ story!!!!!)

Summer Court

“Isn’t that what friends do?”
“I rescind the blood rubies. Let there be no debts between us.”

Tarquin…as great as usual. He didn’t appear that much in ACOWAR, well…it’s impossible to fit all the High Lords into 700 pages, that’ll be impossible. But yet, he fought bravely and there is definitely friendship between Summer Court and Night Court. 

Now…the saddest part of this book.  


“I understood why the Suriel had come to help me, again and again. Not just for kindness … but because it was a dreamer. And it was the heart of a dreamer that had ceased beating inside that monstrous chest. ”

  The saddest part of ACOWAR!!!!! Why did it need to die!!!!!

 I’ll forever hate you for this!!!!!! Even though he is terrifying and horrible…it’s one of the greatest creature in ACOTAR series!!!!! My tears!!! My tears!!! How can you kill a Dreamer??? 
Bone Carver
“It’s a rare person to face who they truly are and not run from it—not be broken by it. That’s what the Ouroboros shows all who look into it: who they are, every despicable and unholy inch. … Yes, rare indeed. I could risk leaving here for nothing less.”

  Sigh…another not-so-sad-but-still-so-sad death. And why did I bring him up??? Because my theory was half right!!!!! During ACOMAF when it first appeared, I though he was the younger version of Rhysand…and in ACOWAR…he was indeed something similar!!!!! He appeared in the form of Feyre and Rhys’ son!!!! OMG!!!! I CAN’T STOP SCREAMING FROM THAT!!!!! I HOPE THIS PRETTY LITTLE BOY WILL APPEAR!!!! DEFINITELY NEED HIM TO APPEAR!!!!!

  So finally, the end of this review and the journey with Feyre and Rhysand. I’m really satisfied with this ending, and definitely love it. I highly recommend you all to read it!!!! The story goes pretty fast and the battle scene is epic. It might not be like what happens in Game of Throne…but for an author who first write a battle scene? It’s definitely great and 100% better than the bloody scene in QOS. I can’t breathe while I’m reading those parts. So heart-warming, so heart-aching…
To the stars who listen--and the dreams that are answered.

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