Sailors, Ships & Seas

Sailors, Ships & Seas


        I never reveal the news here—I got my first and ever Owlcrate box at February!!!! I’ve waited for so long to purchase one of them and I did!!! Finally!!!! I’ll post a full unboxing post after I receive my whole three box, which are February, March and May…while…since they got contemporary for April, I skipped that box. Just wait and see!!! Or, if you can’t wait to see those beautiful, gorgeous boxes, just visit my Bookstagram account and see my current theme—Owlcrate unboxing. I just love those items. (And to tell you a secret, there will also be another type of box soon!!! In May!!! For my most anticipated book of 2017!!!!)

 Now, since you’ll have to wait for a month until you read the unboxing post, let start with something interesting, perhaps…the bookish tag created by Owlcrate?


Pirate Ship: Your favorite “ship”


        After reading so many book…how can you expect me to choose only one??? Now…let’s just separate them into different timeline, shall we? I’ll tell you three of my favorite ships…at least which I was able to manage the number, there won’t be any abandon ship, only the one that last. So…are you ready?? Prepare to start fangirling!!!!

 First ship, my favorite retelling ship—Shahrzad and Khalid from The Wrath and the Dawn series by Renee Ahdieh!!!!!!

It was because they were two parts of a whole. He did not belong to her. And she did not belong to him. It was never about belonging to someone. It was about belonging together.”

Recently I’m having chat with other bookstagrammers…and not until now I suddenly realize that I almost forget them!!!! Khalid is one of my top 5 bookish boyfriend and HOW CAN I FORGET HIM????

 Don’t ever leave me again, Khalid!!!! Well…back to the ship. You might know, I read a lot of retellings…and a lot of the are great, swooning ships to pair. But, Shahrzad and Khalid are one of the best, the best of the best. They conquered danger, adventures, and tear upon a kingdom and rebuilt it…and in the setting of Arabian Night. Not to mention how great Khalid is and how strong and smart Shahrzad is. It’s probably time to reread this series again, isn’t it? (Put it on my TBR list…which is now totally out of control.) Pair number two, which has my bookish boyfriend on top 3—Rafe and Lia from The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson!!!!
It was worth it, Lia,” He said. “Every mile, every day. I’d do it all again. I’d chase you across three continents if that’s what it took to be with you.”

Gosh…I love Rafe, I love him soooooooo much!!!!! They are my favorite pair of 2016, without any doubt.
 Rafe…although I said he was top 3…he was actually even with top 2, but oh my stars…he is definitely the one for me. But, I love all the relationship between Rafe and Lia, even from the start. No matter how much I love Rafe, I’ll always ship him with Lia. They’re the perfect match. Even now kingdoms lie between them. Now…last but not least, can you guess who they are??? Just give you some hints, it’s my current favorite book of 2017!!! And it’s about O…w…l…c….r…a…t…e…? Do you guess it? Yes!!!!! It’s Alosa and Riden from Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller!!!!!

Everyone has something dark in their past. I suppose it's our job to overcome it. And if we can’t overcome it, then all we can do is make the most of it.”

I definitely ship them with all my heart, and congratulations, Riden, you’re now even with Rafe. If you take a look at my Bookstagram, you’ll find Riden occupied my entire account.

        You might wonder…where is Rhys? My number one boyfriend??? My darling~~ While…since I don’t really ship between Feyre and Rhys…so…they aren’t on the shipping list, but I definitely love him with all my heart, so don’t worry.  
Hidden Treasure: Your favorite under-hyped book
       Why…bookish tag is such a hard thing to do!!!!! I had a bunch of under-hyped books to show you, and besides, what’s the definition of “under-hyped?” Some books, it seemed to me pretty good, but never as highly hyped as some extremely popular books, e.g. SJM’s Every. Single. Book. Now, one of my favorite under-hyped book is—Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. It’s beautifully written, yet as it seem to me, among all those YA series, it didn’t receive as much praise as it should. And that’s pretty sad. It was published by a small publisher, without much propaganda, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad or not worthy of reading. I especially love this equisetic retelling of Beauty and the Beast and definitely love how Rosamund Hodge turned the traditional fairytale into a my no one can ever imagine. It’s not just a retelling, it combine tons of element inside. So, if you haven’t read it and happen to be a huge fan of retelling, grab the book.
They said that love was terrifying and tender, wild and sweet, and none of it made any sense.
But now I knew that every mad word was true.”

Sail the Seven Seas: Your favorite journey in YA
        How can anyone choose a better journey if you can travel to space? More specifically, the moon? Yes, that’s right! The Lunar Chronicles is now on list!!! I love how Marissa Meyer brought the readers through China, and Africa, and Moon and who know where else we had all been through. Even though the battles are brutal and cruel and Levana…it’s still one of the best story I’ve ever read.
Even in the Future the Story Begins with Once Upon a Time.”

'X' Marks the Spot: Your favorite fictional place you'd like to find
        Why bother asking? Of course there will only be one place that I’d like to find!!!! (Well…not only one, but the most urgent priority.) Hogwarts!!!!!!!! Where is my letter??? I’m all prepare to study magic!!! Don’t you forget my acceptance letter??? I’m a witch you miss!!!! Come and take me!!!

 I’m all pack. Fine…it’ll be fine if I can visit Narnia, Neverland, Storybrook…which isn’t a book place at all, but the same…and of course a ton of place to visit. But…we’ll always find home at Hogwarts, won’t we?
Walk the Plank: Which character would you make walk the plank
Ahh…all of them except my boyfriends? No, I’m just kidding. How about Edward and Bella from Twilight Saga? That’ll be nice. I know that isn’t a typical choice…but blah…I never like them. I once did like to read Twilight, but even back then, I can stand with the both of them. The antagonists are much more better than they are. So bye, bye, Edward and Bella, of you go!

Treasure Map: Your favorite book map
        I GOT THIS I GOT THIS…where you are, my precious little map??? Ah, here

 The upper maps of the pictures are my favorite: The Kingdom of Remnant and Sycla, from Elantris. They’re so beautiful!! Don’t you think? Not to mention the rich story behind those kingdom…it’s just perfect. How can anyone create such thing as perfection???
Kraken: Your favorite mythological creature
        Now…I’ve sold my soul to the sand…so, hi Djinn. Yes!!! One of my absolute favorite among my read this year—Rebel of the Sands!!!! I love how the author smartly weaved all those plot inside although some of them are quite predictable? But nevertheless, the emotional changes in this story is just perfect. I love every moment of it and enjoy it with all my heart and soul.

Tell me that and we’ll go. Right now. Save ourselves and leave this place to burn. Tell me that’s how you want your story to go and we’ll write it straight across the sand”

Scallywag: Your favorite mischievous character
        Oh Oh Oh!!!! This is definitely the easiest one to choose, I have no other choices as well!!!! Let’s welcome—Alosa !!!!! I won’t have any other choices as well…there will never be anyone as mischievous as Alosa, and she is perfect for this. Come on, Owlcrate, I know this tag is especially for her, isn’t it? Now…I’m not going to demonstrate anymore least I spoil you, just go and read my Daughter of the Pirate King Post!!!!!


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