The Storm (Literature)

The Storm
By Kate Chopin

  Just when I though thing couldn’t get crazier…bang! The Storm comes. Yes, the storm and The Storm.
  The entire story said about a housewife, waiting along at home for her husband and son to come back, since the storm was hitting the town. While the weather was hot and unbearable, her ex, Alcee came. He asked for a shatter to hide from the storm, and well…the storm was so heavy that he needed to get inside the house. When he went in, the every movement of Calixta kept drawing him mad, but he managed to keep as a gentleman. Yet, the big yet came. When they moved the clothes into the bedroom, their desire could no longer bear when they remember the passionate kiss. And…
  After that, the storm stop, and Alcee left when Calixta’s husband returned. Everything seemed so normal and usual, but…
  What I can’t agree with was that how can Calixta be so claimed after everything? And how can Alcee wrote that letter to his wife. Yes, both of them were married, so now you understand why I can’t bare this story. Still, there were several hints inside the story, like the “pomegranate seeds” and “dim and mysterious” kept implying how they were attracted to each other, and how the atmosphere went from stiflingly to smooth. There was a storm both inside and outside…but at least for me? I can’t agree with the storm “Inside.”


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