The Diary of Samuel Pepys (Literature)

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, 1666
By Samuel Peps

  This…is going to be a short review…since I only read a few pages about this. The main part I read in 1666’s diary is about the great fire in London, how Pepys described it all. It’s an interesting thing, since his tone for diary is definitely different from our ages. “Dear Diary…” No, his diary is more like a list, how everything happened. A special note about this 1666 diary is that he didn’t really mentioned how the fire affected the people, rather he wrote the dove flew away from the fire in detail. However, personally, I think it somehow emphasis how terrible the fire is. From the movement of a tiny animal, how they left in a rush. That I think is a funny part of Samuel Pepys diary. He was not like other authors who purposely left his diary to be seen, but he wrote them down with his original idea about them.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, 1668
By Samuel Peps
  What’s the main part of this diary? His dishonor behavior toward the maid! Such a scandal!!!! But, to our surprise, he really gave us the detail of everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. How he flirted with the maid and how he managed to find her after his wife sent her away. To be honest, none of us will write in such a detail, especially for such thing. But Samuel Peps did, and according to our discussion, it’s because it’s a way for him as atone for his dishonor behaviors. And whether his diary was all true words or not, we can’t deny that this is an unusual way for as to read, and an interesting topic for us to discuss “diary.” Why he started his diary in this way? To give us the truth? A way to express his feeling? Nonetheless, Pepy’s diary might be one of the most…direct diary I’ve ever seen.


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