Tales of Stars (Part 7)

  The couple lived a long pleasant live after the power of wind release from the princess. Until, trouble came again. It seemed, their lives were born with responsibility, until the things were done.

  It’s a casual summer day, when the prince and the princess went on their journey, to explore, to light up the world. Their journey never end, not when the world was so wide.

  They sat under the starry night, watched the stars lit upon the sky and enjoyed their moment together. They’ve been through so many difficulties. Their love was now beyond words, eternal as stars, eternal as moon.

  The soothing wind brushed through the night, leaving the sound of whisper and their unspoken love.

  Suddenly, a dark shade flew over the couple, shading all the light, until darkness fell upon them both.

  The prince stood up without any hesitation, sword out, ready to fight. He hold no ordinary sword, it was an enchanting sword, only its true master could control it.

  The sword was a gift from the princess, which she found it during their journey visiting the sun. The sword was in great shape and perfect balance, with unknown words on the sword.

She enchanted it with sunlight, which gave it endless power. No dark creature can escape its attack. Whenever the prince took out from the shed, a burst of light shine.

  Yet this time, when the prince unleash the sword, the world remain darkness, and silence.

  A sense of unsureness rose from the prince’s chest, throughout the years, he had never met such a situation, let alone the power of the sword disappointed him. The truth is, not merely the power of sun bestrewed on the sword itself, but the love of the princess, which is the greatest power of all. It gave the prince courage and hope, which were the princess’ greatest virtue.

  He held the sword harder, ready for sudden attack. Soon, he saw a movement flew over them. Beside him, the princess held out a dagger, ready to fight, ready to sing the song of battle.

  However, nothing happened, until the earth started to move, until a huge bang hit the ground.

  The ground shook violently, it shook as if the world were going to tear into pieces. The land grew, the trees fell, there were no peace on land.

  The couple grabbed their hand together, they would meet all the complication together until the sun ceased to rise, until the moon stopped moving.

  When the shaking grew stronger and stronger, the land in front of the prince and the princess suddenly started descend. A huge hole appeared out of nowhere, and the worst, a giant tail rose from the hole.

  After years of journey, the prince had never seen such terrible thing, neither had the princess, even she was the protector of magical creatures.

  One movement, one single movement of the tail shook the land horribly and brought down a dozens of trees.

  The true identity of the beast was nowhere to be seen, nor did it decided to come out and faced the couple. They could do nothing but only grabbed on each other to balance themselves from falling, and hope this mysterious creature confronted them as soon as possible. The longer the land shook, the less they were possible to win.

  The prince had already started to feel dizzy. He managed to balance himself and rushed toward to gigantic tail, a tail full of thick stales, a deadly tail. Beside the tail, there were only darkness, and the sound of flapping wings. Wings that waved hard enough to cause a strong wind.

  His original hope was that with a single stroke, the tail would fall and the land would stop shaking once again. Yet, what was out of his expectation was that this wasn’t a dark creature, and no light could harm it. Some things weren’t meant to be destroy, but to be saved.

  A terrible roar rose from the land, and the ground shook harder. The tail of the beast didn’t fell, neither did it make any scratch.

  In the complete darkness, the prince saw something growing, a faint light grew inside the land. He ran toward the light, determine to find of what the creature was.

  The princess screamed at the prince, there was only one thing matter in her long life—the prince. She couldn’t bear the thought of losing him. It was such a reckless movement, but she didn’t know, nor could she see the faint light growing under the mud. She could only feel, her instinct told her there was something not right, but darkness shadowed her eyes.

  The prince followed the light, slightly spread the mud away, reveal the light and the creature. It was an eagle, yet to be clear, a creature with the body of eagle, the tail of dragon. It was the largest creature the prince had ever seen. The eagle was born with a pair of wings large enough to cover the sky, a tail large enough to pull down a dozens of trees at once. The strangest of all, an eagle which roar.

  The eagle roared at the sight of the prince, and struggled to rise from the mud. Its eyes pleased with terrify, terrify at the sight of the prince and the powerful sword. Even the sword couldn’t hurt it, the sight of the sword still shock it.

  The prince stepped one step out of one, carefully brushed the mud aside, there a string of thorn tied the feet of the giant eagle. Yet the strange thing was, there was a stone, lighting faintly at the chest of the eagle.

  The prince set down his sword as a peaceful gesture, slowly moving toward the gigantic beast. In his life, he had rescue lots of animal from twisted vine and thorn, but this was the most stubborn, the thickest thorn he had ever encountered.

  He drew out his dagger, yet as soon as the eagle saw the light of the unleash knife, it roared in warning, and started to move his body away from the dagger.

  The princess felt the distrust from the giant beast, and although she still couldn’t see, she heard the roar of a terrified animal. She sang, a sooth song, sang from the softest part of her heart. Taming the eagle to trust the prince.

  With the princess’ help, the prince soon released the poor beast from the annoying thorn. Feeling the burden away from its feet, the eagle roar in delight, and dashed into the sky.

  The eagle flew in circle in the sky, enjoy the freedom, and as soon as it flew, the light was back. Its magnificent wings no longer shield the moon and the stars.

  The couple smiled at the sight of the freedom of joy. In their lives, rescuing needed animal was always one of their greatest joy, a joy that lit up the light in the princess’ eyes, for she could never bear a wounded creatures.

  Before the eagle flew away, it dropped the stone from its necklace to the ground, as gratitude toward the courageous prince. A stone no bigger than a finger nail, a stone with strange structure, a stone with the colour of the land. It was an amber rose from the land, an amber given by a wounded beast.



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