Roman Fever (Literature)

Roman Fever
By Edith Wharton

  What am I actually reading??? Please can somebody tell me why all stories for this week’s literature class are so twisted???? So…Roman Fever…it’s a story about two woman, who happened to be childhood friend. Now, at first, when you’re reading this story, you’ll find it strangely enough. Mrs. Ansley and Mrs. Slade didn’t come out until the seventh and eighth paragraph, which was a questionable way to write. I personally believe that this is a way to bring out their past, while the beginning was mostly about the scenes. However, this are not the major point why I said it was soo twisted!!!! There are several hints for you to find in the stories, such as how the author described Mrs. Ansley and Mrs. Slade, their color, appearance… And I personally regarded as the most ironic part of all—the full-moon night. Moon? In Rome, as you might know, the goddess of moon—Diana, also the goddess of virgin, hunting. Yet, were Mrs. Ansley and Mrs. Slade that pure? Throughout the story, you’ll keep wondering about those “first opinions” about them.
  When I read the ending? I almost spilled out in class. The ending was completely the hugest plot twist I’ve ever seen. You’ll like “What?!”


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