Fireproof (2008) Alternitive Movie Ending Sript

This is the script we made for an alternative ending of the movie Fireproof (2008)

Fireproof script

Actor: Celeb, Catherine (Cath), Dr. Keller (Gavin), Director, Mrs. Keller,


(Celeb and Catherine decide to have a talk)


Celeb: So you’ve decided to divorce, regardless that I have tried to change so much? Don’t you see the difference in me? I tried so hard, I even—


Cath: Yes, I’ve decided. I know you’ve changed, and I see that. But Celeb, once love was lost it was lost forever. I can never feel the same as I did before. 


Celeb: Do you know what changed me? Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? Feeling can return once again, and I’ll wait, wait until you fall in love with me once more.


Cath: You do deserve a second chance, but not with me. And you know what? I’ve seen your notebook.


Celeb: My notebook? You mean--


(Catherine took out the 40 days notebook)


Cath: Yes, your 40 days notebook. I’ve known this book long ago, long before you started. Your mother talked to me when our marriage started to crack, and asked me to try.


Celeb: My mother? And did you…?


Cath: I did, but you never notice, since all your attention was on that stupid boat of yours. I’d followed it for more than 50 days, but never once you found out.


Celeb: Cath, I…


Cath: And you know what? I even lost my child during those days, but you never noticed.


Celeb: What?


Cath: Yes, Celeb. We originally have a chance to have a child, but I lost it. On the day you lashed out at me, I lost it, and that was when I’ve decided to stop. It was day 100, and the day I’ve decided to divorce.


Celeb: I never know… (Fell to the floor) Cath, I’m so, so, so sorry. I truly am.


Cath: So am I. (Brush out her tears) Marriage isn’t about me or you, it’s about us. And I’m sorry, I wasn’t the perfect wife.


Celeb: Then don’t divorce. Give me a chance to make amends. Please, Cath, I promise I’ll never make the same mistake once again.


Cath: I’m sorry Celeb, but I can’t. I still have feeling for you, but that isn’t love. Besides, every day I see you, you just remind me the lost child. It’s for the best.


(Cath and Celeb hug and sign the words.)


Director: Stop! Let’s skip to one month later, after Celeb and Catherine divorce. Catherine, move to the hospital scene, and Dr. Calvin, you’re on.


(In the hospital cafeteria)


Cath: Dr. Keller…


Gavin: Oh! What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So, just call me Gavin.


Cath: Well, Gavin. I am really thankful that you accompany me these days.


Gavin: There is no need. I’m glad that I can help, especially for such a fair lady.


Cath: Oh my, Gavin, please. Stop flattering me. I’m not that good.


Gavin: Nonsense, you’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever beheld. It’s my honor to serve you.


Cath: I feel so guilty that I never do anything but trouble to you. At least give me a chance to do something for you? A treat?


Gavin: Oh! That will be fantastic.


Cath: Then how about tomorrow 6 o'clock at the restaurant next to the hospital?


Gavin: Well... Actually I don't like the meals there very much…


Cath: Really? Sorry I don't know that. I don't usually eat out. Then name a restaurant you like.


Gavin: Well…there is indeed something you can do for me, but I don’t whether I’ll have the chance or not.


Cath: And what is that?


Gavin: Just considering... don't take it serious.


Cath: It's fine. The meals will be all on my account. Just choose whatever you like.


Gavin: I heard that you’re a good cook? I am wondering whether I have the chance to visit your house and… (Face behind Cath, and laugh evilly.)


Cath: That’s easy. How about tomorrow night? You can come to my place and we can have a dinner. Let’s see…we can meet at the hospital at 6:00 and walk over.


Gavin: Great! See you tomorrow.


Director: The next day. OMG, I just hate Gavin so much!!!! How can the screenwriter create such a terrible character??? No, no, no. you don’t deserve a happy ending, no matter how charming you are. You shall die without honor. Oops! Spoiler! I hope no one hear me.


(Gavin hold his hand with Cath, they didn’t notice that there is a woman following behind them.)


Cath: Here we are! Home sweet home.


Gavin: I can’t wait for your dinner, I’m starving. Beside…(speak to the audience) How can I miss such a wonderful night?


(They walk in door, and the woman look furiously at Cath’s.)


Mrs. Keller: Wow let's see who this is! Isn't it Mr. Keller? (Pause, and shout( Gavin!!!! (Shouting and knocking on the door)


Cath: What’s that sound?


Gavin: I don’t know! Just ignore it. Please Cath, I’m hungry enough to eat a bull.


Cath: Just a sec.


Mrs. Keller: Gavin!!! Don’t you dare ignore me!!!! Get out of here!!!! Immediately!!!


Cath: Is that a woman outside calling your name? (Open the door) Miss…


Mrs. Keller: (Walk into the house) Gavin!!!!


Cath: Miss, who are you? Is there anything you wish to speak to Gavin? If non, please leave my house immediately or I’ll call the police.


(Gavin walks out.)


Gavin: Oh oh…I…I… (Glare at Mrs. Keller.) You follow me?!


Mrs. Keller: Do you think I’m so bored that I waste my time doing such a stupid thing ? I think I have this need to remind you that it is exhausted to handle a baby and by the way, I am on my way to the store to buy our baby’s diapers. Oh! Probably you have forgotten that we have an 1-year-old baby. And what a surprise! I run into my husband who is now hands in hands with a lady to dinner!


Cath: Gavin, who the hell is she?


Gavin: I…I…


Mrs. Keller: Gavin? Why don't you just call him sweet Gavin?


Director: Stop! Let’s add something special. Three, two, one, action!!!


(Gavin’s Monologue, spotlight) 

Gavin: I’m a fool, I know. I make a mistake that every man will make. But I shall not be blamed. For who can resist her? The beautiful Catherine. O Catherine, wherefore art thou Catherine?" Shall I tell it? Or shall I not tell thy true? But I’ll tell it anyhow, because, as they say, what’s going to happen’s going to happen and—These violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume.


(Turn back to Cath and Mrs. Keller)

Gavin: I’m sorry, Cath. But this is my wife—Mrs. Keller. Please, my dear, just go back home and I’ll explain. Listen to me, just this once.


Mrs. Keller: Of I course I always listen to you. I listen to your every word and I still remember that this morning you told me that you had an important operation tonight. How is the operation? It must be a big success, huh? So you are here holding a celebration!


Cath: Your...wife? Oh My God how dare you! (Slap Gavin)


Mrs. Keller: No, not Mrs. Keller anymore. You bastard! (Slap Gavin from the other side.) Prepare for the court to summon you!!! I’m done with you! Please, don’t let me interrupt your meal, have fun!


Director: A year after. That’s so satisficed, Gavin got divorce and was no longer the charming doctor after the scandal. And yet…there is more. (Wicked smile)


Caleb: It has been a long time since I saw you last. How do you do?


Cath: Great! Here, this is my wedding gift for you and your wife.


Caleb: Oh, you know you don't need to do it.


Cath: No, I insist. I want to thank you for paying for my mom's wheelchair.


Caleb: That is not a big deal. Anyway, I accept your gift. Thanks.


Cath: Oh! It's almost 5 o'clock. I am going to the theater with my husband tonight. See you!

Caleb: See you.


(Cath walk away, and turn back)

Cath: Caleb, I am really glad that you've found love once more and even happier to know that you have a better marriage now.


Caleb: And I honestly feel happy for you and your husband, too! You are quite a match.


Cath: Indeed, it's great that we both live a life better.


Caleb: We’ve learned and mature. Wish you a wonderful night with your husband with all of my heart.


Cath: Me too. Keep in touch!


Caleb: Of course! Good bye!


Director: And they live happily ever after. Wait! Don’t forget this guy!


(Gavin passed by, shaking, dirty, begging for money)

Gavin: Please, does anyone have some food? Some Money for the poor beggar? Please?


Director: And that, is what I call a happily ever after ending.


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