Tales of Stars (Part 6)

    For few seasons past, the princess still lay unconscious on the island, but there were different about her. To the prince astonishment, her body sometime grew transparent, sometime as light as the wind. And there would always be wind howling beside her.

  The prince knew, there were some sort of power in side her, waiting to come out, so he wait patiently every day and every night. He knew the princess can battle on her own, cause she was the creator.

  One day, when the prince sent the stars into the sky, the wind surrounded the island. It flew through the land, circled the prince and the princess, and flew around the land. The prince took all his strength to stay on the land, and to carry the princess as well. He knew, the time had come, and only when he protected the princess will she passed the test.

  When the wind started to lessen, the ocean raised a water wall, created a boundary between the outside world and the couple. To give the princess energy, the prince blew his strength into her.

  All of a sudden, everything went to silent and peace. The lashes of the princess shook.

  When she blew her first breath, a stone float lightly in the air. A stone as light and transparent as the air itself, a stone as smooth as the wind.

  The stone contained the power of wind. It was a diamond.

  With her second breathe, the princess finally awaked, after seasons, after stars rise and stars fall. The couple finally united. They smiled at each other, they knew, the princess would never awake without the last strength by the prince, the world won’t remain the same if the prince contained himself with sorrow when no light shined upon the land, the power of wind will never be released without the princess’ sacrificed.

  To preserve the precious diamond, they decided to return to the first place they was drew by the power—the place of sand and stone.

  It seemed, it was only there suitable for such a powerful item to stay. Its home, its origin. Of course, there would be a proper time for the one to find the stone. For who will faced the darkest magic of all. And the one, the special one—heir of air, would save us all.



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