The Trial (Literature)

The Trial
By Franz Kafka

  So…after a long while, I finally finished it…and I have totally no idea what I’m reading, and my head is now a mess. I originally read this short story because I’ve no idea what “Before The Law” is taking about, which is our required read for Introduction to Literature course…but after reading The Trial? I have no idea what this is about, but the good thing is that I seemed to be more clear about the idea of Before the Law…probably. I hope.

  The Trial tells the terrifying tale of Joseph K., a respectable functionary in a bank who is suddenly arrested and must defend his innocence against a charge about which he can get no information. Whether read as an existential tale, a parable, or a prophecy, this hauntingly believable story stands out as one of the great novels of our times. Kafka's unsurpassed nightmare vision rings with chilling truth as it foreshadows the excesses of modern bureaucracy wedded to the mad agendas of twentieth-century totalitarian regimes.

  Although I must confess that it’s so hard to understand this book, it is a good one…especially for those who like to drive yourselves into madness. 
 (Such a perfect GIF for this book!!!) Endless questions came into your mind after reading this book…is he guilty or not? What’s his crime…really, after reading the entire 200 pages…I have no idea what was he be charged of. And what the hell were all those people doing? There were all meanings behind them…and blablabla, IDK. 
 However, the only good thing is that I’ve read Before the Law before…so I kinda have a little idea about it, and I personally think it give me a better idea about The Trial. Oh! Btw, Before the Law only holds a little, tiny part in The Trial. But I’ll totally recommend you to think about Before the Law first before reading The Trial, in that case…you might have a better idea. Might.  

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