The In-Between: A Short Story

The In-Between: A Short Story
By Mahmoud Farraj

  So…normally, I don’t read books like this…full of…educational purpose. But since I receive this book, I’ve read it all and find it quite…interesting. It’s hard for me to compare the book with another autobiography by all those famous person, however, I did enjoy reading this book.

  The In-Between is prominent tale about developing yourself to achieve your life's most desirable goals. The book describes the journey of a young entrepreneur who has been taught by some of the most inspirational mentors. The In-Between entails the 7 principles I have learned throughout my journey to get ahead in life. The unique aspect of The In-Between is that it is written in the context of someone who is still fighting for financial freedom. The book is not a get rich quick scheme, written by an author who turned a dollar into a billion. This book is to share the common principles I have seen that holds everyday people back from achieving their dreams. Together as human we can create a more peaceful and joyous journey as we learn from one another. This journey will not be easy, but in the end you will indefinitely see a positive life changing milestone.

  I can’t tell you that this book is really different from the others, but, I can tell you, after reading this book, I felt honesty. And the tone of the author is quite funny as well. I personally believe that the background of the author also matter a lot. The author himself is a entrepreneurs, a stock seller, and people might not think of this career as “the best job,” yet it is the best for the author himself. In such case, it also refer to one of his topic “be passionate.” To me, being passionate with your own hobby, your job is really important. Without passion, you can’t possibly keep on going. (Whispering Shouting: Like What I’m Doing Now!!!!!)

  So…if you love to know how a normal person become a successful entrepreneur, I’d recommend you to read this short little story. And if you’d like some advice to make your currently life better, be more motivated, or with more passion, even to know yourselves better, this story will do. Most of all, I felt honesty.

  I receive this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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