Top 12 Books of 2016

Top 12 Books of 2016

  Why 12 books? Because this list is only to list down my favorite read of the month!!! It might be the latest release, it might be a book long long time ago, it might…never exist at all. (Wait? What?!) Of course I’m just kidding…but, this bookish post is inspired by @biblionatic . One of her gorgeous Bookstagram post…so…at the end of 2016, let’s get start!!!


  Honestly…it had been so long…which book did I read exactly in January? I can’t believe I’m still having my college entrance exam!!! But of course, I still read…a lot…and that’s probably the reason why I am now in Foreign Language and Literature department. Let me check on my blog post…Oh. My. God. I’m so active back then!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW????? 

 Right, yes, the best read, that is—Cinder by Marissa Meyer!!!!
  You might be really astonish that I read this book so late, but yes, not until the gorgeous cover of Stars Above came out that I decided to read this book, no matter how many people told me that this book is brilliant. And…indeed, it’s brilliant, and I love it. Until now, Cinder and Harry Potter are on my top list of recommendation. Why? Although Cinder isn’t the best book I’ve ever read, but it can’t deny that The Lunar Chronicles definitely has all the ingredient that every read need. I’d once saw a post about this series, and fairytale retelling, sci-fi, fantasy, swooning romance, dystopia…everything a read want is here! How can you not like it? 
 And last thing…please, don’t trust the translate edition in Chinese, it’s horrible. I can’t tell you how great this entire series is.  


  Oh god…I read so many books in February, since I just found my passion in book review and not to mention I just finished my extremely huge college exam and having a wonderful winter vacation. Illusionarium by Heather Dickerson, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, Once by Cameron Dokey, and Ranger’s Apprentice: The Early Years: The Tournament At Gorlan by John Flanagan are all on my top list. Now…which one is the best…decision, decision, decision.
 Now…the winner is…Illusionarium by Heather Dickerson.

 I know, you’re questioning my choice~ but let me explain. I know this book hasn’t got a lot of great review, and it’s definitely not your top choice. But, this book is dark and the world setting is absolutely excellent. It makes you thrill, makes you grabbed the book so hard…it’s everything. So…since I love the setting so much, I’ll definitely recommend you to read this book if you’re searching to experience reading like watching a movie, this book is definitely yours. 


  Ahh…why are there so many books every month? How am I gonna choose between A Spy’s Devotion by Melanie Dickerson and Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge? Torture…
 I think…I didn’t read a lot book in March, but I did watch a lot of movies. How about changing this month to movie? (Hay! Stop joking!!! This is a book post!) All right, I’m joking! I choose…oh gosh…I don’t know…probably Cruel Beauty. 
 I love both of the book so much! How am I going to choose between them? Although Cruel Beauty is a bit complicated in the end, but I love the ending, and I love the book trailer…so…sorry A Spy’s Devotion, Cruel Beauty wins the best read of March 2016.  


  April is the easiest choice I’ve ever made among all the months…of course The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson!!!!!
 I love this book!!!! I did a lot of great books in April, like Stars Above and… but still, The Kiss of Deception remains on the top top top top top list. 
 Sorry, guys…but no matter what you say, I love The Kiss of Deception and I’ll always ship Lia and Rafe~ (Swoon~) Best book couple in the world, definitely the best.  


  Drum roll please…it’s so easy to choose for both April and May!!!! Oh wait!!!! But…no…ahh…please…don’t make me do this…(hit the laptop…) 
 Fine…since the I gave the best read of April to The Kiss of Deception…sorry The Heart of Betrayal…you’re as great as the everyone, and I love you…but I must go with—A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas!!!!!! (I love you, The Heart of Betrayal~ don’t be mad at me.) 
 Definitely the hardest battle to choose…but A Court of Mist and Fury? One of my best 2016 reads. I love you Rhys~ I love Night Court, I love everything in the book except SJM because you tortured my heart~ la la la… (Yes, I’m crazy at the thought of my beloved Rhys…he’s mine!!!! Step beside, Feyre.)


  Another crazy month…but here you go! The Beautiful Pretender by Melanie Dickerson!!!! I can’t deny the prize for you this time!!!! It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read from her writing and definitely the best book I’ve read in June. No regret, totally no regret. You deserve it, The Beautiful Pretender. 
 Although I only give 3.5~4 stars to the first book of this series, The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest…The Beautiful Pretender had all my stars. The story is wonderful and beautiful, the tense between the characters is so amazing and my feelings!!!!


  I’m so busy in July!!! First GIS, than New York University, and…Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentraut is the best. I’ve long to choose this book, but since I must wait until now. 
 See the cover??? Gorgeous ~ (Actually…every book I choose has an excellent cover…but The Covenant Series has one of the best. I read this book because of the cover…which I believe you’ve already know.) I was originally choosing between Apollyon and Sentinel, but since they’re the same series, and now I recall…Apollyon seems to attract me more.  


  Please, just kill me. Don’t make me choose!!!! It’s a mission impossible!!!! I finished The City of Heavenly by Cassandra Clare…which tore me apart, I got my copy of A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir…and my heart haven’t come back yet, and I devoured The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson…where am I? I don’t know. 
 So I choose—Finding Neverland!!! What?! Yeah!!!!!! Finding Neverland, the best musical ever! All right…sorry The Beauty of Darkness, sorry, so sorry, a thousand time sorry. The best book of August is—The City of Heavenly Fire. 
 Cassandra Clare definitely knows how to end a book, every ending book of her series tore me apart. I didn’t write a review for this, and I think I won’t. But I can tell you that I read my paperback copy of this book in New York (You can probably find it in Strand Bookstore! I sold it, because I got a hardcover.) And when I was in the dorm alone…I screamed at the end of it, I devoured it, I tore myself apart, I wiped and sneezed and wiped and sneezed. How relaxing.


  Oh…two Cassandra’s books…here, give you the knife, don’t hesitate, just put it in my heart. Really? Lady Midnight and Clockwork Princess?
 I regret to do this post…but there is no turning back. Alright, whooooooo…the answer is…Clockwork Princess!!!! 
 Because…although…cough. I choose this book? I cried. Period.  


  Happy birthday to me~ happy birthday to me…oh right, it had already passed. 
 I’m now 19…no longer 18. Fine…the books. From the stars, to the stars. Congratulation, The Rose and The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh, you’re on!!! 
 Ahhh!!!! I had so much difficulty choosing between The Rose and The Dagger and The Wrath and The Dawn…but…I think I did prefer The Rose and The Dagger a bit more than The Wrath and The Dawn, probably 5.5 stars out of 5 and 5 stars. They’re both so great!!! Yet…my heart ache for The Rose and The Dagger more…so… (Oh! And The Yellow Brick War and The Wicked Will Rise also stolen my heart…but…you know, nothing is better than The Rose and The Dagger. Perhaps next time, next year when The End of OZ releases.)  


  What am I doing this month? Ah! The exam…but there is no problem with this month’s choice. I can tell you right here, right now. Heartless by Marissa Meyer.
 Don’t you dare argue with me; this is the best book of 2016. (Will…perhaps as good as A Court of Mist and Fury…but…you know what I mean.) 
 This book makes me heartless…until now…I still have no word to describe how I feel about this book. Just tell you…even the blackest heart once beat red.  


  At the end of December…I really wanted to tell you that the best book I’ve ever read is The Fate of The Tearling…but unfortunately…I’m a lazy one…so I haven’t finished it yet. Now…the best book of December 2016 is—Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling!!!!! 
 Wait! Not the movie…the screenplay!!!! It’s absolutely the most unique screenplay I’ve ever seen!!!! It’s a mix of both novel and script, and it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. Definitely worth reading…and I can’t wait for the DVD of Fantastic easts and Where to Find Them comes out!!!! April 2017!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!  

  And this, is the end of 2016, and I’ve been blogging for more than one year!!!! Yeah!!! Thank you all for supporting Vivian’s Book Pavilion, and I promise you that I’ll be more active in my winter break…and summer…and I’ll manage to finish my ToS as soon as possible!!!!! This blog will not success without all of you, so thank you, and I hope you enjoy this book post, and last…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
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