Tales of Stars (Part 5)

  Although the princess and the prince beheld the greatest power of fire and water, they seldom used it. They knew that all power came with a price.

  Once, the couple flew through the air, and breathed in the soothing air of the night. It was one of their beloved memories among all, cause the funny thing was, even the prince was so noble and powerful on land, he couldn’t control the trick of flying. It was always a joke between him and the princess when they needed to fly up in the sky. Yet, they both enjoyed the air brushing through them, greeting them, and whisper the secrets of the world.

  They flew beside the birds and all those magical flying creatures. It was only once in a while, when they wanted to visit the sun and the moon during the time they lit up in the sky will the prince and the princess flew through the endless sky. In their usual lives, they were always exhausted after a long day of travel, sometime, after the battle with evil creatures. Since the princess’s singing power was no longer a secret, they used it will. It was never their intention to kill those precious creatures, but in some way, those were their duty.

  That day, while the princess and the prince flew through a land of sand and stone, an unusual light shined in the sky. It was not the princess’s beloved moon nor the prince’s stars. The light shined like nothing else, it flew with the wind, flew through the milky way, flew among the magical creatures among them. However, once the light approached, the sky no longer peaceful. The wind howled, the stars wouldn’t listen to the prince’s command the moon hid in the clouds.

  It was a strange thing to the princess and prince, for they never met the situation once, not in their long long lives. Suddenly, a movement of wind covered the princess, like a swirl, like a hurricane. It carried the princess all over the sky, blew out the starlight, and scarred away all the magic creatures.

  The prince chased after the strange wind, over continents, over oceans, finally, he found the princess landed on a barren island. The princess lay unconsciously on the ground, with no wound, no scar, but she couldn’t awake. The prince tried every method to wake her, yet till the end of the day, he still had no clue what happened to her.

  With the princess unconscious, there was no sun light and moon light in the sky, the entire world had nothing but silence and darkness. Even to the prince’s sorrow, he couldn’t leave the world behind, he knew he couldn’t abandon those creatures the princess lived so much. So he stayed at the land with the princess day and night, yet remained the rise and set of the stars, for they brought some hope and light into the dark world, where the princess fallen asleep.



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