Tales of Stars (Part 4)

  In addition to the land, the princess and the prince also explored under the sea. They traveled below to the furthest ocean, to the deepest part of the ocean.

  They went to a place where no sun could shine, no moon could arrive, and no stars could light. The ocean was filled with darkness and coldness, and only the strongest creatures could survive. To bring hope, the prince left some stars so the creatures wouldn’t get lost all the time. Those stars were considered as priceless gifts and lanterns, the lanterns that always guided their path.

  In return, the creatures gave something to them. For the first time in their life, they felt hope, which was bestrewed by the stars.

  In return, those creatures swam toward the end of the ocean, where only magical creatures knew, and found something so special that the couple gasped at the sight of it.

  A stone as cold as the northern ice. A stone as blue as the Mediterranean Sea. Even the princess and the prince once saw the crimson ruby, it was a shock when they saw the pure sapphire appeared before their eyes.

  The prince took the gift, and unlike yet same to the princess, he now held the power of water. The element was now under his commands. As same as the princess’ fire stone, they’ve decided to hidden the stone. But this time, a more secured place was needed, for no one could hold the two of the stone together. The power was powerful enough to destroy the entire world, to destroy the world they loved.

  With the help of the magical creatures, they swam through every corner of the ocean. From north to south, from east to west. They never ceased finding the perfect location.

  Finally, they’ve found an ocean trench as deep as the earth itself, as narrow as a needle. The prince carefully placed it under the bottom, and covered with a thick blanket of sand. Only those who were true to water could find it, and owned the power within.

  It is said that when the heir of water comes, all magic will reveal, all evil will appear, and all greatness will be tested. And the only person who can stand the task, will be the one heartless as ice, coldness as ice. And once she was saved, the secret will show.

  But at least for now, the princess and the prince hid the stone well. 



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