Tales of Stars (Part 3)

  In their years of traveling, they also found some interesting stuff.

  They found stones, special stones. Some burned like fire, some cold as ice. Some harden like earth, some smooth as the wind.

  They found magical creatures. Some dangerous, some adorable. Some fearsome, some kindness.

  They once stepped in a cave, there, they met a terrible dragon. The dragon destroyed all the surroundings, and within meters, no animals could survive, no plants could grow, no birds could fly.

  The dragon was tall and mighty, and when it breathed, fire burned around him. He was as tall as the mountain, and as mighty as one. His skinned was as thick as bricks and as tough as stones.

  It blocked the princess and the prince’s way, to keep on journey, the only way they had was to kill it.

  While the prince was about to pick up his sword and fight, the princess, however, started to walk toward the dragon.

  The prince shouted at her, yelling her to stay back. Yet when he was about to rush forward, the princess started to sing.

  She sang in a tongue no one had ever heard, and the dragon seemed confuse.

  In fact, her song was tender yet strong at words, soft but full of power. The melody flew high unexpected, and lowered out of notice. It flew as swiftly as the river, flew into the deep of their heart.

  The dragon stopped as if it was astonished. It stared at her, as if questing her action, her behavior. The princess seemed not noticing all the changes, or she did, but she didn’t reflect on her face. She kept on singing, singing the songs of her heart, her journey, her life.

  She handed out her hand toward the dragon, and nor the dragon or the prince moved. They were dragged into the voice of her, the words of the songs. There was a power in it, calling them, calling everything in the universe. When she sang, the sun itself stopped and listened, the moon glittered for the songs. The entire world gathered for the music, for the singing of the princess.

  Suddenly, the princess longed for the sword, flawless, without hesitating. She kept singing, and her voice turned. Her song turned as if she was singing a lullaby, as if she was taming a child. Then, she slipped the sword into the heart of the dragon. No pain came to the dragon, and the death only took less than a minute.

  The princess believed that even the most vicious villain desired a quick death, no matter how brutal they were. It was her right to protect the land, but her kind heart didn’t allow her to torment the magical creatures.

  The prince stared at her with disbelieve. He had never seen anyone so powerful. Even in their darkest hours, she had never showed her voice. Yet it was her bravery that amazed him the most. In his heart, he knew the suffered every time one had to killed, but she did it nonetheless. She had never flinched while facing such a large creature, and a terrible one.

  The princess ignored all, and she still knelt beside the died dragon, praying for it. She sang the remembrance of the dragon for once last time, both evil and good, both light and dark, and, with one last note, the dragon was on fire.

  The dragon’s fire lit up the cave, and it burned endlessly. It burned through every inches of the cave, left down its past, burned out its way.

  And years passed, the fire finally stopped. The princess and the prince stepped into the cave once again, and the dragon had nowhere to be seen.

  There was only a stone left on the floor.

  A stone couldn’t be ignored, a stone couldn’t be missed. It was as bright as the sun, as red as the fire, and as hot as one. The princess picked it up and glanced into it, there, she saw the origin of fire. The first tinder of fire started from the stone. With it, the princess hold the power of fire.

  She commanded the fire, placed them on her hand without being burned. The fire danced on her fingertips, devour her, embrace her.

  They knew, they knew the stone would bring trouble in the future. And without proper hands, the world would be placed under danger.

  The princess and the prince travel through the deepest part of the cave, there, they hid the stone in secret. Only when the heir of fire came would it shown to her.

  It is said that only a heart as pure as the star, a heart willing to sacrifice, a heart meant to mend would he or she became the heir of fire.

  And after thousands of years, the placed kept changing. No one knew where the place was, not even the princess and the prince themselves. What they only sure was that when the time comes, the one would show. And the world would change. 



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