N: Narrator (+ R: Rumpelstiltskin)
W: Writer
C: Cal (The Protagonist)
Mag: Maggie (Mangan’s Sister)
Man: Mangan (+ The British man) 

N: How to become a writer? Actually, it’s not hard at all. You simply need a pen and paper, perhaps a computer as well. Just keep writing, writing, writing, writing…and yes, writing.
 But, in fact, the hardest part isn’t about keep writing, instead, it’s about how to make readers feel. It’s every writer’s delight to see the readers drop their mouth and blow their mind or twist their heart. Behold, the dilemma of the writer.  

[W sits in front of the table and type]
W: hum…let’s see… [Typing and murmuring] Once upon a time…there live a happy king and queen. [Shake her head] No, no…definitely not. This won’t do at all. [delete the words] Now…in a faraway land. [Typing] 

(The light shut up, and the music begins.)

N: In a faraway land, there was a beautiful girl who lived in a tiny village. Although she had everything a girl could ask for, she was unhappy. She wanted to see the world, but it was too dangerous for a girl as beautiful as she was, said by her parents.  

(Back to writer)
W: And here comes the boy! [Typing]  

(Back to the story)
C: Mangan, is that your sister? [Staring at Maggie]
Man: Of course she is, she my younger sister, Maggie. Oh come on [pull Cal], let’s go! They said there will be a market on the street recently, let’s go and take a look at it!
(Cal and Mangan run off stage)

N: And after that day, Cal went to Mangan’s house to see Maggie every day. But they never talk, because Cal was too shy to speak to her.  

(Change to writer)
W: Haha! Something old, but favor by everyone. [Suddenly shout in delight] 

(Back to story)
C: She knows me, she doesn’t know me, she knows me, she doesn’t know me… [Pulling flower petals]

(Change scene)
Mag: Who is that boy? Why does he come to see me every day? [Murmuring to herself will looking outside the window]  

(Back to Writer)
W: It’s time for them to meet! [Laughing evilly and rubbing hands] I’m so exciting to tear them apart!!!! Make the boy feels with hope, and makes him heart break. 

(Back to story)
Mag: Hi! You’re here again! I’m Maggie, who are you?
Cal: I…I…I’m… [Shy]
Mag: Oh! Is that the market everyone is talking about? [Pointing at the paper on Cal’s hand] Araby, right? I’ve wanted to visit it so much!
Cal: [Deep breathe] And why can’t you?
Mag: Well…it’s too far for a girl like me. Besides, there will be a retreat, and I need to stay and help. [Playing a bracelet on her wrist]
It’s well for you if you actually go.
Cal: If I go, I’ll make sure to bring you something. I swear on my honor, my lady. [Bow, hand in front of his chest]
Mag: [giggle] I believe you. [Throw a handkerchief out from the window]
[Cal caught it and waved goodbye to Maggie] 

(Back to writer)
W: It’s time for the journey to begin!!! But…where should he go? Africa? Persian? China? No, no…not the perfect choice… [Thinking] Uhh!!!! I need some idea!!!! Where should they go? [Through her hands up the sky]

N: Writer often meets this kind of difficulties…it seems every place can be a great adventures for the protagonist…but…she can only choose one, and that should be the best one of all.  

W: [Finding ideas from a pile of books] Arabian Night? What’s that? Aladdin? Magic Carpet? Nope, I hate it. A Thousand and One Night? That might do…let’s see… [Reading from the book] A market in Arabia full of wonder and magic, tons of merchants selling their goods. Every corner is an adventure? That’s it! Arabia is it!

[Sit back to the computer and start typing furiously] 

(Back to the story)
C: Mangan!!! [Shouting to the boy] I’ve decided!!! I’m going on an adventure!!! And you’ll be my company!!!
Man: An adventure? What kind of adventure? [Asking curiously] You know…every time when you come up with an idea…they’re mostly idiotic. [Looking at Cal doubtfully] Unless you tell me what the plan is, or I won’t go with you.
C: It’s about your sister!!! I’m madly in love with her! [Dreamy]
Man: [shouting] What?! She will never love you in return!!!!
C: Who say so? I’m going to win her heart by going to Araby and bring her something back. [Writing something]
Man: How about your aunt and uncle? What will they speak about this? [Hands on hip, raising his eyebrow]
C: [Waving a paper] So I’m writing a letter! I know the journey won’t be easy…but I must do it for my damsel in distress. [Determine]

[Read the letter]
Dear Aunt and Uncle,
  Sorry to leave you without saying goodbye, but I know you’ll stop me if you know what I’m about to do. I’ve fallen in love with Maggie, Mangan’s sister, and I couldn’t focus on my school while thinking of her all day. So, in order to win her heart, I’ve decided to travel to Arabia to visit the market, Araby, everyone is talking about. I’ve borrowed some money from your pocket, I apologize for not telling you, but I promise that I’ll return those money as soon as I return safely.


Man: [Stare at him] You’re really insane, I can’t believe you just leave that letter and to chase after my sister. [Deep breathe] Fine, since you’re willing to sacrifice so much for my beloved sister, I’ll help you with the journey.  

N: Cal and Mangan had been well prepared for their journey. They had brought sword and bows and arrows, they’d armed themselves, and brought a lot of supper. They were truly knights of the kingdom of Maggie, prepared to bring their queen the best jewel from the foreign country. [Cal and Mangan preparing for the journey]

(Back to writer)
W: mahahaha!!!! Prepare to die!!!! Here comes the death!!! [Shaking her head in front of the computer] I love to kill.

(Back to the story)
N: The couple had started their journey. [Cal and Mangan walking on stage] They’d walked from land to land, and sea to sea. Fighting for their lives [Waving the swords] and their bright future. It’s still unknown for the two foolish boys that before they arrived Arabia, they needed to conquer trials.  

(Back to characters)
C: Look! There is a little village!!! Let’s stop there for one night and have a sound sleep!!! [Pointing the front]
Man: Thanks god!!! [Breathing heavily and bending down] I thought you’re never going to rest. I almost regret myself for coming with you!!! [Glaring at Cal] If it not for…
C: Yes!!! I know!!! If it not for my sister…blablabla. [Waving his hands] Now stop whining like a baby and keep on!
Man: [Speaking secretly behind Cal’s back] Blablabla…we had been through the deadly desert, the dark water…and all those danger. He was calling me a baby? Don’t he know how many times I’ve saved him? [Rowling his eyes]  

N: However, when they were about to rest, Cal and Mangan saw a group of people shouting desperately.

Man: What happened to all of them? It’s almost midnight! Shall we talk a look?  

N: Cal and Mangan found out that there was a terrible beast in the village, and it destroyed all the villager’s belongings.  

C: [Standing in front of the group] Hey!!! Listen well, all of you. We’re the heir of great knights [Pulling out his sword], and we can help you!!!
Man: [Whispering quickly] What are you doing? Who is the heir of great knights? Don’t get ourselves kill!!!
C: Stop being a coward! We need to help those poor people!!! [Turning back to the villagers] I said we killed the beast!!! (The music) [Marching on stage]

N: When the battle began, Cal and Mangan fight back to back, bravely against the beast. However, what’s beyond their expectation was that there were more beasts than they knew. And soon, most villagers ran away, and they were surrounded. [Cal and Mangan shacking furiously, afraid]  

(Back to writer)
W: Should I send someone to save them? Should I? Or should I kill them all??? Nein…back to Maggie! Cliff hanger!!! [Hold her hand]  

[Cal and Mangan fight themselves from the beasts (keep waving the swords), back to back off the stage]
[The scene turns back to Maggie’s room] 

(Back to the story)
Mag: Ahh!!!! [Frustrated] I wish to go to Araby!!!! [Throwing things around the house] It’s so unfair!!! How can Mangan go while I need to stay at home and do all the house work? I wish I had a fairy god mother or some powerful sorcerer to bring me there!!!  

(Back to writer)
W: Fairy god mother? That’s even more boring than Genie!!!! No, no, no…you’re not getting a happily ever after…at least not now. [Typing and murmuring] I need to make some plot twist… 

(Back to story)
Rumpelstiltskin (Same as the narrator): Did anyone wish for a powerful sorcerer? Here I am, dearie.
Mag: [Scream] Who are you? Why are you in my room? [Backing away from Rumple]
R: Who am I isn’t important, the important thing is that I can make your wish come true. Did you wish to go to Araby?
Mag: [Grab Rumple’s hands] Can you really take me to Araby? How? Prove it.
[Rumple waves and the spinner start to spinning into gold]

R: With magic, of course. And within a second you’ll be there. But, I have one condition.
Mag: I’m willing to pay anything!!!! As long as I can visit the market!!!!
R: All magic come with a price, you, darling, can enjoy Araby until your heart desire. But, when the night fall, you’ll need to bring something for me, a thing I can’t get it myself. [Say something into Maggie’s ear]
Mag: Is that all? Then deal! [Enthusiastic]
R: Remember, all magic come with a price, oh! And dearie, you can’t spill it out! No one can know. No one, or you’ll pay a heavy price. Sign the contract, and you can go when the time comes.
[Maggie signs the contract]  

(Back to writer)
W: I’ve made my decision!!! [Painful touch the keyboard] Here…we…go!  

(Back to Cal and Mangan)
Man: Cal!!! Look out!!! [Mangan pushed down Cal but hurt by the sword, right into his chest]
C: NOOOOO!!!!!! [Holding Mangan and waved his sword to kill all the beasts]
Man: I’m..sorry…take…care…of…my…sister…and…tell…Maggie…I…love…her. [Dead]
[Cal hold Mangan painfully]
[The light fades]  

N: Cal was desperate for his best friend’s death, but he kept on moving. He had not only his promise to Maggie now, but also Mangan’s.
And finally, after months of traveling, Cal finally arrived Araby when night fall. Only a few stands remain open.

(Back to the writer)
W: It’s time to unite!!! [Evil look] 

(Back to story)
Mag: Oh! Look!!! That guy had the thing Rumpelstiltskin wanted!!! Let me think…how can I get close to him? Ah!!!! Let me sales the flowers to him with the scarf around my neck to hide my identity.
[The British man came]
B: Hello! Are those flowers and tea pots for sale? [British accent!!!!!]
Mag: Indeed sir? Oh my!!! [Flattering] You had a nice taste on suit? May I touch the fabric? I’ve never seen a man as handsome as you are. [Batting her eyelashes]
B: Of course, how could I let a lady down?

[Maggie kept flattering with the British man, when Cal walked to the stand to exam one of the tea pot]
C: Mag..? [Stop himself and go closer to see whether the girl is Maggie or not] [Rugged from the journey]  
Mag: May I help you? [Impatiently]

N: Maggie didn’t realize that’s Cal, because he looked tried and rugged after the journey, so she was impatient to speak to him. All she wants to do is to get the thing from the British man and get rid of the rugged boy to enjoy the rest Araby.

C: No, thanks. [Walk away to the dark, anguish, looking painfully to the sky, without speaking a word. Regretted for his foolish behavior.]  

(Back to writer, and the light up the light)
W: Gazing up into the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided by vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger. [Reading and typing] The. End. Ah ha!!!! It’s finally done!!! Another master piece finished!!! It’s time to send to the publisher!!!! [Clapping her hands happily]

[The computer shut down suddenly, all in black]

W: NOOOOOO!!!!!!! [Shaking her computer] I haven’t saved the file!!!!! How can you do this to me!!!!!!!  

N: That’s the dilemma of the writer. Thanks for your consideration.
  So, this is a story about Araby for my Listening and Speaking class role play. I combine Araby by James Joyce and some interesting things I found when typing reviews or stories. I hope you enjoy it, and...mhahahaha!!!!!!! (Oh! And you can see a lot of things from Beauty and the Beast!!!!) I strongly suggest you to read Araby first before reading this script, that will make it more fun. (BTW, it's one of my favorite texts till now!!!)


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