Tales of Stars (Part 1)

  A tale always hides a tale; a secret always hides a secret.

  It’s said that when the great princess cries, rain drops; when she sobs, winds blow.

  There will always be a moonless night, no stars, no light, only endless darkness.

  Wind blows furiously, rain drop heavily. All animals hide, all trees bow. They hide from the anger of the Mother Earth. While humanity might think all of this a natural phenomenon, there is a tale lies behind.

  A tale of broken heart, a tale of sorrow, a tale of amend.

  And here, was where the story began.

  Once upon a time, a princess and a prince lived happily on the land.

  Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess. Her hair was as dark as the night, her skin as smooth as the water, and the most special of all, was that she had eyes with different colors. One of her eyes was as bright as the sun, while the other silver as the moon. They shone so brightly that you could barely look straight into them. However, the people remembered her not because of her appearance…which was only an extraordinary figure to put inside the folk tales. It was because of her bravery. She was spoken not by her unforgettable beauty, but her fearless behaviors.

  She was the creator.

  She was the sun.

  She was the moon.

  Long in the universe, she lived in the shadow, with only magical creatures as her company. Those magical creatures, her most loyal friend, followed her everywhere, any place. Together, they put the stars high in the sky, they controlled the sun’s pass, and they beheld the raised and fell of moon.

  With them, the earth was always spring, full of flourishing flowers and fruits, and all creatures lived peacefully together.

    She cared for the world, but there was always a hole inside her, for she was the only of her kind in the world. yet far away from where the princess lived, a prince lived in the forest, for he traveled all the world.

  Years past, seasons past, the princess lived alone with her magic creatures.

  Until one day, a prince came. He was lost in the wood and wounded. The princess found him and brought him back to the shadow where she lived. Yes, she lived in the shadow, not in a castle. She felt closer toward the nature and her friends. Besides, the castle was like a prison to her, only stone walls surrounded, and she was the only person in the huge cold castle.

  The beautiful princess had a tender heart. She healed the prince and treated him with hospitality. The prince said he lost his way in the wood and was cut by the thorns. He told the princess that he was traveling the world, exploring all the magnificent things that the world contained.

  The prince had a well manner, and he possessed all the goodness in his heart: kindness, bravery, selfless, and compassion. He told her all the places he had traveled before, and she told him the everyday life she had with her dear friends.

  She told him her ability to control the sun and the moon. She lit the shadow with a single breath, and the darkness was filled with sunlight and blossom flowers. She waved her hand, and all flowers turned into sweet fruits. She inhaled and exhaled, released the moonlight and called for the magical creatures. She showed him the power that she was born with, and the burden she had.

  Yet out of her expectation, the prince showed no surprised in his eyes. He simply smiled and closed his eyes.

  Suddenly, the shadow no longer contained only moonlight, but shined with thousands of little stars.

  The princess opened her mouth with surprise, and then she understood.

  In the prince’s eyes, there were thousands of glittering stars shined toward her, and his hair was as bright as the sunlight. She was so worried about his cut that she hadn’t noticed before. But now, once she examined carefully, she found his eyes just like hers, full of wonder.

  They were the same.

  The prince told her that he traveled not only for fun, but to brought starlight to every corner. Even a single star could bring difference. He taught the princess the mystery of stars, and how they obeyed his commands.

  The princess was so surprised, she had never seen so many stars in her life and she had never thought about the problems of obedience. It seemed that the moon and the sun was a part of her, they followed her instruction to light up the continent.

  She told him that sun and moon was her lifetime company, they had never disappointed her. When she blinked, the sun and moon twinkled in her eyes, as if supporting her words.

  The prince stayed in the shadow with the princess for month, until his wounds were truly recovered. Then, the prince was about to leave on his journey again.

  The princess was sad for his departure, but to her astonishment, the prince asked her to join him. He wanted to show her the other side of the world, and together, they could create more.

  She hesitated for a while, and she handed out her hand to join the prince. Together, they would bring hope to the world. 



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