Tales of Stars (Part 2)

  Years past, they’d traveled throughout the world. And they had grown to know each other so well that they could communicate even without words, with a single glimpse, they knew. Of course, from the moment they knew the truth in the shadow, they had known they belonged together. But their bound grew tighter while they traveled the world, while every day they lived together.

  The journey had blown the princess’s mind. In her life, she had never left her continent, nor had she imagined a world without flowers and warmth. Together, she and the prince brought sunlight and shadow to the world.

  During the day, she spread the radiant sun all over the place she arrived, and left precious gifts that decorated the world. Where she stepped, spring and summer followed, flourish and vitality remained.

  During the night, the prince and the princess bestrewed both moonlight and starlight onto the sky, lit up the darkness. Where they arrived, stars and moon followed, where they danced, stars and moon twinkled.

  However, like the normal couples, they fought sometime. And with their great, powerful magic…they made unexpected things. Some horrible, and some beautiful.

  Once they traveled to the north, but they had a quarrel. The princess was so angry that she refused to raise the moon that night, and her anger caused the arrival of winter. The continent was filled with snowflakes and eternal ice. In order to light up their pass, the prince could only manage to command the stars onto the sky by himself. But the weather was too cold that he couldn’t stop shaking his hands.

  He lost his controlled on the stars and lit up to many of them on the sky, and to keep themselves warmed up, the stars gathered together and created a shade of stars fall, which created the first aurora.

  They once traveled to the south, yet they had an argument. The price was so furious that he caused the explosion of star. And with the princess’s howling wind, the meteorite hit on the earth and created earthquake, which also lead to the high and low of the earth.

  Such things happened, but in the end, they forgave each other and went on with their journey. Their fights only made them understood each other more and love each other more.

  They were sun.

  They were moon.

  They were stars.

  Together, they created the seasons, and they brighten up the world.

  And they were also called Adam and Iva.  



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