Hogwarts Book Tag

Hogwarts Book Tag

  I know, I know…you’ve probably heard my confession of love toward Harry Potter series for about thousands of time…but I just can’t resist myself from the magical world!!! So…in order to celebrate the release of The Cursed Child and the three short stories at Pottermore, which is the musical edition for Harry Potter’s second child Albus Severus Potter and more magic about the Dark Age, I decide to do a Hogwarts book tag!!! Yeah!!! Since I’m a Ravenclaw…Let’s start there! 

1. A Book with Blue and Bronze

  You know…it’s so hard!!! Don’t judge me if it’s not accurately blue and brown. I’ve do my best. The Fate of Tearling by Erika Johnsen!!! Wait…don’t shout, I haven’t get the book yet. Not yet, but soon. November, remember? 

 And yes, it’s blue and bronze, blue and bronze…

2. A Book with a Wise Character

  A wise character…Sazed. I know!!! I never mention him!!! It’s so awkward!!! But I do love him in Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. It’s a fantastic novel and brilliant written. Sazed isn’t the main character at first, but his role become more and more important and plays a vital role during the entire battle. (Not to mention what he does “after” the war.) 
 (By the way…I don’t really like the cover…) 

3. A Book with a Love-Learning Character

  You know what? Sazed and Hermione will do. But, I’m going to another person. Annabeth from Percy Jackson Series by Rick Riordan. Daughter of Athena, it’s hard for her not to learn, right? She’s brave, smart…and love learning. I love her, as much as Hermione. It’s always interesting to read both of them in books, especially I myself love to learn strange thing a lot. Like…it’s not a usual thing to learn Latin or Greek in Taiwan…but I do love to learn them, thanks to Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. And even though people question me all the time? I’m still doing it. So…thanks to Annabeth the love-learning character!  


1. A Book with Red and Gold

  Honestly…it’s so hard to find. Ah ha! My Outlander!!! By Diana Gabaldon, the 20th anniversary edition. It has a red cover, and golden words and mark. Perfect match!!! Not to mention Claire is a brave character, not only smart, but brave. And Jamie…? You know. By the way, even I’ve read Outlander for thousands of times…I’m still not finish with it, but I love the cover. It’s squishy!!!  

2. A Book with a Brave Character

  There are endless list for this tag, but Feyre will do. Feyre from A Court of Thrones and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas. I suddenly realize that even though I love A Court of Mist and Fury so much…I seldom mentioned it at my Book Tag, and Feyre is seldom mentioned as a brave character since…Aelin is much fearsome than her. (But I still don’t like her, regardless of that.) Feyre hunts for survival, she saved her family, and saved her love ones. In A Court of Mist and Fury, she’s even better than ever, and we love her for that, don’t we? 

3. A Book with a Chivalry Character

  Valten from The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson!!!
 (Oh my god…I haven’t mentioned him for such a long time and I almost forget my fictional boyfriend’s name!!!! Valten, Valten, Valten.) It’s hard to be fair to other book, since The Captive Maiden did placed in a Chivalry era…but…how can I not choose him? Among all the Hagenheim series, I love Valten the most. (Well…perhaps Lord le Wyse can “almost” match him. “Almost”)  


1. A Book with Yellow and Black

  Umm…the inner cover of Yellow Brick War by Danielle Paige!!!! (Why am I doing such a hard book tag? It costs most of my time finding cover…
) I haven’t read this book, but I’m looking forward to do so…just after…another large TBR list. (Sigh)

2. A Book with a Loyal Character

  The most loyal character in the world…Chaol Westfall from Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Yes, my Chaol. MY CHAOL. Despite the fact that his loyal lies toward the horrible king at first…he is loyal to the end. To the king, to Dorian…I’m not going to say toward Celaena. (You hear nothing, you hear nothing.) 

 I still LOVE Chaol the most, but I think he’s no longer important in ToG series? I’ve even hear the terrible news of his almost absent in Empire of Storms. (Yes, I’m not yet reading. I haven’t got the book.) So I think it’s great that we get a Chaol novella!!!!  

3. A Book with a Kind Character

  A kind character? Jem, definitely Jem from The Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare. He is definitely the kindest person in the fictional world, there is great kindness in his heart. You know, some of the characters become badass even to survive, I love that, like Pauline from Remnant Chronicles. But the only guy that got a heart full of kindness from the first to the last? Jem. He will be the best choice.


1. A Book with Green and Silver

  I have green books…I have silver books…but how on earth am I going to find a green book with silver? Fine…Heir of Fire!!! (What? You mean where is silver? The words!!! “Heir of Fire”!!!) Please, don’t judge, I’ve try my best. Do I like Heir of Fire? I love the magic learning part…but the character? No more.  

2. A Book with an Ambitious Character

  Ambitious character…why is that most books have ambitious characters as villains? I’m ambitious…but I’m definitely not a villain! (Or…am I?)  

 So, I give you…Kelsea from The Queen of the Tearling series by Erika Johnsen. Yes I know it appears up the list. Stop winning, there are reasons. But I’m not telling you now. Kelsea is one of the queen that search to be better, search to be great. While other are forced, she accepted the role and yes, rule. Against all odd, she made her way toward the throne and strive to make a better Tearling. 

3. A Book with a Cunning Character

  Cunning? Like a snake. As usual, cunning…well…cunning might be a bit different. There are a lot villains with cunning character, but also the heroes. Alex from the Covenant Series by Jennifer L. Armentraut. 

 She is smart, but some part of her is also cunning! And I like her. It’s always exciting to read heroes with badass and wit.  

  So, our book tag ends here, and I hope you enjoy it. By the way…there are news that Harry Potter is going to have a House Color edition cover!!! I’m so excited for Ravenclaw!!!!


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