Finding Neverland Book Tag

Finding Neverland Book Tag

  Top one musical of all time? Finding Neverland!!!! I love this musical so much!!! Even before I went to NYC, I’ve heard the songs for thousands of time and fallen in love with the entire musical. And when I actually saw it? Tears of joy, tears of satisfaction, tears of feelings…yes, I’ll all with tears. 

 I’m so calm… Indeed…

  And after the first time? I kept screaming whenever I saw any ads on the bus and the screen… When I knew I got the chance to watch another musical…I choose to spend all of the money on Finding Neverland!!! Again!!! And at a great great seat!

  So, after I watch the musical, I decided to do a Finding Neverland book tag!!! Based on the songs and the plots! 

1.      If The World Turned Upside Down—a book that change your life.

  A book change my life? I don’t actually read inspiring books…not often. But that doesn’t mean that my books don’t change my life…they change me in every way, the way I think, the way I do… so the book is—Throne of Glass series by Sarah J, Mass. The really start of my English book reading started there. Even though I actually start with The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson and I love it so much…but still…to start with YA, it is definitely going to go to TOG series…no matter how much I dislike it now. (I just read the spoiler…and umm…Empire of Storms? Not so sure.)  

2.     All of London is Here—a famous British book series.

  A famous British book, I’m not going to go with Harry Potter…that’ll have to wait later. One of the most famous British book, behold—Narnia!!! The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most well-known children book, and one of my childhood favorites. It’s full of magic and…Aslan!  

3.     The Pirates of Kensington—a book with pirates.

  I…don’t have any book with pirates. That’s right…I don’t. There are a lot of books out there with Peter Pan retelling or Neverland…although I’d love to read them. I haven’t gotten any of them …yet. I will, someday.  

4.     Believe—a book full of imagination.

  Books are wild with imagination, and some just have more than others. Well…same as the musical…it’s Peter Pan!!! I’ve read Peter Pan long time ago and I remember it’s quite amazing, especially for a child. It’s not like other books with entirely fantasy world, but it’s reality with wonder…a bit like Alice in the Wonderland as well. Since…I’m doing a Finding Neverland book tag…so I’ll go to Peter Pan.

5.     We Own The Night—a book with night time adventure.

   Some adventures? Well…The book goes to—Cruel Beauty!!! I’ve noticed that I haven’t mention this book very often…but I really love it! Even it’s a bit complicated to read…the plot, especially to the end…but it’s quite an adventure, and I love Nyx, it’s not often to read a cruel beauty. I know…you’re asking for night time adventure…the castle comes alive at night!!! So the entire book is embraced by darkness!!! Yes…wondering around the castle count, but trust me…it’s not simply “just” wondering around.

6.     All That Matters—a book with strong heroine.

  A book? Please…all the protagonists nowadays are female, bad-ass…how am I going to choose? Oh wait! It occurs to me…Kelsea from The Queen of the Tearling!!! One of my most anticipated books this fall!!!! And the final is about to come!!! I heard it was fantastic!!!! She is so powerful and strong, and definitely unique. I love her so much. 
  And you know what’s even better? I plan to do a 10 Strong Heroines Book Tag soon!!! The original one is sponsored by Harper according to the final book—The Fate of the Tearling. And since I love it so much…I decided to do one as well! So wait and see!!! And…AHHHHHHH!!!!! What a tragic!!! I’d plan to write The Queen of the Tearling review long ago!!!! (Rushing toward my bookshelves…) 

7.      Sylvia’s Lullaby—a book that soothe you.

  It’s always a great thing to put yourselves entirely into books and have lots of lots of emotions…but sometime…it also feels great to soothe your complicated mind with a simple lovely book. The book that soothe my mind is…wait…do I have this kind of book? Umm…let me think…I do!!! The Little Princess. It’s a classic…but you can’t help but be WOW by Sara’s good nature and friendly personality. Even during a hard time it’s a valuable virtue.  

8.     Neverland—a book place in Neverland.

  I didn’t own a Neverland book!!!! (Frustrated…) But…

 Next on my TBR shelf!!!! (Checking my TBR list…wait…where is the end?) And even this list isn’t about book…go and listen to the song Neverland, no matter which edition. Original Broadway or Zendaya’s…they’re both excellent.
Here! I’ll give you the link:

9.     Circus of Your Mind—a book with complicated plots.

  Complicated plots…that might be a good thing for books…or perhaps…a terrible thing. You see…if a complicated plot is well organized, it might be a thrilling story. However, if it’s a bad one…

 Now…a complicated plot… (I plan to pick Cruel Beauty…but it appears…I put it up there…now I have to think of another.)
  I think...The Golden Compass also gets an complicated plot? I know it’s a children book…but when I read it during my childhood for the first time…I don’t quite understand. Yes…perhaps I’m not smart enough…but don’t you think it’s really a complicated book? Full of religious plot, schemes, lots of characters, realm travel… However…there is no denying that His Dark Material is a fantastic series. 

10.    Live By The Hook—a book with oceans.

  Ocean? I love water…let’s pick The Siren Trilogy by Tricia Rayburn!!!! This is my favorite Siren series…and one of my favorite dark stories. There are storms, beauty, romance…and murder. Wait…I suddenly recall Pretty Little Lair. (Haha…they have nothing related.)

11.    Stronger—a book with a hero reborn. 

  All books need heroes…but a hero reborn…hum…Clockwork Prince. William Herondales. We finally know where all his moody changes come from and definitely don’t blame him at all. He…will...this reborn isn’t like the others finding their abilities and having an enormous change of their life. Save the world…or blablabla. However, Will has a life-changed experience and…yes, reborn. Read the book and you’ll know.

12.    The World Is Upside Down—a book with a play/story inside.

A book with play/story? Then we simply must head to Ink Heart!!! Yes…I know this story has been forgotten for a long while. But it’s actually a nice series!!! I love Ink Heart, and the movie…although it changes too. As for Ink Death and Ink Blood…I’m not sure, at least…I don’t have a lot of memory of them? Perhaps I’ll re-read when “I have time.” 

13.    What You Mean To Me—a book with heartbreaking relationship.

  Clockwork Princess, Clockwork Princess, Clockwork Princess!!!!!!!! It’s definitely the most heartbreaking ending!!!! Not entirely…but the part that…die. Oh My God…I actually heard my heart cracked into pieces…not to mention I actually spoil myself. (As now the timing…I’m still read the first part of Clockwork Princess…but I’ve already read the ending.) And my tears…

 I feel like this. So sad…I cry at every Cassandra Clare’s final book in the series. And not just a few drop of tears…it’s like a heavy rain. The entire house was going to be drown.  

14.  Play—a book with fun entertainment.

  Harry Potter!!!! Quidditch!!!! The best sport ever!!!! (I won’t tell you I’m afraid of height. You hear nothing, you hear nothing.) I think it’s everyone’s dream to actually fly up into sky and play Quidditch! Even you’re not a Harry Potter fan you’ll love this sport. 

 So for who don’t know what Quidditch is…wait…then you’ll not be reading this bookish tag, skip, next!  

15.  We’re All Made of Stars—a book with stars.

Stars? I love stars!!!! And---The Star-Cross Queen!!!!! Some might say it’s a boring story…but I say it’s great. It’s not some happy book you read all the time, instead, it’s sad and dark. But gradually, you fell in love with this book and couldn’t pull yourselves out from the beautiful scenes and story.  

16.    When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground—a book with tragedy.

  I hate tragedy…don’t you just love happy ending? (Wait…some part of evil me screaming for “GOOD” tragedy.) So…I think...well…it’s half half, not entirely tragedy…but tragic enough for me. Mistborn Trilogy The Hero of Ages.

  Now…it might contain spoiler…so if you haven’t read it yet…


  Vin and Elend…died. 

 Just kill me, please. When I first read it…I was… 

17.  Something About This Night—a book with exciting beginning.

Exciting beginning…that’s hard to pick. The beginning is usually the most boring part…but…I guess…The Ranger’s Apprentice? It doesn’t hold the story line too long and somehow the plots are interesting. So…let’s go with this one!!!!  

  Now…as Finding Neverland ended from Broadway…our bookish tag also come to an end. I love this musical…so I hope you’ll also like it too!!! Remember to book your tickets if it’s going to your country for the national tour!!!! And…keep your eyes to the second star to the right!!!!


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