10 Dangerous Female Characters

10 Dangerous Female Characters

  In order to celebrate one of my most-anticipate books of 2016 is about to come out, let’s do this! Oh wait, you mean which book? there are so many fit for this category right? Especially now most of the female characters are dangerous…and that’s AWESOME!!!  
In fact, I plan to do this long time ago, from the first time I saw some bloggers and tubers sponsored by the publisher. And I was like “damn! I’m gonna do this!!! This tag is fantastic!” So, here I am, telling you why I’m doing this tag. Yes, I know. I still haven’t told you which book, that is—The Fate of Tearling!!!! About to release at November 29, some of the readers had even get the ARC already!!!! (I’m so envy!!!!) By the way, you might wonder why using the term “character” too. Well…the reason why I choose “character” instead of “girls/women” is because…they might not be human being! Isn’t that obvious? What? You never think of this before? (Maybe just that I take too many literary courses these day…)
  Perhaps…before I start, you can tell me who is your number one dangerous female character?  

Top 10

Lyra Belacqua
His Dark Material by Philip Pullman

  Do I mean a 12 year-old little girl? Yes. Just see how much trouble she caused everyone before her journey, not even mention her adventure. Wherever she went, there was trouble, and mostly directly toward her. Let’s see…The Golden Compass? Destroy all Minster’s evil plan, rescue Roger, open the portal… The Subtle Knife The Subtle Knife The Subtle Knife? Her first met with Will, her journey in all different places… And The Ember Spyglass? Ahh…she wasn’t just dangerous anymore…she was fearsome. Lyra is one of the bravest characters I’ve ever read, but bravely isn’t enough for this tag, she is also dangerous. Why do you think His Dark Material was called “The Most Dangerous Novel?” I can hardly imagine not being dangerous with Lyra as his protagonist. Especially she’s also such a great character. A liar, a cheater, or anything you can think of. (And when Will join her? That’s call adding wood into fire.)

Top 9

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

  You might question my selected choose. Yes, I question myself too. Some of you might consider her ignorance…but how come an ignorant become a spy and so many important roles of others? She not the bravest, nor the smartest, but she is definitely dangerous. While I was choosing her, I actually considered Mave from Red Queen and Katniss from Hunger Game as well…but they are not so powerful without those special abilities or media support. They’re just…normal. I always believe that only when you do things willing will you be dangerous. I know it sounds a bit strange. But see how far will Laia will go for family? No matter what she will become in the third book, and forget about her future plan, just focus on how much trouble did she cause. 

Top 8

Diana Bishop
All Soul Trilogy by Deborah Harkness

  To be honest, I don’t always fill Diana as a dangerous person. Not at all. The truth is, when she first appeared in A Discovery of Witches, she somehow felt weak. Yes, weak. (And she is one of the oldest characters in my books…not that related at all.) She escaped her past and blablabla. The only reason I considered her “dangerous” is in The Book of Life. You see how far can a woman go for her child, or children. To insure her family’s safety, she confront Matthew’s brother and sister, faced the consul, expand her magic, and the most important of all—becomes a book.

 Yes, a book. And that is the most dangerous of them all.
Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the dangerous of them all?
The book of life.
No spoiler, remember? 

Top 7

Emma Carstairs
The DarkArtifices by Cassandra Clare

  Who can ever say Emma isn’t dangerous? The most potential Shadowhunter among her age, a sense of revenge inside her, her natural instinct…and she mostly never obey the consul. Who cares about the law, right? Parabatai is meant to be in love, Law is meant to be broken, Life is meant to be revenge. And…don’t say anything, I ‘m already packing my bag. As soon as Emma dangerous stupid plan destroy as all, I’m going to leave until she becomes the hero and save as all again.  

Top 6

The LunarChronicles by Merissa Meyer

  The evilest evil queen of all time. There is no other going to match her evilness. She killed countless of people, she changes her people into merciless wolverine army, she plot all the evil diseases on Earth.
 AND SHE HURT THE INNOCENT WINTER!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU! It’s always a great scene to read when she appeared. (Oh wait…is there any scene in The Lunar Chronicles I hate…umm…no.) I think after my friends heard me talking about her…they actually shivered. 

Top 5

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

  The most dangerous feature of Sarene? Mouth. This actually happens in most of Brandon Sanderson’s female characters. They’re all awfully smart and witty. Excellent at words and playing them with everyone. Never debate with Sarene, you’re not gonna win. Oh! Did I mention? She’s also an expert at sword fighting. I can not think of any reason for you not to be afraid of her. the authority afraid, the army afraid, and the prince afraid of her.  

Top 4

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

  No matter how much I hate Rowanlin…there is no doubt that Celaena is one of the most dangerous half-farie in the world. When she was an assassin? The greatest of them all. When she learned her fire magic? BOOM!!!! The whole world on fire. There’s no stopping her from doing anything.  
 Dangerous one, especially she is Aelin Galathynius, AND SHE’LL NOT BE AFRAID! 

Top 3

Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

  The deadly Mistborn. How come she’s so talented? She even killed numerous well-trained loyal Mistborn with merely months of training!!! I don’t think even Kelsier is strong enough to train her like that. She is incredible. And Vin grows more mature and dangerous as the sequels happened. She even learn how to play with politic!!! Oh my…I’ll never want to sit on the same table with Vin if I’m her enemy. Never. Ever. Underestimate. A. Street. Girl. (Especially when you can’t fly…while she can.) 

Top 2

The RemnantChronicles by Mary E Pearson

  Who am I? How can I not have my favorite character in all book tag? Especially currently my favorite series? Lia is definitely dangerous, to her country, to Dalbreck, to the Komizar. And to anyone who dare to stand in front of her. Everyone seems to know only a little part of her, but when they get to know her for who she truly are…deadly girl.  

TOP 1     

Kelsea Glynn
The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
   Kelsea is also my top choice for this tag. By the way, besides Lia and Kelsea, the rest of them are actually…all dangerous as each other. But to pick the most dangerous one? Kelsea. She’s so on. I’ve read all the spoilers…and I’m so excited for it!!!!! It’s like…I’ve heard that it’s the most unexpected ending of them all. So why is she dangerous? Read the wonderful The Queen of The Tearling to find out!


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