Harry Potter and The Cursed Child - Parts I & II

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child - Parts I & II : The Official Script Book of the Original West End Production
By John Tiffany & Jack Thorne

  The eighth story.
  Nineteen years later.

  What’s the largest new this summer? What’s is one of the most anticipate books release this year? The answer is…
 Harry Potter and The Cursed Child!!!! Harry is back once again!!!!! And with his second son Albus Severus Potter having a new adventure. Am I excited about this book? DEFINITELY!!!! Did I get the book as soon as I can? YES!!! I CAN EVEN PRE-ORDER IT SINCE I’M NOW IN US!!!! Did I go to the midnight release party? Well…sadly...no. I missed the party!!!! It’s so horrible! I was so excited about the party that I searched for the nearest Barnes & Noble!!! And you know what? There is a Barnes & Noble next to my dorm…but the thing is…my group was going to Boston on 7/30. Seriously?
  So apparently…I did all the thing I could to be involved in the event…but I did't. 
 And what has that to do with the book review? Nothing at all. Haha. I’m just expressing my feeling. The important thing is—is the book great or awful? Well? Let’s see down below and you can hear some of my opinion of this new Potter series.

  Nineteen years after the Battle of Hogwarts…

  It was always difficult being Harry Potter, and it isn’t much easier now that he is an overworked employee of the Ministry of Magic, a husband and a father of three school-age children.

  While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted. As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places.

  Sound interesting? It does! And the story itself isn’t bad as well!!! Speak to myself, I love this book. I think it’s always a great thing to read more Harry Potter stories, even though it isn’t written by J.K. Rowling. I’m a crazy Potterhead! So I’ll ALWAYS need more. ALWAYS!
  So about the story itself…I can only say that don’t expect to read something like the original book of Harry Potter. Guys, please…it’s a script. A script, understand? So the story is basically written in lines, not paragraphs. And secondly, since it’s a script, don’t excepted to read a lot of details. Imagine watching movies without looking at it…The Cursed Child is just like that. It’s not going to tell you wait Albus’ wearing or how cute does Scorpius look. That’s not going to happen, you can simply imagine yourselves. So, imagination people, you need imagination to get into this book. 
 So I think these are the most serious problems that you’ll face if you’re going to read this book, which ii totally recommend you to read it if you like or love Harry Potter.

  Another problem is about the time-traveling stuff. Well…I didn’t really think about it that much, but the problem does exist. It somehow doesn’t make sense…so…just…try to ignore that part?  
  But there are still other issue sthat happens to this book, which some reviewers said that it’s simply a fan-fiction of Harry Potter. About this argument…well…it’s not really written by J.K. Rowling…so…I think that already explain? You know…you can’t possibly believe that you’re going to read the same thing as Harry Potter, right?

  The main characters of The Cursed Child will be Albus and Scorpius...I think it’s about 3/5 of them vs. 2/5 of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Do I like Albus? Well…I’ve a controversial opinion about him. At first, he acted like a complicated teenager blaming all his problems on his family name. Indeed, it’s always a burden to carry a famous family name, especially when your father is a hero of all magic world. People will expect you to be outstanding and great at everything…come to think of it…isn’t that what Harry was expected to behave when he first stepped into Hogwarts? But sadly…Albus did even worse than Harry, and when you’re the middle of the three of children, it’s usually the worst. 

  Oh! And it’s an interesting thing that those who carries Lily’s eyes tends to do a horrible job at Potion class. Alright, so my point is…there’s a lot of ways to reduce your stress rather than hiding yourself from your family and blaming your father! It’s not like Harry ask for all those attentions. As for Scorpius…he is such a cute guy!!! He is literately the Draco version of Hermione. I know it sound strange, but imagine that Draco is a hard working person, all he cares about is books and study. Sound so Hermione, right? 
 And not to mention he is actually the one who saved the world!!! A Malfoy boy saved us all!!!  


  As for the sorting hat problem…you know what? I don’t think both of them fit for Slytherin. 
 Scorpius is so Ravenclaw! He deserves to be in the same house as I do…and it has definitely nothing to do with the fact that if he is several years older that I’ll choose him as my fictional boyfriend. 
 As for Albus…he is hard to define? But I don’t think he totally fit in to Slytherin as well. But…that doesn’t matter, because what’s important is that I gradually gain affection toward both of them. So we did read Albus’ growth after his tragedy experience and about what he faced. And I like that! Especially the unique friendship between Scorpius and Albus.

  And what happens to Harry, Ron, and Hermione? Well…you might say that they change. But really? Who doesn’t change after years past? But my problem isn’t that. Wait, so I must say first that I like the relationship between Draco and Harry becomes, not at first, but gradually. So I was wondering…J.K. Rowling did say before what’ll happen after Harry, Hermione, and Ron became after they graduated…but in this script…it has nothing to do with that. That’s what I’m a bit upset about, however, in total, I’m find with their personalities changes.

  So what’s my feeling toward this book? I cry, I laugh…there are just so many emotions when I’m reading it! I need to keep telling myself to calm down. 
 But did it work? Absolutely not. So if you’re a Harry Potter fan, I totally recommend you to read this book. This might look like a fan fiction…but it’s still excellent and worth reading. You’ll find the journey with the magical world haunted you once again.

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