Forever Doon (Doon Series 4)

Forever Doon
By Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

  I clenched my fist tighter, squinting at the horizon where I willed mountains to appear. Please, I pleaded silently. We need to get back to Vee and the others. We need to save Doon. 
  The last book in Doon series has come!!!!  

I don’t want the journey end!!! The book is so good!!! Lovely, magical, Doonly… I’m so lucky that I was at NY when it release!!! So I can read it as soon as possible!!! I immediately devoured it when I get hold on this book…and couldn’t let it down. And see the cover? This is my favorite so far!!!

  With the Witch of Doon on the throne, Jamie believed dead, and Duncan and Mackenna trapped in Alloway, Veronica has no choice but to put her grief aside and prepare her remaining followers for the impending battle against the false queen and her minions. But while on a covert mission to steal a powerful elixir from the castle, Veronica discovers her true love may actually be alive, and fighting a battle of his own.
  With the Brig o’ Doon destroyed and the portal fragmented, Doon’s forces are not only divided, but also isolated in different dimensions. With the help of a storyteller as ancient as the witch herself, Kenna and Duncan learn they must rebuild the bridge to have any chance of crossing back into Doon with their ragtag army. But when Mackenna insists on fighting as well, Duncan soon realizes the only way he can ensure her safety is to turn her into a cold-hearted killer.
  For Vee, Jamie, Kenna, and Duncan, saving their kingdom while keeping their lives intact will take a miracle.

  What thought pop into me after reading the final? It’s a Harry Potter + Outlander + a bit magic and A LOT OF DOON! I definitely love how the plots go. As much as I love how all those protagonists develop their characters into a strong and bad-ass nowadays, I still love how Vee and Kenna grow differently. They grow stronger, and they realize that together makes them stronger as well. They never abandon each other, even the bridge separated them. You might question: so they didn’t grow throughout the entire progress? No! They did become better and wiser!!! I like how this series goes, it isn’t epic or high fantasy, but it’s definitely something. It’s like a cold stream inside the desert, giving us something fresh and clear. So unlike the recent trend of YA series (Not like I hate them, I LOVE THEM.) But somehow, it always feels so relaxing after reading this series. It’s not a reading burden, but a reading paradise, especially for the last book of the series. I was like an entirely different person after reading, everything is so clear and bright.  


  But I sincerely believe that the summery has exaggerated a little bit? Kenna isn’t going to become a cold-hearted murder…so don’t worry. (Yes, I know. There isn’t a hot-warming killer…but still…Kenna isn’t going to transform into a bad character.) But aside from that? Everything is perfect. It is a great thing to read somebody wise enough to support their mate. Yes, you—Jamie and Duncan. Unlike other male characters in other series (Ex: Tamlin?) they seem to handle the situation of their loved one going on battle field wiser. Jamie might have the plan of locking Veronica in the tower, becoming a damsel in distress…but eventually, he didn’t. Duncan might have hate the idea of training Mackenna…however, to protect her, he did. Guys…that’s what I call “respect.” You support each other!


  Remember I said that reading this book give me a refreshing? The plots are enchanted! There’s always no need to worry something boring might happen in this series, because you’ll simply enjoy every moment you spend with Vee and Mackenna. It’s like jumping into a magic waterfall, you follow down the water, and when you come up on shore…you’re a new person. There are ups and downs during the journey, sadness, happiness, excitement, desperation… Forever Doon is definitely the next Harry Potter for all YA reader, it’s magical and brilliant. The battle of Doon is thrilling but not bloodly spread, the friendship and love between them reminds you the purest part of humanity. It’s simply perfect. So here I say again—if you’ve read the previous three books, make sure to grab the latest. If you haven’t, take it and read it. You’ll be amaze by how this series stand out itself so unlike others. It’s not a novel full of love and passion; it’s not a novel full of battles and trials. But it’s a well combination of both, you’re going to get love, friendship, battles and plans. Prepare yourselves—for the stream of desert and the flower of wild. 
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