A tale always gets a tale; a secret always gets a secret.

  It’s said that when the princess cries, rain drops; when she sobs, winds blow.

It’s a moonless night, no stars, no light, only endless darkness.

  Wind blows furiously, rain drop heavily.

  All animals hide, all trees bow. They hide from the anger of the Mother Earth.

While humanity might think all of this a natural phenomenon, there is a tale lies behind.

  A tale of broken heart, a tale of sorrow.

  There was a time, a princess and a prince lived happily on the land.

  Together, they conquered all odds, and just expected to meet their happily ever after.

  But one moonless night, the princess went out for a rose. A single red rose to represent his love to the princess.

  Deep in the wood, he found the perfect match.

  The rose was as red as the bright ruby, blossom as beautifully as the princess.

  He was so excited that he forgot the danger of the forest, the deadly poison of the wood.

  He bent to pick up the rose, yet he was scratched by the thorn. The unknown thorn with poison with no cure. Soon, he lost all his ability to walk and move, all he could do, was lay on bed and wait for his death.

  The princess did everything to cure him, found everyone who had possibly known the antidotes. But no…there was no way to cure.

  Until the end of his day, the princess laid beside him, having there every moment together. While the prince became weaker and weaker, strangely, the rose grew brighter and prettier.

  It was a moonless night, with the last breath of the prince, the princess burst into tears.

  From then on, whenever the princess cries, the animals know. Whenever the princess cries, the sky becomes moonless, only the sound of winds and rain, only the darkness surrounds.

  As for the rose, it never faded. Till now, it still lies on the grave of the prince. As bright as the first time he saw, as red as the most valuable ruby in the world. And as you might know, the magical rose is the one in the Beauty and the Beast. The well-known magical and mysterious rose.

  A tale always lies a tale.



  I haven’t done a short story for so long!!! This story was inspired…well…by rain. Really, I’m not joking. One day, I just seat inside the restaurant for breakfast, and the rain just poured so loudly like someone is howling or crying…and I thought…why not write a story? I haven’t done it for so long! So I wrote done the first half of this story. And then…I just put it there for so long…I think…almost three weeks? And just few days ago, I determined to finish it, and I came up with another idea! The one about the rose…so it is actually the mix of two ideas!

  I figured that my stories are usually sad…especially short stories. But…I like it! Although I’m a horrible writer…and…well… However, sad things often give me something to think of…to mediate…and why should I always come with a happily ever after? So I guess that’s why the stories are usually…sad?
  I haven’t write stories for a long while…so I hope you’ll like it!


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