June + July Book Haul—Months for the Covenant

June + July Book Haul—Months for the Covenant

  Book haul? Are you ready? I’m absolutely ready for them!!! Yeah!!! Actually…I believe there will be more books after I arrived NYC, but since it’s a summer trip, I’ll do a NY book haul after I come back. And why I add June? Well…I completely forgot to write my June Book Haul…so…here I am, doing both month. Besides, there isn’t a lot of book for June, I save most of my money for US. But I did read some great book in June and July, so without further ado, let’s get the party started!!!


1.     Pure by Jennifer L. Armentraut

2.     Deity by Jennifer L. Armentraut


I finally get the second and the third book of the Covenant series!! And it’s on discount!!! (Laughing evilly)
 And…well…I didn’t devour them…I just gradually finished Pure and then swallow Deity!!! It’s getting better and better. I think you’ve already known if you read my review…but, it’s a series totally worth reading.

Get free worldwide delivery from Book Depository— Pure / Deity
Review— Pure / Deity

3.     The Beautiful Pretender by Melanie Dickerson

Since you’ve read my review…you’ll know—I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It’s one of the best of Melanie’s books!!! It’s so great!!! To be honest, I didn’t like The Huntress of Thronebeck Forest. (It’s still great…but compare to other books of hers…it’s won’ be on my top list.) However, The Beautiful Pretender? It’s definitely top two. I think I don’t have to tell you which book is top one? Well…actually…The Beautiful Pretender has better plot, but The Captive Maiden has better characters!!! So they’re both top one and two!!!! Now…it’s tortuous to wait until November for The Silent Songbird…but I believe it’ll as well be excellent!!!!

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4.     Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Yes, I know…I’ve tones of Harry Potter book…but I don’t have an English hardcover version yet!!! (I think I have one paperback edition…just who knows where does the book go…) And last year…or this year? I got the illustrated edition, now…I’ve a special edition of Harry Potter!!! The box and the inner cover are just…WOW. Beautiful, totally worth all the money I spent. So now…I’m waiting for the right time to re-read it and save money for the second.

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5.     Dorothy Must Die by Daniella Paige

This book is a gift from my classmate!! As a graduation gift. And I love this book!!! It’s a unique retelling of OZ. it somehow reminds me of Once Upon a Time, good can be evil, evil can be good!! And I’m so prepared for the second and the third book!!!!

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1.     Apollyon by Jennifer L. Armentraut

2.     Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentraut

Right, I get the complete series of The Covenant series. Now you understand why the book haul is called months for the Covenant? I’m obsess with Alex and Aiden!!!! What happen after I finish Pure and Deity?
 Yes!!! Another!!!! Give another book!!!! I need more. The Covenant series is now far from so, so…or boring. It’s now great and excellent!!! I think I might give them five stars!!! (I haven’t finished them…but I’ve caught a glimpse of them. Both great!!!)

Get free worldwide delivery from Book Depository— Apollyon / Sentinel 
Review—Apollyon / Sentinel

  Only 6 books for both June and July? Well…wait till you see my NYC book haul!!! I’m so excited now!!!! Ahhh!!!!!! I’ve prepared two suitcases to bring back books!!! (I will never tell you that I’ll also bring one backpack and one handbag…)

  Some of the review is already on my blog, so I’ll put the link on…and I’ll put the rest as soon as possible.

  Also, here is the link of Half-Blood
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