How Do I Find Inspiration for Blogposts and Writing?

How Do I Find Inspiration for Blogposts and Writing?

  Everyone knows that inspiration is pretty important for a writer or blogger, without inspiration…well…that will be a tragedy…because we’ll be sitting in front of the computer for hours and come up with nothing…not a single word.Will we want that? Of course not!!! Being a blogger/writer is the best thing in the world!!! But…as I just said…without inspiration? Our lives end. Literally end…there will be no hope…and we can only wait for our death…So, today…I’m doing an important job!!! I’m giving my smart and wonderful advices to search for inspirations!!! In this way…I hope you’ll not run out of your ideas. 
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And here we are—let’s get started!


  You’re not mistaken, and you’re definitely not reading my previous post--Why SHOULDN'T I Read YA. Reading is one of the best ways to find inspiration. Why? Not just because books are the best thing in world or because we’ll become dreamy after reading.Books contain thousands of hundreds of inspirations!!! See? Dragons, magic, time traveling, ET…there are just a little part!!! And you know what? Every book has its unique descriptions!!! You’ll never read the same dragon twice or the same kind of magic again!!! Every author has his/her own creation!!! And after reading those books…you’ll definitely come out with your own!  

  Well…the inspiration above isn’t all true. It requires not only reading to have inspiration but also thinking. Take myself for example…you know what exhaust me most? Thinking…I keep thinking all the time, especially after I finish a great book.You might find it boring or a waste of time…but thinking give you a great excuse to re-read the book again. Wait…what?Oh no…what I mean is…try to think what you’ll act when you’re under the character’s circumstances. It helps, especially when you’re writing your own novel. We all know that great novel requires not only good characters…which I will mention how to find one in your lives, but also thrilling action scenes and adventures. But the truth is…how on earth are we going to experience that? So…thinking will be a great way then. Make sure to find a book you love to think…not all of the books have those kind of magic to draw you in. Too abstract? Let me be more specific. If you’ve read my Throne of Glass series review…you’ll know how I drawn myself mad after reading this series!!! It’s a great series…without doubt. (Never mention the characters!!! I only love Dorian and Chaol…) Everyone knows that Sarah J. Maas did a magnificent job at all those plot planning and those perils that Celaena/Aelin met. And I can’t help but keep wondering what I’ll do if I’m her. No kidding…as much as I hate hurt…I keep thinking a better way to outwit her. I always believe I can come up with a better way than hers. So do you understand? That’s thinking!!! Wait a second…you mean you simply want to enjoy the book after reading without so many troubles? Well then…I suppose you won’t fit as a writer or blogger. My point is…you don’t have to have the same thinking as I do, but you need to think to brainstorm and come out something creative, something new…otherwise…no reader, no writer.


  I do believe that wondering is different from thinking. At least…the definition is is different…right? See…you don’t need books to keep your mind wonder or day dreaming! And there is no limitation of what you’re about to think. You can wonder about the boy you crush on and maybe a star-crossed romance between you two. You can think day dreaming about what he’ll tell you and your cheeks just flush. Even that can happen in your mind. You can definitely ship yourselves together!!! And you know what? It’s totally acceptable and great for your novels!!! But usually…I wonder/day dreaming about visiting those fictional worlds…maybe Hogwarts, Narnia, or the Shadowhunter world. I can cross the realm and visit everywhere, as long as I wonder. (What did you say? Hogwarts isn’t fictional? Well…)

  Observation is a great inspiration. Trust me. But then…why keep quiet? That is from my own experience. Everyone knows the phrase—silence is gold. (Or whatever it calls.) But how many of you can truly be quiet when you’ve something in mind? I’m not asking you to be silence during projects, assignments, or class discussions. However, try not to be the one to speak. Listen to others’ opinions, and then go back through yours, you might realize something you never think about or find the flaws in your ideas. Besides…as you might know…those who don’t speak much are usually the one who knows the most. (But you have to keep active during class!!!! I don’t want to receive your teachers’ messages about blaming my post for not-being-active in class!!! This kind of silence takes in different situations!!! You need to find the best one!!! Perhaps when others are arguing or speaking gossips. Something like that…)   Look! Speaking in an inappropriate time will cause serious consequences… All right, back to observation. This has something to do with the entire characters-writing stuff. It’s usual that we put our enemies and friends’ personalities into characters, but a great novel requires a lot of people, and if you want to stand out…you need more than that. We wouldn’t want our POV look exactly the same, right?  So, observe your surroundings, those around you. See how they act and how they respond. The effort might not be seen at first…but after a long time…you’ll know how great you’re at describing personality traits. Because your friends or enemies might not have this kind or emotions…but someone out there must have.  


  Music is definitely a great way to find new creations. I’ve based two of my short writing on music before—Memory and Promise. And it’s a easy way for starter. You only need to listen to the music, blind yourselves into the scene, and come out with something new! Or an even easier way—mix two songs together and…Your brand new story! Easy enough, huh? But then…if you want something more advance…sound will do that for you. For example, start with something like rain or thunder. It’s a wonderful way to start with something abstract. And when you finish those easier one…you can also start with both normal and stange sound! But wait! Make sure you put your headphone on before you start listening those weird sound…again, I don’t want your parents telling me about ghost sound or barking in house. 

  For now…I’ve come up with five inspiration tips…I know there are more…but…well…I can’t come up with anything now. (And I’m telling you how to find inspiration…how ironic.) 
So this is the end of the post?! Well…look how long the post has already go!!! I need to save something else for my future posts!!! Don't you think? I need something else to write in the future!!! Now, time for discussion! How do you find inspiration for writing? tell me on the comment below! I'm looking forward to discuss with you!!! (Now this is the time to speak rather thatn silence after wisiting my blog.) 


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