After Graduate—Books with School Life.

After Graduate—Books with School Life.

  HERE COMES A HUGE STEP FOR MY LIFE!!! I GRADUATE!!! (As you can guess from the title…) so…then it hit on me that high school or any part of school life is important. No matter the memory is painful, sorrow, misery…or happiness, joyful… Trust me, I’ve been through all of that before. My elementary school life is well…neutral? However…I wouldn’t consider my junior high school a…well…delightful memory. Of course, there are good memories…but sometimes when I thought back…umm…better not to do so. Now, here comes my main point, High School!!!! Sometimes I believe one of my best choices I’ve made in junior high school is to study in my high school. And…sadly…I graduate. Wait what? You say since I’m graduate…I must have more time to write? And why I’m so un-productive these days? Sorry guys, I had to work as assistant for my Math Teacher now…so…you see…typing computer all night already stress out my eyes…so I’m less productive recently. But I promise you, that’ll change., let’s get started!

1.     Harry Potter—Hogwarts

What? Of course you know how much I love Harry Potter!!! I know Hogwarts doesn’t truly exist…or is it actually there? (You know I know we know that Hogwarts truly exists.)

But how can we forget the number one school that everyone or at least, every Potterhead wants to study in? It’ll be fantastic to study potion, defense against the dark art, or whatever teach in Hogwarts. I just want to be a witch!!!! And don’t tell me to stop waiting for my letter! I know it takes longer to fly oversea…so perhaps next year you’ll see my Hogwarts letter!!!! (Day dreaming…)

2.     Percy Jackson—who know how many school had he joined?

Yes, that’s right. I just know Percy got expel every semester. But that’s what demigods do…right? Fighting monsters and be expelled from every school…and join Camp Half-Blood, the best camp in the USA for the entire summer!!!! How great is that! (Well…except the “expelling” part. however, Percy’s school life was usually…horrible, right?) Not as good as Hogwarts, definitely. But, yes, Percy Jackson series does have school life…just most of them…well…disaster.

3.     House of Night—House of Night

House of Night is actually quite famous in Taiwan…but since US has so many excellent book…I don’t think House of Night is “that” famous? Never mind, House of Night, a place for all vampires!!! It’s actually like an art school, they don’t teach math, or anything about science. It seems that vampires only do art things…right? I often wonder…what happens if there is a science nerd? Like some of them do like technology. But…House of night is just like every high school. Queen bees, hot guys, nerd, and of course, in every book, a heroine…perhaps some, not just one?

4.     Beautiful Creature—a place Lena and Ethan met

Sorry, I don’t get the English edition…so I don’t know the high school’s name. But…well…the high school part isn’t important. Only where Ethan and Lena first met, and, oh wait! I remember the Christmas ball. The one with Ridley…inside…making the ball more…colorful? I no, not exactly the words…but the best one I can come up with. Oh and of course! How can a high school be excited without a bitch? (Or perhaps…a male one.)

5.     Doon—a terrible place for Veronica

Before Veronica arrived at Doon, there’s a brief moment of Veronica’s high school life. You know what am I about to say? Bitches, leader squads, horrible boyfriends, a life can’t wait to escape. There’re all perfectly the same.

 (Fortunately, the other part of the story is perfect and amazing and wonderful and...yeah, one of the best. Just without…the part of high school life.)

6.     Half-Blood—The Covenant
7.     Vampire Academy—Vampire Academy

I’m going to put both of them in one category. Why? They’re almost the same!!! At least the first book.

 I know what you’re thinking. Like that, right? How can the exact same school exists in two different book? I don’t know, ask the author. But…Half-Blood is the earlier book…so? I’m definitely not implying anything. You hear nothing, nothing at all! But, they do both have two kind of groups. And after drinking too much blood, some kind of…monsters appeared. I don’t know how to classify that thing…see the book for yourselves!

  The majority part of Half-blood and Pure lies in the covenant…as for Deity, Apollyon, and Sentinel? Well…it seems that the covenant no longer exist. And I think Vampire Academy as well? Never mind, they’re both a place for study, training, and blablabla. I think there is one part that Vampire Academy is better than the Covenant… there is no law that stands against Pure and Half.

8.     Dorothy Must Die—a unknown school from Kansas

Like House of Night, like Doon, the protagonists had faced a terrible life. 
 Oh! And they all have terrible father.

9.     Twilight—Forks High? (I haven’t read this book since…elementary school? Who cares?)

  Just like Beautiful Creatures…they met in high school!!! and everything started from there. High school did play an important part in Twilight…like it’s a small town, so some of the minor characters come from their classmates!

10.    Myth Academy—Myth Academy.

  Greek gods, champions, fighting, sweet guys…I know…that reminds you of the Covenant. Seriously…they’re all so much alike!!! But the good things are that they’ve their difference…so I didn’t feel boring when I read, especially when Myth Academy has such a great library!!! I just wish I can study their and visit the library.

11.    Ruby Red—just a normal high school!!! (Finally!)

Yes!!! We finally get a normal high school!! With normal subjects and nothing so special…well…the characters are special…nothing to do with the school. What did you say? Time travel? Yes! The book is indeed about time traveling…but the school? Just a place for Gwen to hand out with her best friend!!! (Whom I apparently forgot her name…sorry…)

12.    The Siren—where murder, drown keep happening?

  What does siren do? Singing + killing…so what happened in a school with Siren? Murder cases. I sometime feel a bit creepy when I read this series…but there is no doubt that this is a good trilogy…although it’s not well-known and not so famous. I guess siren is just such an old type that it’s hard to capture everyone.

13.    The Kane Chronicles—with magical shelf.

I think there is a specific number for the lock? Like all Rick Riordan’s books…normal high school didn’t play importantly…especially one of the characters kept traveling with his father. But then…why I mention high school? there’s a magical locker for students to open…of course not “all of them.” Just certain people can open that.

  Yes, I’m serious. Only people can open the magical locker…which leads to somewhere magical.

I guess this is the end of the post!!! I know…high school is a great place for us to remember…and since I graduated…I can only remind myself by books!!! I hope it help you remember too!! But now…I’m ready for college and SPS in NYU!!!!


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