Why SHOULDN’T You Read YA?

Why SHOULDN’T You Read YA?

YA is everyone’s favorite…right? So why shouldn’t why I read YA? Guys…there are A LOT of reason not to, trust me. One you started…the “disadvantages” of YA never stopped. So I’m doing Why You “Shouldn’t” Read YA…but I’m warning you, this isn’t what you think before you step into the YA worlds.  

Reason number 1: Your wallet is ALWAYS crying
  That is one hundred percent true. Don’t tell me you have enough money for books (Unless you’re a millionaire…than…thing turns out differently) Too many books, too little money, right? Especially for those who can join book fairs…I envy you, but…be careful with your wallet dreary! I heard them crying!!!
  Oh, wait! Who am I to judge? My wallet is AKWAYS empty. When other girls spend their money on makeup or clothes, mine all contributes to the bookstore. Just see how many books I’ve and how many I’ve given to others since I have no more place for those children books.

  I’d mentioned this list when I wrote BadHabits of a Book Blogger…I think they’re all one and the same. 

Reason number 2: You have no time for other things
  Your life? Sorry, it all contributes to books. After I start reading, my life comes into a cycle: reading, writing, blogging, bookstagramming, buying books, reading, writing, blogging… Of course you won’t feel it a waste of time to read so much, to us, to you all booknerds. But to others? Well…our lives are absolutely boring!! What they don’t know is—we’re traveling! Our lives are “SO BORING” that we see thousands of worlds and meet hundreds of people. Like—we can go to Neverland while those who don’t read books can’t! 
(You know I just simply want to put Captain Hook…) 
Reason number 3: You find yourselves always waiting for books, endless books
  Take a look at my release list: July, The Cursed Child; August, The Beauty of Darkness, Forever Doon, A Torch Against the Night; September, Empire of Storm; November, The Fate of Tearling, The Silent Songbird, Heartless… I still don’t know what will release on October. But I’m sure that it’ll somehow just pops out and adds to my long, long list. It’s a good thing I mostly read fantasy…or the list will be longer.
And you know what? The waiting is torturous!!! 

Reason number 4: You’ll meet a lot of “AWFUL” bookworms or bookdragons…or whatever you guys called yourselves now
  Booknerds are awful and the worst guys on earth…but since I’m one of them…Join us! You readers! Join the evilest and horrible book community!

You’ll find a lot people have the same habits and interests as you do. The book community is so HUGE!!!!

That’s what bookbloggers, booktubers, bookstagrammers, book tumbler, goodreads do!! Let’s play. (Laughing evilly.) It’s actually a great thing to chat about books and share our beloved bookish things. See how booktube channels become every book lover’s favorite shows and all the book chats. Just see how I become a blogger! I used to think blogging isn’t really my type…but them…it has been more than half year since I started my blog! And I determined to keep on going and write a lot of blog posts…as long as someone is really reading. Three cheers to Vivian’s Book Pavilion!!! Oh! Did I mention I’m visiting NYU for summer school? (I’m sure I did.) 

Reason number 5: Your TBR file keeps growing and growing and growing!!!!
  Just like you’re waiting for the latest release…you’ll keep finding what’s good in the past years and make them into your TBR list. That never stop. Especially if you use Goodreads…then…there’s no turning back. Your whole life will be chased after those piles of books and endless TBR. I think I got 200~300? Some even got 1000!!! That’s insane! How are we going to complete that goal? Is there such a job called professional readers and get paid? I know there are professional bloggers…just I’m not “that’ famous. So…no one will pay me for writing…apparently.

Reason number 6: You find yourselves knowing a lot of “awful” (pronunciation—W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L) authors.
  This is absolutely true. Authors are the greatest person around the world!!! They chat with you, share their worlds with you…and do lots of lots of things that captures the reader’s heart. For example, two of the kindest author I’ve chatted on the Internet: Melanie Dickerson and Lorie Langdon. You definitely know I’m a huge fan of Melanie Dickerson. So…I’d asked her questions before on both Goodreads and Twitter. And she replied!!! I still remember how I react when I saw her messages on Goodreads.
And she sometimes shared my blogpost on Twitter…just not The Beautiful Pretender… and next, Lorie Langdon! One of my beloved authors of Doon series!!! (Did I say how good this series is? If no, now you know, go and read it!! If yes…than I assume it deserves thousands of praises.) She actually replied on my bookstagram and twitter~ And just recently, I’ve sent a review request. Although I didn’t get the book…which BlinkYA decided to refuse me. (How can you do that??? Did you hear the sound of heart broken???) But the authors did kindly reply my every email. See? Great writing, excellent authors and readers’interaction!!! Love them so much! 

Reason number 7: YA is something “WORST” than alcohol addicted, drug addicted
  Once you fall in love with YA, you’ll NEVER pull yourselves out. It’s like drinking alcohol or using drug, serious side effective. (However, the trust is…I’ve never tasted both of those things…and I didn’t plan to. So how do I know the example is true? Well…I don’t!) What I mean is—you all poor unfortunate souls…if you’re reading my posts…then I suppose you’re already the slave of YA. Sorry guys, there is no turning back.

Reason number 8: YA gives us tons of bad-ass characters…which eventually makes you a badass
  That actually becomes so common!! Just read every book. EVERY SINGLE BOOK CHARACTER, ESPECIALLY FEMALE PROTAGONISTS!!!! Some are already a badass, such as Celaena from Throne of Glass. Some turns from sweet to badass, like Lia from The Remnant Chronicles. (Well…there is always a bad girl inside her…but…she still sweet in the first book.)

See? That’s now the majority of female protagonists look like. And mention of female…I found the recent novels have female protagonists!!! What happens to all the male characters? (Not that I’m complaining…it’s actually great.) But the main point is…after reading YA badass for so long…you’ll eventually found yourselves standing in front of your mirror and becoming a badass. 

Reason number 9: YA is absolutely a distraction when you’re in distress
  What do you do when you feel upset? Cry? Shout? Scold? Mine is reading. Seriously? Yes, I’m not totally mad, reading does make me feels better when I’m under great stress and whenever I’ve an argument with my mom…or dad. Don’t you think having a funny book in your hand is the greatest method to cheer you up? Better than any advice, more comfort than any compassion? Just WoW how merely words can cheer us up!

Then my happiness will come again! (Or…perhaps without any sun…it’s torturous.)
Reason number 10: You will find yourselves bored around crowd and all you want to do is read
  That’s what happened when I join a party or…around a group of crazy crowd. Here is the advice from Vivian’s Book Pavilion’s blogger, how to block all the noise and enjoy yourselves? Step one: find a seating place. Step two: seat down and pull up your favorite book. Step three: put on your earphones. Step four: start your music. Step five: open your book and start reading. There’s no other way as effective as this. But I say that I didn’t warned you…it somehow blocks you away from the others…so…you might as well become a “wall flower.” 
Reason number 11: YA is absolutely the “WORST” thing that had happened in my life.
  Once a YAer, always a YAer. (What kind of word if YAer? You know…people who read YA.) YA stole my heart, captured my precious time, rubber my money, and have done endless criminal things. If I’m a police…I’ll definitely declared all YA book caught. They should all been thrown into dungeons for bringing us so much fun and giving us so much happiness. And one more crime!!! It stole my heart and never return!!! It’s against the rule to do so!!!! Just give me back my heart!!!!

 YA is definitely the evil queen…stealing hearts and squeezing them. It had killed so many people…especially bibliophiles…I promise you…someday YA will even start World War 3.
  But guys, really? After reading so many disadvantages of YA…it’s time to turn to page 394 and…start reading…again.


  1. Oh I wish I had this long ago when I started reading YA! hehe Great post :)

    1. Thanks!!! I'm glad that you like this post!!! I actually have a lot of fun when I was writing this.


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