Top Five Favorite Fictional Villains

Top Five Favorite Fictional Villains

  A book can’t possibly be great without a villain, right? Some villains we love, some we hate. Without doubt, they definitely light up the book and make our beloved characters better…and more trouble, of course. However, in recent years…more kinds of villains appear in the books…and some of them are quite…adorable? Handsome? Even…(swoon). So, today I would like to share with you guys my top five favorite villains. Some of them I just love to hate them…extremely aweful villains, while the others are so great that I couldn’t imagine the book without them.
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  So what are we waiting for…let’s get the party started!!! 
TOP 5: Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

  “We must not tell lies.”
  Yes, you’re right, you didn’t see it wrong. Dolores Umbridge. And nope, I’m not mad…I think I’m perfectly sane. I know, everyone hates her…and that’s why I like her!!! I love to hate her. It’s so interesting to hate her. Really, I’m not mad. Originally…I wanted to say Voldemort…but he’s such a failure! He spent seven years to kill a boy…and never succeed. Seriously? I think as a villain…Umbridge actually did better than he did. And after being fired by Hogwarts…she still lives excellently in the ministry of magic. Her existence is just like cockroaches!!!! So…umm…hateful? So it’s an exciting thing to hate her so much!!! And her smiles…disgusting. Ahhh!!!! How can such a horrible character exists at all??? But I love that…all right, I admit…I’m insane. Oh wait, I forget to add…professor McGonagall is one of my favorite professors in Hogwarts, and whenever she met Umbridge…their dialogue just…WOW. Besides, it’s Umbridge that makes The Order of Phoenix so fun to read. (I know…it’s a sad book…but you can’t deny…how great the Weasly twins are in this book.) So, she is my top five, due to all of her “CONTRIBUTION.”  

Actually…I just want to show you her smile…but that is quite right, too.

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(Top 4 might be a spoiler…so…) 

TOP 4: The Keeper from Entwined by Heather Dickerson

  “I am not so villainous.”
  “Come and mend your broken hearts here.”
  Wow…umm…yes, he is a villain, but every villain likes to say they’re not villain. He is kind, gentle…and an extremely old, evil villain. He is so old…and how dare you try to kiss Azalea!!! However, it’s always interesting to read a villain pretending not a villain at first. You know…add a bit dramatic, mysterious, and thrilling. Well…I like those who are evil at first, like Levana, Voldemort…but with villain’s identity hidden, more calculating and schemes will appear and rise in the dark. So, keeper is an excellent dancer and charming…but then…his web of evil just gradually reveals and covers the girls. And of course, the broken hearts can be mended…but not there, not with him. He does know how to soothe their hurt…yet every move of his is well calculated, so NEVER TRUST A STRANGER!!!! 
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TOP 3: The Komizar from The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson

  “He misses nothing.”
  Ahh!!! You know how much I love this book!!!! Ah!!! (Singing~) So, in addition to Lia, Rafe, and Kaden…I also like Komizar. Unfortunately…he only appears a little in this book…and then he was…NO SPOILERS!!!! He is vicious, brutal…but somehow…somewhere in his heart…wasn’t so mean. “Wasn’t.” Right, past tense. And his appears add lots of lots of trouble for Lia. Well…I think like villain merely with strength…but with smart brain. I don’t if Komizar is a great fight…oh, wait…his was once an assassin…so that wasn’t a problem. But it’s his well organize plans and his great observation that makes me like this villain so much. If he was merely a fight, what will the fun be, isn’t it? Let’s just watch the protagonist and villain fighting every day and every night… so I need smart villain, and Komizar is definitely one of them. One of the best of them all. The Heart of Betrayal must be boring without him. 

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TOP 2: Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

  “Beg, and I’ll consider not telling Amarantha.”
  Wait…I know, his character change extremely during the book, and he is definitely not a villain in A Court of Mist and Fury. But I like him as a villain. And especially the part Under the Mountain. He is so…let’s say, I’m completely Team Rhysand. And I belong to the Night Court. So…you’ll understand now. Why is he my top 2 choice. He isn’t that brutal as Amarantha…but he is not the sweet boy as Tamlin. Yet somehow…I like this kind of characters. A character is…well…smart, as you might guess. And…how can I describe that…umm…I don’t like a guy so…sweet all the time. I know that’s weird…sweet is important between couples, without a doubt…but when that happens every day…well…not…so…good. Not every day as honeymoon, right? And when a boy adds a little bit…evil…that’s WOW. Rhysand is one of them…but don’t spoil others if you’ve already read ACOMAF. You know what I mean…so he isn’t top 1 but top 2. There is something inside him changes.

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TOP 1: Ignifex from Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

  “Already disappointed in your marriage?”
  Congratulation!!! Ignifex is my favorite villain of them all!!! He is cruel, evil, vicious, the destruction of the earth… and the salvation of all. To me, he’s lovely, cunning, selfless, and…blablabla. That doesn’t sound like a villain, huh? But the truth is…he never is…but still, he is the villain in this book. (Wait…I’m kind of confusing with myself…never mind. As long as you know I love him.) HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM!!!!! HE IS ONE OF MY FICTIONAL BOYFRIENDS!!!! I must admit…he is a little bit similar to Rhys…but better, definitely better. And he is now the only villain that I know to be a hero, a saver, and a beast. I know, none of these make sense…but you’ll know, if you pick the book up. 
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  So, these are my favorite villains! I love them with my life, and I couldn’t think about losing them in the books. They’re so great, but in a different way.
Do you agree with me? Do you have your favorite villains? And who are they? Comment down below and tell me about him!


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