The Heart of Betrayal (The Remnant Chronicles 2)

The Heart of Betrayal
By Mary E. Pearson
  Heart pounding…breathing hardly…inhale…exhale…HOW CAN I POSSIBLY BE CALM WHEN I READ THIS SERIES!!!! IT’S INSANE!!!!! Yes, you’re about to read how this book is and how awesome this series is. No doubt…I’ll keep brainwash you until you finally read this book! I lost my entire heart after reading this book…or listening to this book. After I read The Kiss of Deception…I ordered The Heart of Betrayal IMMEDIATELY! Really, I’ve never ordered a sequel so fast…never ever. But…still the ordered wasn’t fast enough…so I found the audiobook. And I listened to it every day and every night, and finally…I lost my heart. I’m betrayed, I’m tortured, I’m in love…oh wait! My love had never fallen out…so…not in love again…just in love. And after I finished listening to The Heart of Betrayal…I couldn’t wait for The Beauty of Darkness!!! It’s torturing me like Crown of Midnight used to be!!! But with a better relationship, of course. At least…for now…I’m starting to be a bit afraid.

  Held captive in the barbarian kingdom of Venda, Lia and Rafe have little chance of escape. Desperate to save Lia’s life, her erstwhile assassin, Kaden, has told the Vendan Komizar that she has the gift, and the Komizar’s interest in Lia is greater than anyone could have foreseen.
  Meanwhile, nothing is straightforward: There’s Rafe, who lied to Lia but has sacrificed his freedom to protect her; Kaden, who meant to assassinate her but has now saved her life; and the Vendans, whom Lia always believed to be savages. Now that she lives among them, however, she realizes that may be far from the truth. Wrestling with her upbringing, her gift, and her sense of self, Lia must make powerful choices that will affect her country…and her own destiny.

  So! When you’re reading this review…I’ve actually read this book twice: first by audiobook, then the book! The Heart of Betrayal is the first audiobook that I’ve manage to finish, and the narrators are so great! I just can’t help but finish it, and of course, the wonderful story. I was laughing and sobbing and all the emotion you can imagine appeared on my face while I was listening and reading. Some of my classmates even shocked me with a worry book and wonder what I was doing! Oh!!! My heart just left inside this book and never regain. Compared to The Kiss of Deception, The Heart of Betrayal is more exciting and dangerous. Death can come within every minute, if you don’t take care of your words and steps. Lies survive on every lip, don’t trust anyone, especially the sher Komizar. Gift cannot be summoned, the only way is to listening to the sound of earth. My heart beated so fast when I was reading this book…and I only managed to stop reading because I didn’t know whether my heart can suffer any more!!! The entire book set in Venda, and we can not only explore the Sanctum but the village and the clan. Although Venda is always considered as Barbarian land, I somehow found amazing! We can see how the ancient city left there under the surface and how the entire city was exactly the maze. It’s so fun!! Especially I’ve always fond of ancient life. Since the first book set in Morrighan, the second book set in Venda. I wonder…will the third book set in Dalbreck? I can’t wait!!! Now…time for the beloved characters!!! They’ve all change so much! 

  Until one comes who is mightier,
  The one sprung from misery,
  The one who was weal,
  The one who was hunted,
  The one marked with claw and vine,
  The one named in secret,
  The one called Jezelia.

  To be honest…I don’t know who the girl that batted her lashes and smile so sweet in Terravin comes from! Lia is so much different in this book!!! But in a good way. Lia becomes stronger and braver, although she already has plenty of courage. While in The Kiss of Deception we saw a sweet girl, we now see a smart woman. She embraced her destiny, and risked everything to keep herself and Rafe alive. And I love that! She might still question the fate of her inside the song of Venda, but I think even without noticing, she has become more and more suitable for her future! While we read Throne of Glass series, the part that Celaena transformed into Aelin actually turn her into an entirely different person. And I personally hated that, it somehow destroys the character. However, when Lia transformed from Princess Arabella to Jezelia, the kindness in her still remains, the wisdom in her still stays, and her love never fallen out. That’s perfect!!!! We don’t need another Celaena or Aelin!!! And I love Lia so much!!!
  Lia is now definitely my favorite character. She’s smart, kind, and a girl hope to become in everywhere. She will definitely make a great queen of Dalbreck someday…if that happens. Please that it happen! I can’t bear to see Lia and Rafe been torn apart!!! Either they survive and live happily ever after, or they die together. There is no other ways. Now, their future is my only concern…and my boyfriend is coming!!! (By the way…I’ve always recalled “Winter is coming” when I read “Winter was here.”)

  “It was worth it, Lia” He said. “Every mile, every day. I’d do it all again. I’d chase you across three continents if that’s what it took to be with you.”

  I proudly introduce you—my boyfriend!!! (Swoon~) I just love Rafe so much!!!

Prince Jaxon Tyrus Rafferty, crown prince of Dalbreck. (Daydreaming~) He is so perfect!!!! I just love him in every possible way. In this book, Rafe is no longer a farmer…but an emissary of “Prince of Dalbreck.” Yes, that’s him. He is the prince and his own emissary…OF COURSE THAT’S A LIE! OR HOW DID HE AND LIA SURVIVE??? (Dramatic, am I?) We all know Rafe is an excellent trained soldier, with perfect skills and perfect strategy. But here, we can also see how smart he is. He plays games with the Komizar, drew him into his words and his well-organized lies. He would do whatever to keep himself and Lai alive. But their past isn’t an easy one. From the moment they set into Venda, they kept fighting each other. They both put on a show to save one and other, but the problems between them still exist and wait to solve. Still, they find their way, and I believe every argument they had just made them closer.
  When I was reading others review, I saw a lot of people wondering about Mary E. Pearson’s ship. Does she ship Rafe, or does she ship Kaden. For me…I must say I don’t know…but…after I read the reviews on her blog, especially the one “Interview with Rafe.” I think Rafe still stands a better chance with Lia. What’s between them was true love! There is a part that Lia almost died…her last words to Rafe was “I love you.” Even she felt something for Kaden, but there are thousands kind of affection, and it might not be love at all! So…? Team Lia and Rafe!!! Team Lirafe! (I know…something I create on my own…no one create one for them…so here it goes!)
Nothing can tear them apart, no one can break them. So sorry Kaden, I know you love her…but your vision must be wrong. Since I mention Kaden…here he comes!

  “And you, royal, will sleep in my quarters tonight,” he hissed, ‘the Komizar said there’s no reason you will not serve us both—and after my long journey, I wished to be served. Do you understand?”

  It seems unfair to choose such harsh words for Kaden while I selected such gentle words for Rafe…but…who cares? I love Rafe!!! So sorry Kaden. You can be with Pauline, you’ll suit each other. Actually…Kaden quite disappointed me in this book. he was so loyal to Komizar!!! AHHHH!!!! (Frustrated…) His emotion seems to affect him so much that he was hurting everyone beside him: Lia, Komizar, Rafe… yes I know…it isn’t astonished that Rafe and Kaden hurt each other…but Lia & Komizar? You can’t own them both!!! You’re either team Lia or team Komizar! But…we did know more about him in this book. throughout the entire series, we know who Lia is…of course, and we know who Rafe is as well. But Kaden has always have a mysterious childhood, and were about to find out in this book!!! (As if I care…rolling my eyes back…)
  However, despite his feeling toward Lia…I’ve no personal problem against him. Oh wait! One more!!!! The gift!!! Kaden never believes in gift…but how come he changed whenever it comes to Lia??? You can’t judge the truth of gift based on Lia or not! I think we’ll find out more in the third book…right? And I sincerely hope Kaden can find a great girl…as long as she isn’t Lia…or Jezelia. To be more clear—Princess Arabella. Oh! And I hope he’ll become the future Komizar. 

  “Be careful. Watch your words,” I said. “Even your movements. He misses nothing. He’s sharp-eyed even when he appears otherwise.”

  Komizar is actually a quite interesting character. I think he is one of my favorite villains. The one I love and hate so much. He’s so…unbelievably annoyed!!! He is definitely a terrible guy: brutal, controlling, selfish…but without him…the book will be so boring!!! And he was so good at calculating and lying and deceptions! However, even the worst person has his kind side…he cared for his clan…not exactly. More to say…he cared for his power, so he shall have to ensure the loyalty of his people and give them hope during the harsh winter. And of course…something like that Lia can’t be left out. With him…there adds tons of plot twists into this book, and the ending, the ending!!! Just hang there and tortured me!!!!

  It’s not safe to share the sher Komizar with you without spoiling anything, but I assure you, its worthy of reading. The plot twists just organized so will that you’ll never be bored within a single page. The face past just makes your heart beats faster and faster. The wonderful worlds just exploded in front of you and share the magnificent with you. The characters just make you swoon and love so much that you can finish it with hardly a proper rest. I highly recommend this book, it’s definitely a must read in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018…and the following ten years, and on and on and on. Mary E. Pearson is such a wonderful and kind author that you must forget to check out all her books! Especially Remnant Chronicles!!!!!!!

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