TBR Series in 2016

TBR Series in 2016
  All of the book addicts know that it’s impossible to finish all your to-read list…but still, we need goal! Don’t we? Even it’s likely to fail once you find more interesting and excellent books…but…Yeap! I’m going to set up my TBR Series reading challenges and fulfill them!
  But first, I’ll like to add extra most anticipated 2016 books into the list! 

Book of 2016

1.      The Beauty of Darkness  8/2
By Mary E. Pearson

From the previous The Kiss of Deception review…you’ll definitely know how much I love this series. This series, guys, is phenomenon! This series….ahhh!!! I just love it so much!!! I love Lia and Rafe, I love Pauline and Kaden and Eben and even the Komizar!!! I’m now currently listening to the audiobook of The Heart of Betrayal…while I’m waiting for the arrival of my book. I just can’t wait until then!!! Ah!!! (Under a totally fangirl mood…) so, without a doubt, I can’t wait for The Beauty of Darkness!!!! August is such an important month!!! Both my favorite series are going to publish their final on 8/2!!! The Beauty of Darkness and Forever Doon!!!!! Ahh!!! My life will be complete until then!!! 

2.      The Beautiful Pretender  5/17
By Melanie Dickerson

I know…some of the readers have already got the ARC…but I don’t! So I’ll have to wait until 5/17!! Ah!! (Frustrated…) And I’ll need to wait even longer for the long-long-long shipment. But I know…it’ll be worth waiting for…definitely! Melanie Dickerson has never disappointed her readers. 

3.      The Cursed Child  7/31
By J K. Rowling

DO YOU HEAR THAT!!!!! THE SCRIPT OF THE CURSED CHILD IS HERE!!! All right, back to normal. The Cursed Child is set at nineteen years later, when Harry’s son, Albus Potter, is about to join Hogwarts. HOW AWESOME!!! WHERE IS MY LETTER??? Ah!!!!! The owl missed mine! (Cough…) Right, so the Broadway musical will be performance at West End in July…? And in order to fulfill everyone’s desire…they’ve decided to publish the script for readers who aren’t able to see the show. God knows how they get the tickets…it’s said that the tickets were immediately sold out. I’m still not sure whether I can order it in Taiwan or not…but I’m definitely going to read it!!! 

4.      A Torch Against the Night  8/30
By Sabaa Tahir

Another amazing book publishes in August!!! I definitely need to save my money for August Book Haul!!! The sequel of An Ember in the Ashes is going to be here at August!!! And just recently…I saw Sabaa Tahir’s Instagram post her latest progress of A Torch Against the Night! It’s coming!!! (Shouting…) we’re finally going to read the story of Laia and Elias!!! I’ve my feeling that they’ll be together…although I feel a bit sorry for Keenan. I really do! I even feel sorrier for him than Kaden!!! Because while Lia and Rafe is my perfect ship…I can hardly ship Laia & Elias or Laia & Keenan! They are both so great together! IT’S COMING!!! GO AND ORDER IT!!!  

5.      Heartless  11/8
By Marissa Meyer

I know, every of you already know the book is about to be hear in November! But I just fall in love with her books recently!!! When I finally pick up the entire Lunar Chronicles series!!! And I can’t wait for the Heart Queen’s retelling!!! (Oh…and I can’t wait to read the short clip in Stars Above!)  

6.      The Fate of Tearling  11/29
By Erika Johansen

I can’t believe I missed this book on my previous most anticipated book list!!! I’ve waited for this book for a year!!! I just swallowed The Invasion of Tearling as soon as it was published…and then another year!!! OH!!! IT’S SUCH A LONG TIME… I feel it has already been through ages. I need this book…like NOW!!! I DEMAND you to give me the book!!! I need to read more about Kelsea’s story and what happened to Tearling!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!! 

7.      The Silent Songbird  release in November
By Melanie Dickerson
The sixth book of Hagenheim series!!!! Ah!!! The son of Ranulf le Wyse and Annabel!!! Oh I love them so much!!! I love this couple as much as I love Rose and Wilhelm!!! Their story is so great!!! And now we have his son’s story!!! and a retelling of little mermaid!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Screaming!!!!!!) 

  Wow…I’m so exciting when I’m typing the most anticipated book of 2016…hum…but I can’t resist them!!! They’re all so great!!! Ah!!! I believe I’ll discover more…that’s inevitable.  

  So now…the TBR series of 2016!!!!

1.     The Mortal Instruments
By Cassandra Clare

I know…I should have been reading Lady Midnight by now…but I haven’t finish the series and I’ve already forget most of the story I’ve read before! I’m now stopping at The City of Heavenly Fire!!! And I need to re-read The City of Bones, The City of Ashes, The City of Glass, The City of Fallen Angel, and The City of Lost Soul to recall all my memory!!! It’s a long journey guys…it’ll take time to do. 

2.     The Infernal Devices
By Cassandra Clare

While I need to finish the first five books of The Mortal Instruments to read The City of Heavenly Fire…I also need to finish The Infernal Devices right? Also, if I’m going to read Lady Midnight, which I have wanted to read so much, I need to finish the prequel first!!! Now…I haven’t even get my book yet…but in this year…I will. 

3.     The Covenant Series
By Jennifer L. Armentront

Seriously? I’ve picked up this book for so long!!!! The first time I read I stopped at about page ten, and the second time I picked it up I stopped at page 40. I’ve heard from so many people that this series is fantastic and Jennifer’s writing is perfect! But the paper and the words’ edition just make me no desire to read it!!! Ah!!! I need to finish it! 

4.     Red Queen Series
By Victoria Aveyard

I know I know! This series is awesome!! So I’m waiting for my Red Queen’s arrival!!! And I can’t wait to finish it and step toward to Glass Sword! By the way…the cover really looks amazing. 

5.     The Raven Cycle
By Maggie Stiefvater

I actually hadn’t read Shiver before…but I heard it is good. The reason why I want to read this series is that The Raven King is coming! And everyone seems to re-reading this series! And it sound so nice that makes me want to pick up this series and read it!!! 

6.     Dorothy Must Die Series
By Danielle Paige

I’d never completed the world of OZ…or whatever the series calls. But I did read the journey of Dorothy and I think it’s great! And now…the retelling of Dorothy, I think it’s a retelling…right? And everyone says it’s great! So…why not give it a try? Especially it looks so nice as a book collection! (Wait…what?) But of course…if I’ve the time. I’m already imaging my future life in foreign language major with bunches of classic books. 

Lots of book for 2016! And I’m still looking forward to completing my reading challenge! 100 books!!! I think I can do it…right? Maybe more! There might be more TBR of 2016, but since they’re series…I will just read it and put review without telling you! So make sure to follow me by mail or Instagram or Twitter or Goodreads to receive my latest post!!! (Don’t tell me you’re not reading them…I heard nothing at all!!! Lalalala…)


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