Disney Book Tag

Disney Book Tag

  I haven’t done a book tag for so long!!! And since now I’m a free student, I find a lot of book tags from the booktubers. They’re so great!!! And I’m so jealous of them. You know, they got to visit Yellwest, BEA, Bookcon, and everything else. One, day, I’m going to visit New York long enough to join those event. Definitely. And guys, I’m announcing a huge news. I’m going to New York this summer!!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!! I’m so exciting!!!!! It hasn’t been sure for previous day, but now, I’ve registered the event to study in NYU for a month. Everything is sure and I’m going to explore EVERY. SINGLE. BOOKSTORE in New York!!!! I’m sooooooo exciting!!!! First step, Barnes and Noble!!!! Maybe you guys can tell me here the other great bookstores in New York are. Please??? Please, please, please? Alright, I know you agree, remember to comment down after reading the tag! Yeah!!!
  Now, where are we? Yes, Disney Book Tag! Just several days ago, it popped on my mind that I need to do a Disney Book Tag, since I love everything about Disney and blablabla. Then, I remember just perhaps last year? I watched the Disney Book Tag sponsored by Disney…umm…whatever it calls after that. so, here we are, ready for the Disney Book Tag!!! Oh! And by the way…I think I might do other Disney Book Tag after this! (just wait and see…after my long long book tag list finish.)
  So, the first one is here—The Little Mermaid Tag!!! 

1.     The Little Mermaid - a character who is out of their element, a “fish out of water”
  Umm…I’ve no idea what this tag is about. Well…I guess…I still have to start with something…right? Well then, let’s go to—Cress. She…umm...stay in the satellite for her entire life. And suddenly, she was in the desert. Like a fish out of water! Or perhaps…a girl out of space? She had no idea about how to survive or keep on going. So, she is the perfect fit for The Little Mermaid tag!
2.     Cinderella - a character who goes through a major transformation
  A character who goes through a major transformation…let me think…the tag goes to—Feyre in A Court of Thorns and Roses series. Well…this might be a spoiler for who hasn’t read ACOTAR…so…figure it out to read or not yourselves. Now, if you’re ready. Feyre goes through a huge change after the first book. As we know, she becomes a high fae. So…she might be the best one. “A major transformation,” not only physical, but also mental. Characters tend to change and grow after books…and the protagonists technically. But most of them go to mental changes, they become a bad-ass character or stronger or even embrace their power or identity. But so far…I think Feyre gets the largest transformation among all of them. Not only she becomes immortal, but her heart changes.
3.      Snow White - a book with an eclectic cast of characters
  Well…it’s so hard!!! But I think the book might be The Golden Compass. Actually, His Dark Material series. Well…in most book, you can definitely see the different between heroes and villains. But in His Dark Materials…the characters are eclectic. I guess…it’s hard to define “eclectic.” But like I said…if I must choose one book…then The Golden Compass it is. The characters aren’t practically good or bad, but both contain. Then so…I guess…eclectic?
4.     Sleeping Beauty - a book that put you to sleep

  Well, well, that’s harsh on the selected book. Sorry for you, but a book that put me to sleep…it goes to—Half-Blood. I know, a lot of people love it. The problems aren’t because of the plots. Yes, the plots are quite…interesting. However, the paper is horrible. I hate those kind of paper material. So if you’ve read my Half-Blood review…than you’ll know it takes me ages to finish this book. I pick it up, put it down, pick up, put down, and the progress goes repeatly. 
5.     The Lion King - a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood
  I think I can name a list of this kind of characters? It seems that most characters had something traumatic happen to them in childhood. So…I’m not going to pick characters from fairytale retelling. First, the nominated are—Cinder, Harry Potter, Nyx, and Cress. And the chosen one is—Harry Potter!!! I know, I’ve already said, the chosen one. But who else has a worse childhood than Harry? Cinderella? We all know that Harry Potter had tons of tragic happened in childhood. 1. Parents death. 2. Horrible related. 3. Miserable school life… Now…don’t tell me that aren’t enough. At least to me…he faced a catastrophe. 
6.     Beauty and the Beast - A beast of a book (a big book) that you were intimidated by, but found the story to be beautiful
  Pride and Prejudice is it. Yeah I know, the paperback edition of Pride and Prejudice is small and tiny compare to really huge book. But, mine is Hardcover, and unfortunately, it looks enormous to me since I haven’t yet really addicted to read English books. I was kind of still remained “translation books.” Pride and Prejudice is our summer read, the shorter one, and I was really sick of those kind of genre. Like love triangle…or something about love. Wait guys, I know it’s not about that. But back then, my mind was still occupied by the horrible summery of Sense and Sensibility. So without second thought, I put both of them into the same category. And after I finished the easy one, I can’t help but pick of the full book…and it looks horribly enormous…however, the story is beautiful. So—Beauty and the Beast tag is yours!
7.     Aladdin - a character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse
  Kahlen in The Siren novel gets it! Did she ask for beauty, romance, or wealthy? None of those things. She asked for survival. And she was granted the wish. The Ocean gives her a second life, to survive as a siren for one hundred year. But is it better? Or actually, the worse? I don’t know! It’s hard to judge from the book. Kahlen gets what she wanted…but she suffered for it every day of her immortal life. However, without the wish, she might never meet her one true love. The savior of her life. (Savior…umm…I love that name, you know, Oncer.) so, how do you think? Is it a gift or a curse to grant this wish?
8.     Mulan - a character who pretends to be someone or something they are not
     Mare Barrow, girl, it’s yours. Mare is forced to play a Silver inside the horrible palace. And she is a Red. She must pretend to be a royal princess to save her life, her friends’ and her family’s. It’s never an easy thing to do that, right? But she did it well…I suppose, with all her strength and power…she can turn the palace upside down. Yet…she is definitely in a wrong place. 

9.     Toy Story - a book with characters you wish would come to life

Actually…I want every one of them come to life, and we can be BFF!!!! Even the villains!!!! But, if only one…then…I suppose she will be Hermione Granger! Who don’t love this brave and smart character? She is an all-time favorite!!! No one can loosen my love for her…perhaps Lia from The Remnant Chronicles? But no, Hermione is one of the best. So…I hope she can come to life and…well…maybe be my classmate!
10.    Disney Descendants - your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character
  Now, I know this is for the last year’s Descendant movie and the new book Isle of the Lost. But I’m going to make it for the sequel of it, Return to the Isle of the Lost! My favorite villain is—Ursula! (Wait…my heart is yelling for Captain Hook!!!! Ahhh!!!! But the one in Once Upon a Time. Sorry, I’m just totally Team Captain.) Fine, back to Ursula. I’ll stick with Disney villain. I think Ursula is definitely horrible and terrifying and you know, blablabla. She makes deals and tricks them all. That’s horrible! And I must say…she is the only one who actually success, even if for a while. So…great and terrible. But in the Isle of the Lost…she becomes…well…old and useless. 
  So, this is the end of the Disney Book Tag. I hope you enjoy it and tell me about your Disney Book Tag! Oh wait! Remember to tell me all the great bookstores in New York!!!!


  1. Obviously I know nothing about bookstores in New York but omg, freaking NEW YORK. You'd better post a bunch of photos of NY during/after your visit. (and also bring something back for me XD)( .....jkjk, only if you want to)

    1. Haha! That's fine~ My dorm is only 13 minutes from Barnes and Noble!!! I'm so excited!!! I think those phone will be on Instagram...so...you can consider to have one account?
      I'll try to bring something back...but I'm sure to buy A LOT OF BOOKS back! So you can come and borrow...since your going to see me for the next four year in college.


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