Alice Through the Looking Glass 2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Directed by James Bobin

Johnny Depp
Anne Hathaway
Mia Wasikowska
Helena Bonham Carter
Alan Rickman 

  After years of waiting…guess what? Alice is back!!!!! You’ve been gone for so long!!!! I think…Alice in the wonderland came out in 2012? Like…it takes ages to film the sequel! But, the waiting is worth it, the movie is fantastic. Since I’m now the free college-to-be, I saw the movie as soon as it release! Can you believe it? I watched the first in theater!!! And the same afternoon, I had dinner with my friend, and she asked me whether I planned to watch the movie or not…I told her I’ve already watched it. How great it is!!!

  Now, let’s see…the movie! I went to the movie with my best friend, and after the movie, she told me there are a lot of…well…strange things happened in the film. Indeed, Alice Through the Looking Glass might somehow looks insane? But the scene, the special effect is perfect. That’s what I love about this movie. The story might be ordinary, something we might have seen for a thousand times. But, what makes this movie so great that you should definitely watch it? The scene, the costumes, the special effect, and how the director and the writer presented it.

  The movie started with Alice facing pirates. (What a second…pirates…Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time…love him so much~) And as Alice always believes, everything can come true if you believe. But then, when she returned, something tragic happened. She somehow was being forced to strict into the…stereotype. Something like that. After that, she went to the wonderland, and found that Hatter is mad. Alright, wait. I know he was mad. But there was something else.

  The main point of movie is about Time. Yes, Time, not time. Alice must trick the Time. So, I’m not going to tell you about “Time,” instead, I’m going to tell you how perfect the castle is. The Time’s castle, makes of wheels and machines, and everything related to clocks. And his servants, the Minutes!!! They’re so adorable. It’s like animation movie characters…but I can’t remember the movie’s name. And the best part of them is that they can change to Seconds and Hours!!! That part is so cool! And Time himself…well…cool, too. I think the movie portrays the character excellently. To us, we often refer time as a thief or heartless, you know, mostly bad. We human blame time stealing all our time. So at the first part of this movie, Time seems to be…serious, without mercy, and you know…heartless. But after Alice traveled to the past and tried to change the past, she realized that time wasn’t what she seems. And so, the character changes. i think this part is quite great. How Time change from a merciless person to a fare one.

  “I will never forget you, but please, don’t ever come again.”

  The movie isn’t excellent for its plots (I’m not saying it’s boring), but it’s perfect for its scenes. I never cease to wow the magical world in wonderland, and with everything seem so great and wonder. Even the tress and sky and ocean looks perfect. Just, go and watch it. Really, worth your time. And what’s more, we get to see Hatter’s childhood and the cat. (Sorry, I forgot his name. but he is so puffy and cute and…ahhh!!! So adorable! We know that he love to hid himself…but when he was just a child…he couldn’t fully be invisible. So, he left a tail!!! So cute!!!)

  All right, now comes the end. The movie’s plot isn’t the most creative or wonderful one. But the scenes and the special effects are. When everything blind together, you’ll now once again travel through the wonderland. And glimpse through the past. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Don’t change the past.

  And last…RIP Alan Rickman, his last movie in the world.


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